establishment: 1976
category: Skirt
initial members
singing / guitar: Wolfgang Niedecken
guitar: Hans Heres (1979)
bass: Wolfgang Klever (1979)
Perkussion: Manfred “narrow” Boecker (until 1993)
Schlagzeug: Wolfgang “Wolli” Boecker (until 1982)
key board: Bernd Odenthal (1979)
further one former members
guitar: Klaus “major” Heuser (1980 - 1999)
bass: To Steve borrow (1980 - 1996)
bass: Axel “fish” Risch (1984 - 1985)
clay/tone engineer: Hans “Fonz” Wollrath (1980 - 1999)
key board: Alexander “Effendi” Büchel (1980 - 1999)
Schlagzeug: January DIX(1983 - 1986)
Schlagzeug: Pete King † (1986 - 1987)
saxophone: Jens Streifling (1996 - 2002)
Perkussion: Mario Argandona (1996)
Perkussion: Sheryl hook-chain † (1999 - 2002)
current occupation
singing / guitar: Wolfgang Niedecken
guitar: Helmut Krumminga (since 1999)
Bass: Werner Kopal (since 1996)
Schlagzeug: Jürgen Zöller (since 1988)
key board: Michael wet (since 1999)

BAP is one the most well-known German-language skirt volume. The song texts are held in the Cologne dialect Kölsch. The probably most well-known title of BAP is Verdamp long ago.

Table of contents


the musical and contentwise style was coined/shaped substantially by Bob Dylan, the Kinks and the Rolling Stones. Also Bruce Springsteen, with the Wolfgang Niedecken onepersonal friendship connects, is considered as important orienting point to BAP.


the group around front man Wolfgang Niedecken exists since 1976. Already since 1976 it stepped as solo musician with guitar and harmonica as “Bob Dylan of the southern part of the town” into Cologne and in the closerEnvironment of Cologne up. For this reason BAP celebrates in the year 2006 with the publication of an anniversary album and with an anniversary route its 30-jähriges existence.

Wolfgang Niedecken, the singer and Texter of the group, is today also the initial member that remained only volume. After numerous Umbesetzungen, thosesince emergence of this group were made, the original Septett shrank to the Quintett.

The volume name does not come from the first BAP guitarist Hans Heres and has a further contentwise purchase. One looked at that time only for a stamping seed and above all a short name, thereby he on postersto be as largely as possible printed could.

A purchase of the naming “BAP” to Wolfgang Niedeckens father, whose pronounced Geiz material for numerous anecdotes and its difficult relationship to its son was occasionally topic at that time in Niedeckens friend circle, is probable, but not so compelling, how often one states.History that it was inconceivable in Niedeckens parents' house to buy nails but that these had to be pulled and reused from cast-off fruit crates (Niedeckens parents possessed a small grocer's shop in the Cologne southern part of the town directly at the Severinstor), is often and gladly told.

Indeed can “BAP” with “father” to be translated, however not necessarily in the kölschen dialect, but rather in the Eifeler flat. The first two albums that volume appeared besides not under the name “BAP”, but “Wolfgang Niedeckens BAP”, since Niedecken had a good local name already as a solo artist.

One inthe music scene unusual characteristic is the circumstance that clay/tone engineer of many years that was always led volume, Hans “Fonz” Wollrath, which was responsible with concerts also for the sound up to its separating 1999 as an adequate volume member, although he played an instrument and not on thatStage stood.


BAP is for many years one the most active live-volume in the German-speaking countries. Practically each disk publication was accompanied by partially very expanded tours, those the volume also in the neighbouringForeign country, in addition, into countries removed far led.

  • May 1982: First professionally organized Germany tour. In the center Songs of the current album are located “for Usszeschnigge”.
  • October 1982 - Okrober 1983: After appearance of the fourth album “Vun Drinne noh Drusse” is those volume nearly continuously seven months long on the way. Beside Germany also concerts stand in Austria, Switzerland and the Beneluxländern on the program. Altogether becomeabout 130 appearances easily. The tour ends with a umjubelten concert in the Cologner “Stollwerck”. The community centre Stollwerck threatened by the outline receives the incomes of this concert for the financing of its further work. To 28. May 1983 plays BAP on a festival in the Schüttorf of Lower Saxony in the interlude of Rod Stewart and to 22. October 1983 on a further large demonstration against the NATO nATO-Nachrüstung in Bonn yard garden.
  • In January 1984 BAP plays five concerts in West Germany, in order to prepare for a planned tour in the GDR. This tour becomes however after disputes over detailsContract design nearly in the last moment called off, because BAP feared influencing controls of the GDR authorities on the program organization.
  • To 15. and 16. June 1984 begins the tour with two concerts in the archaeological park in Xanten, which are noted by the Second Channel of German Television and sent later in a summary, toAlbum “Zwe Salzjebäck un beer”. The tour lasts by February 1985 and exceeds from the spectator resonance still from 1982/83. Individual concerts last over four hours. Still BAP avoids the completely large concert resounding despite commercial success, around the contact toNot to lose public.
  • To 2. March 1986 begins the tour “Ahl of men in Lohmar with Cologne, aalglatt”. BAP plays first some concerts in the rural area, before those volume to 15. March 1986 in the Essener Grugahalle with the 17. and last skirt night of the WDR Rockpalastarises. The skirt night, at which also Jackson Browne and bend Country arise, is radiated like already the festival on the Loreley 1982 via Eurovision by many European radio and Fernsehstationen.

