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BMW Group
company information
name BMW Group
head office Munich
firm information
form of business organization corporation
company name Bavarian one Engines of works AG
Gründungsdatum 7. March 1916 as
Bavarian aircraft plants
establishment place Munich
company headquarters Munich
coworker 105,798 (2005)
conversion 46,656 millions Euro (2005)
contact address BMW AG 80788 Munich
telephone 089/382 0
web page
“four-cylinder” -The double kidneys
Stilistisches Merkmal der PKW von BMW sind die Doppel-Nieren des Kühlergrills
of the radiator grille BMW BMW BMW bicycle model Cruise Bike 2006
the Bavarian
engines of works
AG, BMW, are shortened

BMW head office in Munich Stilisti characteristic of the passenger cars of BMW are an important German manufacturer of cars, Motorcycles and engines.

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predecessor of BMW was the 1913 of Karl Rapp created Rapp of engine works GmbH. They changed their names in April 1917 first in BMW GmbH and one year later, after the transformation into a corporation,in BMW AG. The first managing director was to 1942 Franz Josef Popp. In the young company rising engineer max of Friz made himself a name fast: It invented 1917 an aircraft engine with elevator carburetor. Thus the engine brought also inthinner elevator air achievement. This construction proved so well that BMW received an order over 2.000 engines from the Prussian army administration. To 17. June 1919 was obtained with BMW a IIIa still secretly the world record in altitude by 9,760 meters, butwith the end of the First World War and the Versailler contract already the end of the company seemed to have come: The peace treaty forbade it for five years manufacturing in Germany aircraft engines - at that time the only product of BMW -. 1922 leftPrincipal shareholder Camillo Castiglioni the company and carried the rights of the use of a name forward at BMW. It went to the Bavarian aircraft plants (NLG).

These were from to 7. March 1916 registered Gustav Ottoaircraft plant of Gustav Otto, a son of the petrol engine inventor come out. These 7.March 1916 applies in the official firm historiography as Gründungsdatum of BMW. With the change from Castiglioni BMW becomes from the Bavarian aircraft plants (NLG). The company however, which was called up to then BMW, became the south brake and later then the Knorr brake.

Max of Friz and put Martin Stolle the first BMW motorcycle, developed one year after the name change, 1923, the R32, and thereby the foundation-stone for a new production line: Motorcycles. Friz needed 32 only five weeks for the draft of R. Until todaythe basic principle of this motorcycle kept:Double-piston engine and Kardanantrieb within the double tube framework.

Starting from 1924 also aircraft engines were repaired. A reference to the building of aircraft engines appears also in the white-blue Firmenlogo. It presents a turning white airplane propeller in representative formblue sky.

Start as car manufacturers in iron oh

in the year 1928 transferred BMW the vehicle factory iron oh A.G., the manufacturer small cars of the Dixi, and was promoted in such a way to the car manufacturer. To 22. March 1929 produced BMW its first series automobile in the Thuringian one iron oh. The car was called 3/15 HP and/or. DA1 and was a manufacture under licence of the British Austin Seven. Installed the car in Berlin with one of Ambi Budd supplied body was built, which resembled rose-refined the likewise in Austin license built. 1932 followed thenfirst „genuine “BMW named AM1 (for “automobile construction Munich No. 1 "), i.e. the first BMW-own automobile construction, which opposite that so-called. DIXI more largely and technically more progressively failed (e.g. above-steered valves, four wheel brake, swinging axle in front). The first complete reconstruction under the BMW auspice was the 1933 presented 303 with 1,2 litres of 6-Zylindermotor, a construction of Fritz fiddler (1899 - 1972). Due to starting from 1933 the again strongly extended building of aircraft engines the auto and motorcycle section became nearly the secondary object. Also in iron oh a new developedlarge BMW aircraft engine work. Nevertheless 327 (1937) and that arrives to 1936 presented sport Roadster of 328 attractive models with the new developments 326 ( 1935). Particularly the 328 convinced not only by his construction, but also by numerous successes when sports car running, underother one of the Mille Miglia 1940. This model justified the call of BMW as a manufacturer of sporty automobiles, that remained also after the war in memory. The car pleased the Britisher so well that they copied it under license as Frazer Nash,whereby this company had already used imported BMW engines since 1934.

