Bath Goisern

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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Upper Austria
political district: Gmunden (GM)
surface: 113 km ²
inhabitants: 7.604 (1. January 2004)
Height: 500 m and. NN
postal zip code: 4822
preselection: 06135
geographical situation: 47° 38 ' 32 " northern latitude
13° 37 ' 00 " eastern length
municipality code number: 40702
administration: Market municipality bath Goisern
lower market route 1
4822 bath Goisern
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: OSR Gert Aigmüller (SPÖ)

bath Goisern is a market municipality in upper Austria in the district Gmunden in the salt chamber property with 8.462 inhabitants. The responsible court district is bath Ischl.

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bath Goisern is on 500 m height in the trusting quarter inside salt chamber property. The expansion amounts to from north to south 16.8 km, from west to east 13.6 km. The total area amounts to 112.6 km ². 67.2% of the surface are wooded, 12.4% of the surface agriculturally used.

Local parts of the municipality are: Görb, Goisern, Gschwandt, Herndl, Kogl, lasers, Muth, upper lake, Pöt, Pichlern, Posern, prime mountain, RAM sow, Rehkogl, riders, Riedln, sank Agatha, Sarstein, Solbach, Stambach, Steeg, stone oh, subjugate, Untersee, white brook, meadows, game path, worm stone.

coat of arms

official description of the municipality coat of arms: Divided and halfsplit; above in silver a black, red reinforced and gewaffneter, seeing again Drache; down right in green a golden, diagonally-right wave bar, occupies with two black, also curved, narrow volumes, left three times by silver and red split.


bath Goisern inside salt chamber property is a place with long history. Documentary the place is however only in 13. Century under the designation Gebisharn mentions (in a Passauer arable, around 1325). In the year 1931 Goisern was explained as the therapeutic bath health resort and as the air health resort and raised in the year 1952 to the market. Since 1955 the market municipality leads the designation “bath” before the place name Goisern. Admits is Goisern for the “Goiserer shoe”

the shoe

admits is bath Goisern also for the “Goiserer shoe” to that “grobgnater Schua” (= roughly sewn shoe) is mundartlich also called. It is a mountain shoe of high quality! The “Goiserer shoe” is manufactured only as special preparation and has also prominent customers like for example Arnold Schwarzenegger (governor of California/the USA) and Helmut Kohl (ehem. German Federal Chancellor). The Goiserer specific profile is due to its simplicity and the good probation in practice meanwhile also with a multiplicity of other shoes, particularly with mountain shoes and military footwear.


mayor are OSR Gert Aigmüller of the SPÖ.

inhabitant development

1869 - 3,961 inhabitants

1951 - of 6,183 inhabitants

1991 - 6,949 inhabitants

2001 - of 7,609 inhabitants

2003 - 7,604 inhabitants (31. December 2003)

Source: Statistics Austria

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