BR-alpha is a German TV education channel, that from the Bavarian broadcast since that 7. January 1998 is operated.

Apart from own productions BR-alpha in its 24-Stunden-Programm sends also productions of other pool of broadcasting corporations - institutes and the ORF.

Beside language courses, training further transmissions Telekolleg as well as university and science transmissions covers the program offer also the ranges religion, music (in particular Mitschnitte of the jazz week castle living, which are radiated since 2005 in Dolby digital 5,1), philosophy, literature, art and culture.

BR-alpha is to be received in Bavaria (and increasingly also in other Lands of the Federal Republic) surface covering ( both similar and digitally) over the cable system. Over satellite (ASTRA 1K similarly, ASTRA 1H digitally) BR-alpha is to be seen European-wide and in the regions Munich and Nuremberg since at the end of of May 2005 additionally over the digital antenna television DVB-T.

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