During 2. World war

after outbreak 2. World war concentrated BMW completely on the building of aircraft engines. The double star engine BMW 801 strong up to 1.467 KW (2,000 HP) was one thatmost important German aircraft engines. It was built among other things into the Focke Wulf L.G. 190. In addition „the armed forces bottom plates “(motorcycles with sidecar) were built and between 1937 and 1942 the automodel 325. The latter had as so-called „lighters unit passenger car “in to a large extent more identicalConstruction also from Stoewer and Hanomag to defaults of the armed forces to be manufactured.

BMW used numerous forced laborers, whom in the external bearing alloh the concentration camp DAK-strike were accommodated for the manufacturing of aircraft engines.

Post-war period

between small cars…
... und Oberklasse klaffte eine Lücke
... and upper class gaped a gap

1945 had been taken over Munich parent plants nearly completely destroyed and the automobile work iron oh by the Soviet Union. Since that was work ice NAK ago in the possession of all production tools, it could immediately offer the Vorkriegs types after the war again. This happened also underthe name „BMW “. Since BMW did not want to accept it in Munich that under this name cars were offered, without having on their production influence, one let a leading of the name forbid the Eisenachern 1951 „BMW “judicially. Ice NAK ago the makesthereupon under the name „EMW “offered. 1952 were then explained ice NAK ago that work as the state-owned enterprise (VEB ).

In Munich automobiles had been produced, additionally were zerbombt to date never the parent plant and affected by disassemblies. First helditself BMW with the production of motorcycles, pots and vehicle brakes over water. But 1951 could be introduced the first postwar automobile. BMW 501, an exclusive luxury model with first 6-Zylinder, then V8-Motoren equipped, received whether his swung body form soon thatPointed name „baroque gel “. The production of this car was unfortunately so aufwändig that BMW with each sold copy approx. 4,000 DM loss brought in. A further problem was the motorcycle paragraph strongly declining starting from center of the 50's. Also the 1955 inProduction taken Kleinstwagen Isetta, a license production of the Italian ISO company, could not turn away the fast aggravating financial crisis. The enterprise builds Isetta with 501 on the one hand and on the other hand cars for „directors of bank and Tagelöhner “, wrote the mirror 1959; Car of the middle classbetween them were missing at that time in the BMW to model program.

Crisis and Beinaheübernahme

after in the financial years 1958 and 1959 high losses had been gained, came it to the dramatic general meeting of 9. December 1959. Executive committee and supervisory board, both of the German bank assigned,submitted an offer, after which BMW at Daimler Benz AG (large shareholder likewise Deutsche Bank) sold and which small shareholders would have been expropriated nearly. The fate of BMW seemed sealed, there Deutsche Bank owing to the depot right to vote about half of the share capitalrepresented. But it came differently: A refusal, in an educated manner from staff, BMW dealers and small shareholders, it repelled that assumption - offer by the fact that it with the help of the Darmstädter of shareholder and coal dealer Erich Nold as well as Frankfurt attorney the Dr. Friedrich Mathern those Balance to contest left. In addition were sufficient 10 per cent of the voices. Die Bilanz war in der Tat fehlerhaft, da in ihr die Entwicklungskosten für das neue Modell 700 innerhalb eines Jahres abgeschrieben worden waren. Thus the assumption with loud din had burst.

Beginning of the reclimb

BMW remained independent, but the so urgently needed middle class model was still missing, for whose development no money was there. Here now the baths Homburger Industrielle harsh ore Quandt stepped on the plan. He explained himself ready, afterto accomplish a capital cut a following capital increase, with which he will take over the shares themselves not brought to the man. This happened also, the Kapitalanteil of the Quandt group rose to approx. 60 per cent, and the banks lost their influence with BMW. Thusand by a sales of the turbine work in alloh BMW got sufficient financial means for the development of the new middle class model. The model should have a sedan character with a high engine performance, there in the 60's after the bankruptcy of Borgward, thatwith the Isabella a proven vehicle in this category manufactured, a market gap opened themselves.

1962 were introduced new BMW 1500 „of the new class “and became after initial difficulties and with the versions BMW 1800 and BMW 2000 tooa large success, which was still strengthened by its victories with route cars - running. The reclimb of BMW came with that 1966 presented model „zero two “(1602, 1802, 2002) finally in full swing. 1967 became those HansGlass of GmbH to Dingolfing taken over and to an important production location developed. 1968 presented BMW the E3, later „2800 “, “3.0 SIthe professional world also inspired 2500 by its quiet running and its passage ability.

