calls baking tarpaulin baking tarpaulin the rear wall of electronic equipment, which has several card locations for module building groups (plug-in cards). The baking tarpaulin carries the plug connectors for the module building groups and connects it electrically. Usually it is a passive construction unit, it is thus no active elements how ICs or passive construction units such as resistances or condensers on it equips.

The baking tarpaulin is implemented and with the manufacturing with drillings is usually provided as multi-layer printed circuit board, into which the plug connectors are pressed . Since it is not continued to equip, it does not run by the solder bath.In the manufacturing of devices it is therefore a finished unit, which is supplied by companies, which specialized in the printed circuit board manufacturing, not on the assembly of printed circuit boards.

The electrical connections, which the baking tarpaulin between the card locations manufactures, can be very differently led and determine,the architecture of the equipment. If the connections from several homogeneous card locations to a central building group lead, one speaks of star shaped wiring. The individual building groups cannot communicate then among themselves, but only over the central building group. If homogeneous building groups are connected, then this represents a bus.This kind of the connection over a baking tarpaulin requires a Busarbitrierungsverfahren, a regulation, which prevents a simultaneous letter on the bus by different building groups. This procedure is speed-determining for the data traffic on the bus and usually a device identifier. Becomes for example the efficiency of a Routers alsoa throughput of 1 GBit/second it described then this usually meant that the bus on the baking tarpaulin can manufacture this information flow-rate.

An older bus system for baking plan is the VMEbus.

Often baking plan also within the computer range in servers and large computers are used. One (or several)Plug-in card (n) with processors is put on the baking tarpaulin. One can then e.g.PCI -, ISA - or other interfaces use.


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