Bath Dürkheim

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Wappen der Stadt Bad Dürkheim Deutschlandkarte, Position von Bad Dürkheim hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Bath Dürkheim
geographical situation: 49° 28 ' n. Break.
8° 10 ' o. L.
Surface: 102 km ²
inhabitants: 20.021 (31. December 2003)
Population density: 196 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 67098
preselection: 06322
Kfz characteristics: DÜW
municipality key: 07 3 32 002
of the city administration:
Mannheimer STR. 24
67098 bath Dürkheim
mayor: Wolfgang Lutz (CDU)

bath Dürkheim is a cure city and a district townbecause of the edge of the Pfälzer of forest, and is to about 30 km east of Kaiserslautern and scarcely 20 km at the German crying race to the west of Ludwigshafen/Mannheim.

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bath Dürkheim is to about 30 km east of Kaiserslautern and scarcely 20 km because of the German crying race to the west of Ludwigshafen / Mannheim.Approx. to 15 km south new city is because of the crying race. In bath Dürkheim cut themselves the federal highways 37 and 271.


between 1200-500 v. Chr. - Settlement by the Celts, building of the heath wall (celtic ring barrier).At the 1. June 778 - first documentary mention in the Lor Codex as “doing gymnastics home”. Mention in a leaning letter of the bishop von Speyer as “Thuringeheim” in the year 946. Commencement of construction of the abbey Limburg around 1025, which is received as monastery ruin today still. 1.January 1360 - Municipal rights. Withdrawal of municipal rights 1471 after conquest and destruction by cure prince Friedrich the victorious one of the Pfalz. 1554 go to Dürkheim at the count von Leiningen. In the year 1689 nearly complete destruction by that Pfälzi succession war. Renewed equipment with municipal rights by count Johann Friedrich to Leiningen 1700. Bavaria belongs to 1816 Dürkheim to the kingdom. Auxiliary designation 1847 “Solbad”, by seven sources of welfare. Renaming in “bath Dürkheim” 1904. 1913 opening of the Rhine Haardtbahn, the bath Dürkheimwith Ludwigshafen and Mannheim Dürkheim connects 2001 belonged to the governmental district Rhinehesse-Palatinate starting from 1968 -.

local council

situation of the municipality


Lage der Gemeinde im Landkreis
the district in the town councillor form a coalition to politics

[it works on] the CDU, the FDP and the Greens, with whatBath Dürkheim one of the few cities in Germany is, in which a Jamaica coalition in such a way specified governs. The purpose alliance at that time was closed 1999, after the SPD lost its majority. It actually functioned so well that it with the next choice inYear 2004 was renewed.

Allocation of seats (choice of 13. June 2004):
CDU 43.6% (+0,7) - 14 seats (=)
SPD 28.6% (- 8.7) - 9 seats (- 3)
FWG 8.9% (+0,9) - 3 seats (the +1)
Greens 7.4% (+2,3) - 2 seats (=)
FDP 6.1% (- 0.7) - of 2 seats (- 1)
REP 5.4% (+5,4) - of 2 seats (+2)

culture and objects of interest

Das Dürkheimer Riesenfass
the Dürkheimer giant barrel

bath Dürkheim is the hometown of the largest barrel of the world with a capacity of approx. 1.700.000 litres.However the inside of the barrel is filled not with wine, but accommodates a restaurant.

Further is bath Dürkheim admits by the sausage market, with meanwhile over 600.000 visitors largest wine celebration of the world.

at the edge of the PfälzerForest is appropriate the monastery abbey Limburg, in 9. Century was established of the salischen dukes from Worms on the “Linthberg” as fortress. In the 11. Century was converted the fortress to a monastery with Basilika.

Besides it gives in the of the same nameLocal part the castle ruin hard castle, since that the 13. Century seat of the counts von Leiningen was, in its current form however only in 16. Century was built.

Also the Dürkheimer gaming house, accommodated in the nursing center, loads for inspection in. “ToPfalzgrafen ", a formerly long-known hotel and restaurant opposite the gaming house, offer automat plays. Once a year in August in the Kurpark in the context of the “Kurparkgala” largest Roulette of the world with a football-large ball one develops.

The Pfalzmuseum for natural history - POLLICHIA museum bathDürkheim at the Herzogweiher in the quarter Grethen, informs Pfälzerwald Nordvogesen about the geology of the Pfalz, the domestic animal and plant world, about ecological connections in nature, about the biosphere reservation and about many different nature protection topics. In addition it accommodates the country-wide important collections thatPOLLICHIA, the association for natural science and land conservation registered association. (gegr. 1840). The city bath Dürkheim writes the Limburg price out, which is designated after the monastery ruin in three-year rotation.

economics and infrastructure


main industry inBath Dürkheim is the viticulture, the city is because of the German crying race. Besides the tourism for the cure city plays an important role. Bath Dürkheim is one of the few places in Germany, in which still another Gradierwerk is in enterprise.


bath Dürkheim is attached over the federal highways 37 ( Kaiserslautern - MOS brook) and 271 (new city - Monsheim) to the supraregional road system. The federal motorway 650 from Ludwigshafen is not yet whole to bath Dürkheimvierspurig developed.

The Rhine Haardtbahn, a narrow-gauge railway leading across max village, connects bath Dürkheim with Ludwigshafen/Mannheim, where she leads into the there streetcar net. In addition there is a small airfield in bath Dürkheim.

Until 1981 Dürkheim existed in batha wire ropeway.

the administration

of the district of the same name accommodates public mechanisms bath Dürkheim as district town.

Bath Dürkheim has a district court, which to the regional court district Frankenthal and to the OLG - district two-bridges belongs.


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coordinates: 49° 27 ' 35 " N, 8° 10 ' 6 " O


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