form of business organization corporation
Slogan The Chemical company
based 6. April 1865
company headquarters Ludwigshafen on the Rhine
management Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht, chairman of the board
coworker of 80,695 (3.Quartal 2005)
products chemicals
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BASF corporation is the largest chemistry enterprise of the world.The abbreviation BASF stood in former times for „aniline of Baden - and soda - for factory “. Today the four letters are the registered label name of the enterprise. The BASF is quoted in Frankfurt (BAS), London (Federal Labour Office), New York (BF) and Zurich (ON).

ThoseGroup of BASF consists of more than 160 daughter and holding companies as well as production and group locations in 41 countries in Europe, Asia, north and South America. The head office is in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine (Rhineland-Palatinate), the largest coherent chemistry area of the world. About82,000 coworkers worked at the end of of 2004 for the enterprise world-wide, of it more than 48,000 in Germany. The company maintains business relations to customers in over 170 countries and supplies approximately 8,000 sales products world-wide to a multiplicity of different industries. In the year 2004the group of BASF obtained a conversion of 37.5 billion euro and a result before special influences of approximately 4.8 billion euro. The BASF extended at present their international activities and particularly develops their locations in the asiatic area. BASF has itself thatA goal set of obtaining to 2010 a portion of 20 per cent of their world-wide conversion and result from the chemistry business in the region Asia/Pacific. Up to this time are to originate 70 per cent of the BASF conversion in this region from local production. To2005 will invest BASF 5.6 € billion in Asia/Pacific. With these investments in Kuantan/Malaysia, Nanjing and Caojing/China, Yeosu and Gunsan/South Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia and Singapore BASF a regional net at manufacturing plants hasaufgebaut。

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business fields

of work areas of the BASF in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine

the five main business fields of the BASF corporation are chemicals, plastics, Improving products, plant protection and nutrition as well as oil and gas.

a broad pallet at chemicals manufactures chemicals BASF as for example softeners, amines, resins, glues, electronics chemicals, petrochemical raw materials and inorganic chemicals. Thosemost important customer of this business field are the Pharma, building, textile and automobile industry.


BASF is one the internationally leading manufacturer of styrene - plastics and - foam. Technical plastics go at injection moulding manufacturers into many industries. The PU of theEnterprise are used world-wide in various form.

improving products

the chemistry enterprise produces a multiplicity of improving chemicals, lacquers and improving polymers. Examples are raw materials for detergents, textile and leather chemicals, pigments and sticking raw materials. Customers are manufacturers of automobiles, oil, paper,Packing, textiles, sanitary articles, detergents, building materials, lacquers as well as the pressure and leather industry.

plant protection and nutrition

BASF is a supplier of plant protection agents and fine chemicals for the agriculture, animal nutrition as well as for the Pharma, the food and Kosmetikindustrie. In the plants biotechnologyconcentrates the corporation on the research on the ranges efficient agriculture, healthier nutrition and plants for the more efficient production of products. Products of the division plant protection are among other things Pestizide (plant protection and pesticides, like e.g. Fungicides (against fungal attack), insecticides (against insects)and herbicides (against weeds)). The division fine chemistry offers beside the Vitaminen also Pharmawirkstoffe, Pharmahilfsstoffe, polymer for the hair care and UV - to light-protectives for sun creams.

oil and gas

by the hundred percent daughter winter-resound AG, Kassel, opensand BASF promotes oil and natural gas. With the Russian partner Gazprom is common winter-resounds in central and Eastern Europe actively. A result of this co-operation (Gazprom, BASF and E.ON) is the building of the northEuropean gas line.

customer industries thatBusiness relations

to customers in over 170 countries those maintains and supplies BASF products BASF approximately 8,000 sales products of their five segments world-wide to a multiplicity of different industries. Among the large customer industries of the BASF products rank chemistry, automobile and energy industry, the agriculture as well asthe building industry. Important customers are settled also in the industries health, nutrition, electrical/electronics, textiles, packing and paper.