From April to July numerous further concerts follow. Because of the continuous popularity become partly alsolarger resounding selected. Thus the “Heimspiele” find Cologne volumes in up to 8.000 the spectators seizing Cologne sport-resound for the first time (Cologne), at that time to the largest meeting-resound to the cathedral city, instead of. With this tour it gives a guest musician to cutters with Christian's for the first time on a tour,because the partially very complex key board arrangements of the new album did not have to be realized live with only a Keyboarder. Cutter plays saxophone beside key boards with some pieces also.

After end of the tour 1986 BAP inserted a creative break, the Wolfgang Niedecken for publicationits album used impact times and to some solo concerts. BAP stood only in September 1987 with two festivals in the Saarland pc. Spiral and the Essener Grugahalle the stage, in order to prepare for a tour by China. This tour is in the book “BAP övver China”documented.

  • The album “Capo” was presented there a resounding tour expanded from October to December 1988 first with, which winner-landresounded with two concerts in the Siegener began and with a Christmas angehauchten concert in the Dortmunder Westphalia-resounded 1 ended. With this tour BAP put the shynessbefore the completely large concert arenas finally off. Thus stood also the Frankfurt festival hall and Munich Olympia-resounds on the program. In the summer 1989 further concerts followed, partly also in the context of festivals together with Joe Cocker. One this Events found in the citizens of Berlin forest stage instead of.
  • Also the tour 1991 was accomplished in several parts. Briefly after the completion of the German unit first the first concerts stand for that in history volume on the area of the former GDR on the program in January 1991. Subsequently, BAP in West Germany comes upClub route and completes a set of appearances in the contemplative framework, mostly in small resounding like the bill in Bochum, where BAP could already celebrate volume large successes in early history that. The concert in Cologne E-works is noted and later on the album “live one- Affrocke " publishes.

In May and June 1991 a tour followed exclusive by the largest German concert resounding and with different open air festivals. Alone in Cologne sport-resounds take place seven concerts. Also in other large arenas like the Dortmunder 1 Westphalia-resounds or Stuttgart Hanns Martin Schleyer resounding findsAuxiliary concerts instead of. As a guest with the concerts Julian Dawson appears .

  • To 26. January 1994 begins the tour in Koblenz to in August 1993 the album “spades Sibbe” appeared. Still the demand is in the BAP center Cologne largely, again finds alone six concerts inCologne sport-resounds instead of. In some other cities the spectator numbers stay however something behind expectations. Thus many places remain empty with the concerts in the Dortmunder Westphalia-resound and Munich Olympia-resound. After the resounding concerts some open air dates follow in the summer.
  • In November 1996 beginsthe tour to the album “America”. Sport-resounds Oberwerth in Koblenz is again scene of the prelude concert. The tour start is along-cut by the WDR Rockpalast and radiated later on the WDR television.

With the door from bassist Steve borrow and from initial member Manfred “narrow” Boecker leave two musicians the volume, thoseBAP over many years along-coined/shaped. Wolfgang Niedecken called Steve borrows during a concert gladly times jokeful “Stieven support” (rigid support), because it took always so an immovable attitude.

Commercially BAP cannot tie no more to used successes. The demand in the BAP homeland Cologne remainsbehind expectations back. This mark there only three concerts find in sport-resound instead of. In another place one adapted from the beginning by the choice somewhat smaller resounding. Nevertheless isolate concerts must because of to small demand to be called off.

  • 1999 FF.: Comics & pin Ups, Tonfilm, SONX,Three times BAP before
  • the actual “Aff un zo” - route gave ten years in the summer to 2001 starting from autumn 2001 two Vorabkonzerte: The first in the mill Hunziken (with Berne) and the “concert under the dead bridge” in Euskirchen, which noted by the WDR and fewDays later in the transmission skirt palace one sent.


2002 turned the director Wim of Wenders gotten used to with Wolfgang Niedecken the motion picture film “much happened - the BAP film”, a documentation over the volume and its self understanding.


based on thatNumber of Nummer-1-Alben (nine) are BAP according to Media control the most successful skirt volume of Germany.

  • 1979 BAP rockt other kölsche Leeder
  • 1980 Affjetaut
  • 1981 for usszeschnigge!
  • 1982 Vun drinne noh drusse
  • 1983 Bess demnähx (2LP live)
  • 1984 Zwe Salzjebäck un beer
  • 1986 Ahl of men, aalglatt
  • there 1988Capo
  • 1990 X für'e U
  • 1991… affrocke!! (2CD live)
  • 1993 spades Sibbe
  • 1995 insanity - the hits of 79-95 (Best OF)
  • 1996 America
  • 1999 Comics & pin Ups
  • 1999 Tonfilm
  • 2001 Aff un zo
  • 2002 Övverall (2CD live)
  • 2004 Sonx

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