The Rover debacle

beginning thatone believed 90's-years with BMW to be able to survive on a long-term basis on the world market only as large volume manufacturers. Over not even a front wheel drive platform etc. develop to have and around the necessary capacities win, therefore 1994 the assumption of the British manufacturer took placeRover Group (Rover, mg, MINI, country Rover). This proved however as consequence-fraught wrong decision, which BMW cost altogether to 9 billion DM and the chairmen of the board Bernd Pischetsrieder as well as technique executive committee Wolfgang Reitzle their posts. Both separated from the company.

Of beginningco-operation with Rover Group had not smoothly functioned on; still in the Joint venture with Honda developed the model pallet of Rover proved as outdated and a little attractive. Also the quality of workmanship left to be desired. Due to the very traditional Designand the missing image of Rover the expected sales figures were never reached. Rover made extreme losses. In addition still the “in-house” competition came. Country Rover made the 1999 of BMW for again competition introduced X-Modellpalette (at that time only the X5).

For these reasonsBMW 2000 pulled the emergency brake and terminated the project Rover. Mg Rover was sold for the symbolic sum of 5 Pound to a British investor community; Country Rover turned on for a substantially higher price (the new rank Rover was already developed)Ford. Only the small car mark mini remained in BMW Group.

The model pallet

BMW 320i E46 (before Facelift 2001)
BMW-Armaturenbrett (BMW 320d)
BMW instrument panel (BMW 320d)
2004 BMW 645Ci

since that 1972 as successors „of the new class “presented „520 “(speak: ) the nomenclature exists five twenty forBMW models from the number „3 “, „5 “, „7 “ as name for „lower middle class “(late middle class), „upper middle class “and „upper class “and the added two numbers for the capacity. It gives likewise BMW M3,M5 (Touring in preparation) and M6 (soon also as Cabrio). M5 and M6 possess a 507PS-Motor, which speed abgeregelt with 250km/h. The M6 has a roof from carbon fiber, which lowers the weight and the emphasis, however is very stable.Coupé series received the 6, later also to 8. 2004 were extended the pallet by „the 1 “for a model of the compact class. In the program sport the utility Vehicles (SUV) are relatively again marked by an X (X3 and X5)become. The moreover „the i designates “a fuel injection engine. Today there are no engines with carburetor however with BMW more, and the i is reserved the gasoline-motorized models of series. „A D “behind the type indices stands for a diesel engine,„a C “for Coupé or Cabrio and „an x “for all-wheel drive, which is called with BMW X-drive. The 3er row was particularly successful „E30 “starting from 1982 with approx. 2,3 million vehicles or also the 1986 presented 7er row„E32 “, which was offered for the first time with V12-Motor. With the E28er and E30er series there also the model row 325e/525e was. The “e” stands here for “eta”, the physical indication of the efficiency. The eta engine was so designed that it by means oflow number of revolutions with high torque fewer gasoline used, but not the BMW-typical engine characteristic offered, which the BMW driver expected. Therefore became from the 325e and/or. 525e only small numbers of items sells, which makes him a rather rare model variant.

The Z-models

Z designates a Roadster with BMW or a Sportcoupé. The first model some Z in the name carried, was BMW Z1 of 1989, which excited attention particularly by its doors concealable in the Seitenschweller. Its for a six cylinder Roadster relativehigh price and its rather close cockpit secured a certain exclusivity for it.

1996 followed then very successful BMW Z3, which (like later also X5 and Z4) was manufactured in the particularly new-arranged work in Spartanburg, the USA. The Z3 was with 4 - and 6-Zylindermotoren available and was based technically to a large extent on the 3er-Reihe (E36). Its success the Z3 Roadster owes above all to its Design with easy Retro influences toward 507. 1998 published Z3 the Coupé reached with his Shooting BREAK- Concept no large numbers of items. There were both model versions also in sport remarks as M Roadster and M Coupé, with 321 HP a Reihensechzylinder.

From 1999 to 2003 BMW already produced the high-exclusive Roadster BMW Z8, that before the introduction on the market asBond Car into “the world is not enough” to serve was allowed. The Z8 was noticeable inside and outside by its Retro Design from the feather/spring of Henrik Fisker, which still much more strongly than before the Z3 loans took with 507. Its chassis was basedon parts of 5er and 7er-Reihe, he received however a body in aluminum Spaceframe building method (similar as the AUDI A8). Its engine originated from the M5 (E39), a 4,9-l-V8 with 400PS (294 KW). In view of its high price (to the introduction) The Z8 was equipped 235,000 DM, its covering manipulation however was pedantic appropriately and it was available only with six-course transmission, which cost it particularly in the USA sales figures. This gap filled 2003 Alpina with the Roadster V8, one rathercomfort-stressed and with mechanism ausgestattenten version of the Z8.