Conversion after industries (2004) portions of the annual turnover
chemistry (no user industry) > 15%
automobile, energy, agriculture 10-15%
building 5-10%
pressure, electrical/electronics, health, Kosmetik, leather/shoes,Furniture, paper, carpet, textile, packing, wash and cleaning agent < 5%
portion of other industries together about 12%

the chemistry enterprise BASF supply individual industries with completely different products:

automobile and traffic

within the range automobile and traffic are apart from lacquer systemsand many groups of plastics among other things also radiator protective agent (z. B. Glysantin®), brake fluids and fuel additives (z. B. Keropur®, AdBlue®).


in the energy industry is the BASF daughter winter-resounds together with the Russian natural gas producer Gazprom actively. They have 2003 the JointventureAchimgaz based, in order to promote in the westSiberian Urengoy field natural gas and condensate together. By means of one period of 40 years are in the point up to 8 billion cubic meter natural gas and up to 3 million tons condensate to be promoted annually.

The activitiesthe BASF are directed not on the exploration and promotion of natural gas, but also toward the natural gas selling. The VIENNA GAS GmbH, a joint undertaking of winter-resound and to Gazprom, drives natural gas out among other things in Germany. For example in Bielefeld: there 2004 became by onemodern natural gas conditioning plant the infrastructure of public utilities Bielefeld connected with the WINGAS net.


the requirements at plant protection agents, which are used in the agriculture, are high: They must no unwanted side effects fast and well work, may show and should ecologically compatibly its. After models from nature researchers of BASF developed for example the active substance F 500®. It is broadly effectively and flexibly applicable against many harming mushrooms in important cultures. Plants and animals remain undisturbed. The most important operational areathe active substance are wine, vegetables, fruit as well as grain.


apart from the employment in the automobile industry plastics are used by BASF also in the building industry. Micronal® PCM (phase CHANGE of material) latent heat storage for example are microscopically small plastic balls, thosecontain a storage medium in their core out waxes. During influence of cold or warming and/or solidifies the wax in the memory caps melts and adjusts in this way the ambient temperature. Building materials, which were modified with Micronal® PCM latent heat storage, carry in such a way to energy-efficient temperature managementin dwellings.

A further BASF plastic, which is used by the building industry, is the thermal insulation with Neopor®. A special example is the so-called 3-Liter-Haus in Ludwigshafen, which set up a record in the energy saving. In the past winter the tenants do not haveonce uses three litres fuel oil equivalent per year and square meter for heating. Thus the energetically modernized old building is more economical than a new low-energy building - and is the far under average value for unsanierte old buildings of 20 litres per year and square meters.


within the field (household) of electronics participates among other things particularly a product of BASF in front also. Although Espressoautomaten often come along in the noble Metalllook, a BASF plastic plays important role: the Brüheinheit in such a way specified is from Ultraform®.

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also in the health industry has the chemistry enterprise completely different products. So a simple headache tablet can contain several products of the BASF. As for instance the directly injectable tablet raw material Ludipress®, that from lactose, a bonding agent (Kollidon® 30) and onestrongly pouring explosives (Kollidon® CL) exists. As smooth coat a polymer (Kollicoat® IR) protects the tablet and facilitates the income.


whether at home, occasionally or on journeys, whether smoothly or curly: The Kosmetikfirmen sets with thatDevelopment of new hair gels on the Festigerpolymer Luviset® CLEAR of the BASF.

Too much UV-RADIATION causes sun fire, accelerates skin aging and increases the skin cancer risk. An effective sun protection is therefore very important, if one wants to enjoy the sun unencumbered. BASF is that world-widelargest offerers of UV filters and supplier of highly effective organic and inorganic UV-A and UV-B-filters for many considerable manufacturers of sun protective agents.


for the “ClimaCool™” - collection of adidas specialists of the BASF daughter Elastogran have together with the shoe designers that world-widefirst all around ventilation screens develops. A sturdy lattice from Hightech plastic at fussspitze, side, heel and sole leaves fresh air inside, after warmth and humidity outside. Thermoplastic PU is called the material, which already is in many high-quality sport shoes.


forFor example customers in the furniture industry developed BASF pigment preparation ions with those MDF plates (centralclose fiber boards) in black, blue, green and red to be through-colored can. The wood fibers remain recognizing thereby clearly so that the plates a natural appearance have. In the difference toonormally coated fiber boards can be regenerated the through-colored MDF plates exactly like massif wood again and again. Also after years of intensive use the customer can be pleased now at constantly in-colored furniture, without for example with scrapes the original bright color thatFiber board to see is.


