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BP (in former times for: “British petroleum”) is called meanwhile only BP and does not stand not for “beyond petroleum”, the current advertising slogan. BP is an internationally active energy undertakes with head office in London, Great Britain. Chairman of the board is lord Browne. In Germany BP operates its business under the name „German BP AG “. The head office of the enterprise is Bochum. Chairman of the board German BP AG is Dr. Uwe Franke.

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establishment father of the later BP was the Britisher William Knox D' Arcy. It had good relations with Persia and invested time, money and worker, in order the there oil occurs to promote.


international BP history begins in the year 1909 with the establishment „of the Anglo Persian oil company “. It was the first oil enterprise, which promoted oil reserves in the Near East.

1917 became „BP “the label name for the marketing of the petroleum products of the enterprise.

1954 were renamed „the Anglo Persian oil company “after numerous fusions in „British petroleum “. The mark Logo - yellow BP writing on green reason - developed in the next decades to the world-wide brand name of the enterprise.

1998 conquered BP the American market and fused with Amoco too „BP Amoco “.

2000 - after further unions and. A. with the lubricant specialist Burmah Castrol - the enterprise, which had ascended in the meantime to an energy enterprise leading world-wide, changed its external representation in „BP “. As new mark Logo the enterprise selected the Helios character.


the prehistory BP in Germany begins 1904 - at least the first part. Later German BP AG developed from two forerunner enterprises. The first historical root begins 1904 with the establishment „of the corporation for Austrian and Hungarian petroleum products (OLEX) “in Vienna. The second historical root BP in Germany begins „the German petroleum corporation (DPAG) in the same year, as in Berlin its business takes up.

the DPAG with various other enterprises fuses 1906 to „the European petroleum union (EPU) “.

The EPU creates a sales company with the name in Great Britain „British petroleum company “.

1926 merges the two historical roots in Berlin into an enterprise. From OLEX and EPU we „the OLEX German petroleum sales company ltd. “. After the Second World War a restructuring of the OLEX follows. The company headquarters shifts from Berlin to Hamburg. 1950 - after further fusions - give itself the oil enterprise the name „BP gasoline and petroleum company ltd. “.

1974 follows further structural changes and the company name changes again too „German BP corporation “- the name possesses also today still validity.

2002 take over German BP AG the Veba oil AG and concomitantly the Veba daughter Aral.


the energy enterprise its business world-wide under the three large marks BP, Aral and Castrol operate.

BP in Germany

German BP AG is the number unity on the domestic gas station and lubricant market. 2004 booked German BP AG an annual turnover of nearly 36 billion Euro (21 billion Euro without oil tax). World-wide the enterprise employs scarcely 103,000 humans, in Germany approximately 8.500. In Germany BP operates its business in the business fields „processing and marketing of petroleum products “- BP possesses second largest refinery the system in Germany - and „gas, river and renewable energies “.


Aral is in Germany of exclusive selling partners for all petroleum products the BP-Group (fuels, heating materials, lubricants, among other things). In the range of the gas stations is Aral with a country wide market share of 17% (with approx. 2,500 gas stations) market leaders.


by the assumption of Castrol became BP the lubricant manufacturer leading world-wide. Castrol is in Germany the number unity on the market. Is if the mark admits for decades because of their intensive commitment within the engine haven range, so z. B. in the formula unity.

BP solar

the trade with Photovoltaik - belongs to plants to the recent business fields BP in Germany. Within shortest time BP solar took a top place on the German market. With a portion of 20% BP is solar of domestic market leaders in the range solar cells.

Also trade with river

and gas operates further business fields in Germany BP in Germany. In the new divisions BP already ranks among the prominent enterprises on the German market.

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