2003 came BMW Z4 as a successor of the Z3. High-positioned, provided with the new BMW Design and first exclusively with six cylinder available, he limps himself behind the paragraph conceptions easily back and can notcorrectly against the more inexpensive Mazda MX-5, which intersperse SLK and the Porsche Boxster with steel folding roof equipped Mercedes. Meanwhile a four-cylinder (2.0i) was after-pushed; 2006 receive the Z4 a model care. The Topmodell calls BMW Z4 3.0si with 265 HP.Further it comes to the new edition of the Z3 Coupés: The Z4 Coupé, which was introduced on the IAA 2005 as study. Beyond that the engine haven daughter ///M GmbH BMW engine haven throws two further models on the market: The Z4 M Roadster andthe Z4 M Coupé. Are beaconed the new derivatives of from the current M3 (E46) well-known 3,2-l-Reihensechszylinder-Aggregat, which mobilizes 343 HP with 7900 rpm.

All BMW Z-models have the engine before the floor panel and the driveat the rear axle. Z and X-models receive differently than the rows their exact indication of capacity to their name (e.g. Z4 2.2i, X5 4.8is, etc.).

1999 BMW

BMW X5 3.0d Facelift
extended the X-models BMW

X5 3.0d Facelift its model pallet by sport utilityVehicle (SUV; with BMW “SAV” for “sport Activity Vehicle” mentioned), BMW the X5, which was manufactured like BMW Z3 in the work Spartanburg, the USA and also mainly for the American market was intended. Before Mercedes Benz those had two years M-class presents and thus large success. The ML was based however on a leader framework, while the X5 possessed a self-supporting body. Paired with permanent all-wheel drive and dynamic Design, BMW X5 one the most popular SUVs became available also in Europe,with 6 - and 8-Zylinder-Benzinern and the 3,0-l-Reihensechszylinder-Diesel. 2002 came the sporty 8-Zylinder-Ausführung 4.6is with 347 HP, which had been originally developed together with Alpina. 2003 received the X5 a Facelift with easy changes in the front Design and stronger engines. The 4.6isbecame the 4.8is with 360 HP. In addition the X5 received the new all wheel system XDrive, that the driving power between the drive axles to variable distribute can and with DSC etc. co-operates. 2007 will get the X5 a successor, become larger that andup to seven passengers place to offer is, which is ensured with a third seat row. Thus a larger distance to the X3 (s.u) is to be manufactured and BMW wants with the ML-class of Mercedes to draw even, which likewise offer this function.

2004 placed BMWthe X5 a more compact variant to the side: BMW the X3. The engine spectrum is limited to three Benziner (4 - and 6-Zylinder) and two Diesels (4 - and 6-Zylinder), with a maximum capacity of three litres. As is all all wheeled vehicles of BMWit equipped with the all wheel system XDrive. The X3 is built with Magna Steyr in Graz (Austria). BMW X3 is at present the usually-sold German SUV.



after in the year 2000 the marks mg Rover and LandRover from BMW Group, remained only the mark MINI was banished with BMW. After the original mini had run out, end of 2001 the completely new MINI was presented, a small car with front wheel drive and four-cylinder engines, above all however with a Design, which met the taste. With thatOriginal has to do the new MINI nothing at all more purely, nevertheless it BMW succeeded to register the positive image of the predecessor provided with a sporty note too and a kolossalen marketing success. The MINI does not carry world-wide to onepart to the constantly higher paragraph numbers BMW Group, which can be underestimated, and can be sold at a price quite high in the comparison to the competition. The MINI is with 1,6-l-Motoren, which develops in co-operation with other manufacturers than One (90HP) and One D (Diesel) (88 HP) as well as Cooper (115 HP) and as Cooper S (163 HP/170 HP) available and still in Oxford, England one manufactures. A particularly sporty version of the Cooper S develops„John Cooper Works Tuning “and reaches an output of 210 HP by means of a compressor. All model variants are available since 2004 also as viersitziges Cabrio. 2007 will receive a successor, that is however only carefully developed further in the Design to the MINI, onlythe external dimensions will grow. As the further model variant there is to be a combination, how he was to be already seen on the IAA 2005 as study.

