Cheek bag ape

cheek bag ape
Order: Primaten (Primates)
subordination: Drying nose ape (Haplorhini)
partial order: Old world ape (Catarrhini)
over family: Geschwänzte old world ape
family: Long-tailed monkey-related (Cercopithecidae)
Unterfamilie: Cheek bag apes
scientific name
Gray, 1821
tri bus

the cheek bag apes (Cercopithecinae) are a Unterfamilie of the Primatenfamilie of the long-tailed monkey relatives, which are divided into two generic's groups ( long-tailed monkey-well-behaved and Pavianartige) with altogether eleven kinds.

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cheek bag apes are to a large extent to Africa south the seeing era limited. Only the Makaken seems to far parts of Asia in the northern Africa , as well as on Gibraltar .


your name the animals have of the cheek bags, in those them them their food to stow away and them of the second group, which slim and stub ape (Colobinae) differentiates between. Depending upon habitat the kinds differ according to the figure. Tree-inhabiting kinds are slim, delicate and have a long tail, soil-inhabiting kinds are rather stämmig built, and their tail can be backformed or be missing completely. The increased Eckzähne and the well developed thumb are common to all kinds. Many kinds have Gesässschwielen.

way of life

cheek bag ape are informal animals, which live together in groups. They are day active. Even coolly mountains live their habitat varied depending upon kind very strongly, of rain forest inhabitants over animals, those in savannahs like the Japanmakaken up to inhabitants of bald rock areas or.


many kinds are Allesfresser, their food pallet is enough from fruits, sheets, seeds, buds, mushrooms over insects and spiders to smaller vertebrate animals.


the carrying time lasts approximately six to seven months, before an individual young animal comes to the world. This is cured after 3 to 12 months and is sex ripe with 3 to 5 years. The life expectancy of some kinds can amount to up to 50 years.


one divide the cheek bag apes in two generic's groups .

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