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FRG is an unofficial abbreviation for the Federal Republic of Germany, since 1968 use particularly from the GDR, in order to designate the class enemy.

After establishment thatFederal Republic was first worth-free used the term FRG in West Germany. In the GDR the other German state became first usually West Germany (shortened: WD) mentioned. However the designation became official German Federal Republic since the 1950ern (shortened: DBR) uses, thereone as part of Germany understood oneself and the political opponent the use of this name not to grant did not want.

This changed however 1968 with the entry into force of the new GDR condition, with which the GDR of the goal of the German reunification said good-bye.Since now in the east for the Federal Republic consistently the abbreviation FRG was used as propagandistic Gegenbegriff for GDR, in order to express the equal rights of both states, and also generally linguistic usage was far common, became this term for the 1970er - years againin the west by the majority as GDR jargon felt.

In order to distinguish itself from this Gegenbegriff, there the abbreviations became BR Germany, BR Dt. up to the German unit, BRDt., BR Dtld. or simply Dtld. preferred; a use of the term FRG was andis not desired from official side. Thus there are 4 since that. October 1976 a decree of the school administrative board Schleswig-Holstein, to which the abbreviation for does not explain „desirably “. The unwantedness cannot administrative be interspersed due to the liberty of opinion. The way of writing became nevertheless FRG into the 1990er years inside at some West German schools as write errors sanctions. The Springer press, particularly the picture, always printed the abbreviation GDR until 1989 in quotation marks.

By the population of the GDR the designation became FRG alsounofficially generally uses, beside other synonyms.

Many West German ones felt FRG however as logical abbreviation of the designation of their state. The attempt to distinguish itself linguistically from the GDR appeared to them as unsuitable or completely redundant. And are the appropriate were also internationalAbbreviations such as FRG (for Federal Republic of OF Germany) in English and RFA (République fédérale D' Allemagne) in the French usually.

The abbreviation FRG became thereby a symbolic border, and with its use or Nichtverwendung one said something overits relationship to the GDR out however was the confession character of the abbreviation BRDt. more largely, because many considered FRG more neutral. Since the unit the abbreviation FRG loses increasingly its ideological character. Thus the Duden sets the 1990er-Jahren as well since „FRG “„Federal Republic of Germany “directly, while it insisted at times of the cold war still on the fact that it concerned one „unofficial abbreviation “. Since the 1990er-Jahren also those uses the Federal Ministry of the inside subordinated federal center for political education in publications the abbreviation FRG.

In circles, which the FRG reject (these are frequent, but not always right-wing extreme) the abbreviation in that devaluing meant variant FRG are used. To express with the fact tried that the Federal Republic of Germany is only one of the allied ones used institution,whereby the small D is to reduce the component Germany in the abbreviation meaning meaning.

Certain interest can abbreviation FRG from it to stress that it - apart from the orthography - which is possibly only case in that officiallydirectly in the linguistic usage one intervened.

A similarly ideologically led discussion gives it around the terms to Berlin (west), West Berlin and west Berlin.

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