See also: New mini


major item: Rolls-Royce

in the year 2003 received BMW in addition the trademark laws forRolls-Royce automobiles of Volkswagen and the already finished developed luxury sedan could bring with the name to phantom on the market, for which specially a new master seat in Goodwood, England was created. The former work in Crewe manufactures only automobiles thatformer sister mark Bentley, which remained with Volkswagen. The enormous phantom is characterised by a new classical period Design, inclusive of powerful proportions and in the back fastened Fondtüren. As engine serves on the classical Rolls-Royce measure of increased 6,75-l-V12 with Valvetronic and Direkteinspritzung from BMW760i/Li. Also the control system in the interior, which is however clearly British furnished, resembles the iDrive system. With a yearly paragraph of nearly 800 cars in the year 2005 clearly better than the second sedan in this luxury segment, the May brook sold itself to the phantomof Mercedes Benz, which stayed clearly behind expectations. However it is to be marked that the market for such passenger cars constantly shrinks. As answer on the new Bentley Azure that phantom 2006 a Cabriolet on same technical basis, probably one calls Corniche, toSide posed. While the study 100EX had in the back fastened its two doors, in the series version probably to a conventional Tür-Öffnung one falls back. The study of the 101EX shows, how a smaller Coupé could look.

Time board

  • 1916: Establishment of the Bavarian aircraft plants (NLG)
  • 1917: Renaming the Rapp Motorenwerke into Bavarian engines of works GmbH
  • 1918: Franz Josef Popp becomes a first general manager (=Vorstandsvorsitzende) of BMW
  • 1918: Transformation into a corporation
  • 1922: From the Bavarian aircraft plants BMW becomes
  • 1923: Building of the first motorcycle
  • 1928: Assumption that Vehicle factory iron oh A.G.,
  • 1929: Building of the first automobile BMW 3/15 HP and/or. AM1 in iron oh
  • 1934: Separating the section aircraft engines in BMW building of aircraft engines GmbH
  • 1944: Strong destruction of the work Munich by air raids
  • 1945: Permission for the repair of US army vehiclesand motorcycle production, but at the same time disassembly of the works Munich and alloh
  • 1948: First postwar motorcycle
  • 1959: Historical general meeting, on that the assumption by Daimler Benz to be prevented can do
  • 1960: BMW employs 7,000 coworkers and gains an annual turnover of 239 million DM
  • of 1961:The legendary Paul g. Cock man (“niche Paule”) becomes selling executive committee
  • 1963: For the first time again dividend. Karl-Heinz sun takes over the executive committee presidency
  • 1967: Assumption Hans's the glass of GmbH, afterwards development for the group of works of Dingolfing
  • 1969: Removal of the motorcycle range to Berlin
  • 1969: BMW employs 21,000 coworkers and gainsan annual turnover of 1,5 billion DM
  • of 1970: Eberhard von Kuenheim takes over the executive committee presidency, it it to 1993 will hold. Establishment the harsh ores Quandt donation
  • 1972: Building of the new administration building, the “four-cylinder “, in Munich - mite RTS yards
  • 1972: Building of theWork in South Africa
  • 1973: Opening of the work land hat
  • 1978: Conception of a 5er with hydrogen engine in co-operation with the DLR
  • 1978: BMW employs 30,000 coworkers and gains an annual turnover of 6,0 billion DM
  • of 1979: Opening of the engine work in Steyr (Austria)
  • 1984: Opening of the motorcycle work in Berlin Spandau
  • 1985: Commencement of construction for the research and innovation center (FIZ)
  • 1985: Establishment BMW technology GmbH for pre-developments
  • 1987: Opening of the work Regensburg
  • 1990: Official opening of the FIZ
  • 1990: BMW employs 70,900 coworkers and gainsan annual turnover of 27,1 billion DM
  • of 1992: Opening of the work Spartanburg (South Carolina) in the USA
  • 1993: Bernd Pischetsrieder becomes chairman of the board
  • 1994: Purchase Rover Group including the mark mini
  • 1998: Acquisition of the rights of the use of a name by Rolls-Royces
  • 1999: BMW„autogate concludes a contract with the Russian enterprise “from the city Kaliningrad (former king mountain). Start of the autoproduction.
  • 1999: Joachim Milberg takes over the executive committee presidency
  • 2000: Establishment of the Eberhard of Kuenheim donation
  • 2000: Sales by mg Rover and LandRover
  • 2001: Opening BMW work of the Hamshall
  • 2002: Helmut Panke becomes chairman of the board. Commencement of construction for the BMW work Leipzig
  • 2004: Announcement still during the current 7er-Reihe a series vehicle with hydrogen engine on the market to bring
  • 2004: Commencement of construction for BMW world (distribution center for BMW automobiles) Munich, opening 2007
  • 2005:Official opening of the new BMW centers of parts of distribution (work 2,70) in Gaubitzhausen with Dingolfing to 15. June 2005
  • 2005: Official opening of the new BMW work Leipzig to 13. May 2005

