Bathe Cooke

bathing Cooke with 2006 Bay the Cycling Classic

bathing Cooke (* 12. October 1978 in Benalla, Australia) is an Australian professional - wheel running drivers.

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driver profile

bathing Cooke is a good Sprinter. Unfortunately it does not have so far however the measure of Allrounder qualities like many of its competitors (e.g. O'Grady, Boonen, Zabel), in order to confirm successes like the profit becoming green of the leotard with the route 2003 lastingly.


Cooke began with 11 years with the cycle racing. It won already 1996 the Australian title in the point driving of the U19, after it had become in the previous year of Australian vice-masters of the U17 on the road. In this time still equally on road and course oriented, he participated for his country in the course Worldcup 1997.

After its crossing in the professional camp stage-wins counted de l' Avenir (2) and the Australian Herald Sun route (5) with the route, whose total valuation it 2002 won, to its first successes. Also during the Australian stage travel route more well-known in Europe down Under could it three stages win, is added stage-wins with the route de Suisse, Midi Libre (ever 1) and the Mediterranean round travel (3).

Bathe Cookes largest successes were its stage-win with the route de France and the profit becoming green of the leotard, which it by a second place with conclusion-grope itself in Paris secured - both in the year 2003.

In the subsequent years he could not tie to these successes. With the route 2004 it did not even create it in the point valuation under the first ten, 2005 it far reduced ninth. Cooke leaves the running universe to the year end. 2006 it becomes for second-class - follow-up team university-pray to start.


  • (2000, 2001) Mercury Cycling team - one home Auctions (MCT) and/or. Mercury - Viatel (MCY)
  • (2002-2005) La Française of the Jeux (since 2003 (FDJ))
  • (starting from 2006) university-pray (follow-up team of

most important professional successes

  • route de France (bathe Cooke took so far four times at the route part, in the years 2002 to 2005)
    • winner becoming green of the leotard of 2003
    • stage winners 2. Stage 2003.
  • other round travels
    • route de l'Avenir: 6. and 10. Stage 2001;
    • Herald Sun route: Total total 2002; Stage winner 3-mal 2000, 2-mal 2002;
    • Route down Under: three stage-wins;
    • Route de Suisse: 9. Stage 2003;
    • Mediterranean round travel: a stage 2003, 2 stages 2004;
    • Midi Libre: first stage 2002.

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