of these articles is concerned with the Büste as sculpture. For other meanings, see Büste (term clarifying).
Büste (Cosima Wagner Büste in the festival park Bayreuth)
Comtesse de Sabran
Comtesse de Sabran
a Büste is the plastic representation of humans in half figure or up to the shoulder. Come for example marble, Bronze or other materials for use.

The Büste and/or. the portrait relief is the minimum portrait form of the public person monument. The Denkmalbüste is to differentiate of the rider picture (rider monument), from the fixed image (statue) and the seat picture.

An important collection from Büsten is in that To visit Walhalla.

In the Numismatik the expression Büste is used for representations by persons on coins in the form up to the shoulder, in order to specify a distinction from haven guessing representations to.

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