product history

  • 1917: High-altitude flight engine III A, six cylinder row engine, 19 litres, water-cooled, 136 KW (185HP)
  • of 1918: High-altitude flight engine IV, six cylinder row engine, 22.9 litres, water-cooled, 184 KW (250 HP)
  • 1919: Truck engine M4 A1, four-cylinder row engine, 8,000 cm ³, obenliegende cam shaft 44 KW (60 HP)
  • 1920: Boat engine M4 A12, four-cylinder row engine, 8,000 cm ³, obenliegende cam shaft, reversing gearing, 44 KW (60 HP)
  • 1921:Compound engine for passenger vehicle, four-cylinder row engine, 8,000 cm ³, obenliegende cam shaft, cultivated 2-Gang-Getriebe, 44 KW (60 HP)
  • 1922: Fractional horsepower motor M2 B15, two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, first series production of a double-piston engine, 4.8 KW (6.5 HP)
  • 1923: Motorcycle R 32 with transverselying two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, angeblocktem 3-Gang-Getriebe,Kardanantrieb, double steel tube framework (first motorcycle of this construction), 6.25 KW (8.5 HP)
  • 1924: Quantity production of the six cylinder aircraft engine IV, 22.9 litres, now with 228 KW (310 HP)
  • 1925: Motorcycle R 37 with above-steered two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, 12 KW (16 HP), steel cylinders
  • 1925: Motorcycle R39 with a cylinder engine, 250 cm ³, 4.8 KW (6.5 HP), first a cylinder engine of BMW
  • 1926: Aircraft engine V, six cylinder row engine, 24.3 litres, 235 KW (320 HP), first log construction method
  • 1926: Aircraft engine V A, six cylinder row engine, 22.9 litres, 235 KW (320 HP)
  • 1926: Aircraft engine VI, twelve-cylinderin V-type 60 degrees, 46.9 litres, 405 KW (550 HP), the usually-built water-cooled BMW aircraft engine
  • 1926: Motorcycle R 42 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, 8.8 KW (12 HP)
  • 1927: Aircraft engine VII A, twelve-cylinder in V-type 60 degrees, 46.9 litres, 441 KW (600HP)
  • of 1927: Motorcycle R 47 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, 13 KW (18 HP)
  • 1928: Aircraft engine VIII U six cylinder row engine, 22.9 litres, 390 KW (530 HP), reduction gears
  • 1928: Aircraft engine BMW Hornet, nine-cylinder radial engine, 27.7 litres, 386 KW (525 HP), air-cooled (manufacture under licence)
  • 1928: Motorcycle R52 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, 8.8 KW (12 HP)
  • 1928: Motorcycle R 57 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, 13 KW (18 HP)
  • 1928: Motorcycle R 62 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 750 cm ³, 13 KW (18 HP) (first 750-cm ³ - machine)
  • 1929: First BMW cars alsoFour-cylinder engine, 750 cm ³, 11 KW (15 HP), manufacture under licence
  • 1929: Motorcycle R 63 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 750 cm ³, 18 KW (24 HP)
  • 1930: Aircraft engine X A, five-cylinder radial engine, 2.9 litres, 50 KW (68 HP), air-cooled
  • 1930: Motorcycle R 11 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 750 cm ³,15 KW (20 HP), first press steel framework
  • 1930: Motorcycle R 16 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 750 cm ³, 24 KW (33 HP)
  • 1931: Aircraft engine VIII, six cylinder row engine, 22.9 litres, 390 KW (530 HP)
  • 1931: Aircraft engine IX, twelve-cylinder engine in V-type 60 degrees, 46.9 litres, 588kW (800HP)
  • of 1931: Motorcycle R 2 with a cylinder engine, 200 cm ³, 4.4 KW (6 HP)
  • 1932: Passenger vehicle AM1 to AM4 with four-cylinder row engine, 795 cm ³, 14.7 (20 HP), (first self-construction)
  • 1932: Motorcycle R4 with a cylinder engine, 400 cm ³, 10kW (14 HP)
  • 1933: Aircraft engine132, series of 1 and 2, nine-cylinder radial engine, 27.7 litres, 478 KW (650 HP), air-cooled
  • 1933: Tricycle carriage with a cylinder engine, 200 or 400 cm ³, 4.4 or 10 KW (6 o. 14 HP), Kardanantrieb