“Coated Coldset” is called the new paper quality, which developed BASF as well as the Axel Springer AG. A economical Rohpapier is provided with a thin pigment layer, so that it whiter and betteris printable. In the inexpensive compression matter thereby high-quality week final supplements or even magazines can be manufactured.


sun protection begins not only on the skin, but already with the correct clothes. Therefore the corporation with Ultramid® BS 416N has inPP develops, which protects children, in addition, adults the dangerous UV-RADIATION. This additive is trained completely closely into the traditional basic material for yarns. It absorbs and reflects the sun exposure and guarantees so a light protection factor of over 60.

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packing packing from thin foils from Styrolux® the durability, attractiveness and freshness of food, like vegetables and cut salads. Also cups, bowls and boxes are made of the BASF plastic.


of the “masters Propers of magic Schmutzradierer” of the manufacturerProcter & Gamble consist of the melamin resin foam material Basotect® and resemble outwardly a normal sponge. Easily dampened it removes persistent contamination without long scrubbing.

history of the BASF

1865-1901: Establishment of the BASF and the age thatColors

Friedrich angel horn created to 6. April 1865 in Mannheim (today Baden-Wuerttemberg) „the aniline of Baden - and soda - factory “for the production of coloring materials. But already one week after the establishment pulled it on the other Rhine side inat that time Bavarian Ludwigshafen over. Rapidly after the establishment blue, alizarine and Indigopflanze provide a prominent position on the world color market for the enterprise.

1901-1925: The age of the fertilizers

the synthesis of ammonia after Haber-Bosch-process the 1908/1912 makesthe production of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers possible. the BASF with that extends 1913 world-wide first ammonia synthesis plant in Oppau their product range by fertilizers. 1916 established the BASF with the Leuna - to works a second ammonia synthesis work. It served apart from the production of fertilizers duringthe First World War also the supply of explosives. among other things 1921 struck federations of the realm resistance and the state police (SiPo) with artillery bombardment a strike of the workers down. 2000 workers had barricaded themselves in the Leunawerk.

1925-1945: New high-pressure systems

the BASF1925 in the industrial union dye industry AG come up. By the advancement the production of synthetic gasoline and india rubber succeeds to the high pressure technology as well as products of acetylene. 1935 presented the BASF in co-operation with AEG like-CETOP-hone on the radio exhibition in Berlin.In the indication of LV - to autarcy politics and arms economy profited the industrial union colors from quantity and price guarantees and forced laborers.

1945-1953: Reconstruction and new beginning

the reconstruction of the firm area completely destroyed in the Second World War drag on over several years. 1952 develop the BASF as independent enterprise again.

1953-1965: Beginning of the plastic age

with the Wirtschaftswunder into the 1950er years begins the era of the plastics. Polystyrene, polystyrene ®, PP and polyethylene of the BASF begin its triumphant advance.

1965-2005: From Ludwigshafen into the world

the BASF develops to a transnational enterprise with Produktionstätten in Europe, North America, South America as well as Asia. 2005 went the new group location Nanjing/China into enterprise.

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Characteristic numbers of the group of BASF

of characteristic numbers of the group of BASF (five-annual statement)
of 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
conversion (in millions €) of 32,500 32,216 33,361 37,537 42,745
coworkers (at the year end) 92,545 89,389 87,159 81,955 80,945
conversion after segments (2005) in million euro
chemicals of 8,103
plastics 11,718
improving products 8,267
plant protection and nutrition 5,030
oil and gas 7,656
other ones 1,971
conversion after regions (2005) in million euro
Europe (of it in Germany) 25,093 (17.100)
North America (NAFTA) 9,542
South America 2,068
Asia, Pacific area, Africa 6,042

source: BASF Bilanzpressekonferenz to the financial year2005 to 22.2.2006

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