Citizen Lars Dietrich

citizen Lars Dietrich (* 2. February 1973 in potsdam) is a German musician, Komiker and an actor. Among its most well-known titles Sexy ice (with cream) and the bed in the Kornfeld, developed from co-operation with Stefan Raab and Jürgen Drews, rank. It stepped in the years 2001 to 2002 into the Wochenshow on sows 1 up.

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after its graduation it visited a ballet school in Dresden. It continued its classical dance training also after its removal to Berlin . During this time it had among other things commitments at the Metropol theatre in Berlin. In the year 1992 it oriented over and became with the DEFA - Studios in Babelsberg Stuntman.

In April 1994 citizen Lars Dietrich appeared first single girl millionaire. The album with the title which one has from the life? one published a little later.

1995 became citizen Lars Dietrich CO moderator of Stefan Raabs transmission Vivasion with the music transmitter VIVA. At this time also the new edition of the Jürgen Drews title a bed in the Kornfeld developed. In the following years citizen Lars Dietrich was involved also as Texter in different Singles and albums of Stefan Raab.

In the summer of the yearly 1996 published citizens Lars Dietrich alone the Dr. - Hook - Song Sexy Eyes in its own interpretation as Sexy ice and somewhat later together with Stefan Raab the Song the mouse comes here on the occasion of 25. Birthday of the child transmission the transmission with the mouse.

In April 2000 those celebrated Second Channel of German Television - child transmission dandelion their 20. Birthday; also for this citizen Lars Dietrich contributed the Song to the anniversary transmission .

Since August 2001 citizen Lars Dietrich was then regular in the SAT1 - to transmission the Wochenshow to see.

Since it moderates March 2006 together with Kathy weber the show of everything NODS!, weekday from 18.00 to 18,15 on the child transmitter NOD runs.


  • 04/1994 - girl millionaire (single)
  • 06/1994 - which one has from the life? (Single)
  • 06/1994 - which one has from the life? (Album)
  • 09/1995 - a bed in the Kornfeld (single)
  • 09/1995 - Hoppelrap (on Sandmann's Dummies - the album)
  • 05/1996 - to Sexy ice (single)
  • 06/1996 - thickness Dinger (album)
  • 08/1996 - I bring you over… (Single)
  • 04/1998 - a whole year (single)
  • 05/2000 - dandelion (single)
  • 09/2001 -, baby draws in the trunk! (Single)


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