  • 1933: Passenger vehicle 303 with six cylinder row engine, 1175 cm ³, 22 KW (30HP), first BMW cars with 6 cylinders
  • 1934: Aircraft engine 132 DC, nine-cylinder radial engine, 27.7 litres, 625 KW (850 HP)
  • 1934: Passenger vehicle 309 with four-cylinder row engine, 875 cm ³, 16 KW (22 HP)
  • 1934: Passenger vehicle 315 with six cylinder row engine, 1,490 cm ³, 25 KW (34HP)
  • of 1935: Passenger vehicle 315/1 with six cylinder row engine, 1,490 cm ³, 29kW (40 HP)
  • 1935: Passenger vehicles 319 and 319/1 with six cylinder row engine, 1,911 cm ³, 33 or 40 KW (45 o. 55 HP)
  • of 1935: Passenger vehicle 320 with six cylinder row engine, 1,975 cm ³, 33 KW (45 HP)
  • 1935:Motorcycle R 12 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 750 cm ³, 20 HP
  • of 1935: Motorcycle R 17 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 750 cm ³, 24 KW (33 HP), (introduction of the telescope front wheel suspension in the press steel framework)
  • 1936: Passenger vehicle 326 with six cylinder row engine, 1,975 cm ³, 38 KW (50 HP), (Drehstabfederung of the rear axle)
  • 1936: Passenger vehicle 328/Sport with six cylinder row engine, 1,975 cm ³, 59 KW (80 HP)
    BMW 328 Mille Miglia
    BMW of 328 Mille Miglia
  • 1936: Passenger vehicle 329/Cabrio with six cylinder row engine, 1,975 cm ³, 33 KW (45 HP)
  • 1936: Motorcycle R 3 with a cylinder engine, 300 cm ³, 8.1 KW (11 HP)
  • 1936: MotorcycleR 20 with a cylinder engine, 200 cm ³, 5.9 KW (8 HP)
  • 1936: Motorcycle R 5 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 500 cm ³, 18 KW (24 HP)
  • 1936: Motorcycle R6 with two-cylinder double-piston engine, 600 cm ³, 13 KW (18 HP), (re-establishment double steel tube framework)
  • 1937: Passenger vehicle 327Coupé and Cabriolet with six cylinder row engine, 1,975 cm ³, 40 KW (55 HP)
  • 1937: Jeep 325 with six cylinder row engine, 1,975 cm ³, 38 KW (50 HP), all wheel steering element and all-wheel drive
  • 1937: Motorcycle R 35 with a cylinder engine, 350 cm ³, 10 KW (14 HP)
  • 1940: Motorcycle R 75 with propelled side car
  • 1955: Sports car BMW 507, “Italian” body, V8-Motor for US market, only 258 pieces built
  • 1961: Conception BMW of the 1500 (“new class”) on the IAA - with this vehicle durable success comes
  • 1966: Conception of theBMW 1600-2, two years later comes legendary BMW 2002
  • 1973: Turbo technology goes into series (2002turbo)
  • 1980: With R 80 G/S the first series journey is presented enduro. The model becomes a large success and secures the existence for thatBMW motorcycle production.
  • 1983: Motorcycle series K 100 also along inserted lying four-cylinder row engine, 1,000 cm ³, 90 HP
  • of 1985: Motorcycle series K 75 also along inserted lying three-cylinder row engine, 750 cm ³, 55 KW (75 HP)
  • 1989: Commencement of production for the futuristic Roadster [[BMW Z1 of withinby 2 years exactly 8,000 pieces to be built
  • 1991: Introduction of the xenon light in the automobile sector to the 7-er-Reihe (E32)
  • 1994: Separation of the steeped in tradition motorcycle two-valve two-cylinder double-piston engines by a new developed four-valve aggregate, around stricter environmental regulations to fulfill to be able
  • 1995: Conception of the Z3 in the JamesとらわれのKinofilm 「金目」
  • 1998年: First of sport Activity Vehicle of BMW, the X5 comes on the market
  • 2001: Introduction of the electronic control concept iDrive in the 7-er-Reihe (E65/66)
  • 2004: With the Einser BMW enters into the compact class. The 1errear propulsion has as only vehicle of this class.
  • 2006: On the automobile salon in Geneva new BMW turbo engine is introduced. It has an output of 306 HP and achieves a maximum torque of 400Nm.
  • 2006: Conception of the Z4 Coupés

of BMW models inTiming

time border of the BMW models from 1960 to today
type series of 60's 70's 80's 90's 2000er
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
compact class BMW 1er E87
middle class BMW 3er E114 (1502,1602,1802,2002) E21 E30 E36 E46 E90
Upper middle class BMW 5er E115 (1500,1800,2000) E12 E28 E34 E39 E60
upper class BMW 7er E3 E23 E32 E38 E65/66/67
Coupés BMW 6er / BMW of eight 2000CS E9 E24 (6) E31 (8) E63 (of 6)
Roadster Z series of Z1 Z3 Z4 (E85)
Sports cars M1 Z8 (E52)
SUVs X series of X5 (E53)
X3 (E83)

some models are issued in the BMW museum.

See also:

BMW Group today

after the end of the Rover project arranged itself BMW Groupagain out and predominantly concentrated on vehicles in the Premium segment. Today BMW Group with the marks MINI, BMW and Rolls-Royce offer a broad product range from the small car to the High end Luxuslimousine. Within the last five years the world-wide could Paragraph among other things by new model rows on over 1 million Vehicles per year to be increased, BMW after Porsche and Toyota the most profitable car manufacturer with approx. are simultaneous. 8% yield on turnover and still independently. BMW Group operates works in Germany,Great Britain, South Africa, the USA and China, where BMW (literal “Bao mA”) is understood as a “noble precious horse”.

Started last at the 1. March 2005 the new BMW work Leipzig, in order to take up the production of the new model BMW 3er-Reihe (E 90). Soonalso an assembly starts in India, in order to be able to serve in the next years possibly the snap-increasing automobile market from the outset well. The exact production locations are the works in Munich (parent plant), Dingolfing (largest work), Regensburg, land hat, Leipzig (Production start 2005), Berlin Spandau (motorcycle), Spartanburg (South Carolina, the USA), Rosslyn (South Africa), Oxford (UK, mini), Hamshall (UK, engines), Steyr (Austria, engines), Swindon (UK, pressed parts and components), Goodwood (UK, Rolls-Royce), iron oh and Shenyang,China.

BMW engages itself in addition in the engine haven, and. A. in the formula 1, in the route car haven (WTCC and 24h - running) as well as in various new generation series (formula BMW).

Reference numbers


BMW AG (WKN: 519000, ISIN: DE0005190003)2004 with 105.972 coworkers set 44,335 millions Euro (2003: 41.525 millions Euro) over. The yearly surplus was with 2.222 millions Euro after 1.947 millions Euro in the year 2003. With the automobiles a conversion of 42.544 millions became Euro, with the motorcycles1.029 millions Euro and with the financial services a conversion of 8.226 millions Euro gains.

For each common stock became thus a result of 3,30 euro (2003: 2,89), for each preference stock [WKN: 519003] of 3,32 euro (2003: 2,91) obtains. The dividend became on 0,62Euro (trunks) and/or. to 0,64 euro (advantages) increases.

1.023.583 vehicles of the mark BMW, 184,357 of the mark MINI, 792 Rolls-Royces automobiles as well as 92,266 BMW motorcycles were delivered to the customers. Altogether became 1.344.181 vehicles, of it 1.208.732 automobiles and 92.266Motorcycles sells.


with 105.798 coworkers (- 0.2%) became with the automobiles a conversion of 45.861 millions Euro, with the motorcycles 1,223 millions Euro and with the financial services a conversion of 9.408 millions Euro gains.

BMW AG (BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce)increased the paragraph in the comparison to the previous year by 9,9 per cent on 1.327.992 automobiles. BMW Group BMW (+ 10.1%) and 200,428 vehicles of the mark MINI (+8.7%) sold 1.126.768 vehicles of the mark. Rolls-Royce increased the paragraph by four vehicles on 796(2004: 792) Luxury automobiles. BMW motorcycle sold 97,474 motorcycles, which corresponds to a plus of 5,6% in the comparison to the previous year.

Shareholder structure BMW AG

(conditions July 2005)

collecting articles

historical securities

BMW shares become not only onthe stock exchange inquired, but also strengthens within the range of the historical securities.

The so-called. Nonvaleurs of BMW enjoy which were spent immediately after the Umfirmierung of large popularity, in particular those. These realm Mark shares do not only please in their characteristic as collecting articlesTrailers of the Scripophilie, but become also among BMW friends (e.g. as decorative wall decoration or failed gift idea) increases inquired.

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