Mamlakat aluminum Bahrain
Kingdom of Bahrain
Flagge Bahrains
Wappen Bahrains
(detail) (detail)
office language Arab
capital Manama (aluminium-Manāma)
system of government constitutional monarchy
king Hamad ibn Isa aluminium Chalifa
prime minister Chalifa ibn Salman aluminium Chalifa
surface 711 km ²
number of inhabitants 688,345 (July 2005)Source:CIA
population density of 968.1 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 12,104 US-$ (2004)
independence from Great Britain to 15. August 1971
currency Bahrain dinar (1 BHD = 1000 Fils = 2.23 Eur (course March 2006))
Time belt UTC +3
national anthem Bahrainuna
national holiday 16. December
Kfz characteristic BRN
Internet TLD .bh
preselection + 973
Lagekarte von Bahrain
Karte von Bahrain

Bahrain (Arab: البحرين aluminum Bahrain) is an island state on an archipelago in Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia. The name Bahrain means “two seas”. The island possesses literally two seas: thatSea, which surround the island, and a sea of groundwater.

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the Arab island state Bahrain consists the Hauptinsel of the same name and the pre-aged islands Muharraq, Sitra, Hawar and Umm Nasan of 33 islands , among them. The Inselgruppe consists mainly of limestone.

The highest mountain thatHauptinsel is with 135 m of the Dschabal ad-Duchan. In the south Sanddünen and salt sumps extend. Only in the north agriculture is possible on a narrow coastal strip. The water comes from artesischen wells and Karstquellen.

The other islands are usuallyrocky and hardly exceed over the sea level.

The largest cities are (conditions 1. January 2005): Manama of 147,074 inhabitants, aluminium-Muharraq of 97,458 inhabitants, acre-Rifa aluminium-Gharbi of 94,344 inhabitants, Madinat Hamad of 65,466 inhabitants and Ali of 55,052 inhabitants.

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under the name Dilmun existed already in the 3. Millenium v. Chr. a flowering culture. At that time the city Qal'at aluminum Bahrain developed. Around 2000 v. Chr. here the trade routes that ran Sumerer and Babylonier to India.
Around 650 v. Chr. conquered the Assyrer the country, and in 4. Jh. the Sassaniden integrated it into the Persian realm. With it a strong Persian immigration was connected. Of 7. Jh. became onthe country of the Arabs and other conquerers controls. The Islam became the prevailing religion. In 13. Jh. the Perser came again into the country and remained (up to a Portuguese Intermezzo 1521 - 1602) until 1783.

1783Bahrain under the guidance of the today still dominant family aluminium Chalifa achieved its Selbstständigkeit. It came 1820 by a protection contract with the British east India company again into dependence; however the British gave internal autonomy and protection from Persian to the countryand osmanischen attacks. Since 1867 Bahrain was British protectorate.

In the year 1932 the BAPCO (Bahrain petroleum company) began with the oil promotion and brought to the country immense prosperity.

15. August 1971 independence

1973 condition and parliamentary elections

1975 suspending the condition and1993 installation

of the advisory meeting (Shura Council) in December 1998

American bomber airplanes of the type B-1 of the Air Force base “sheikh Isa” air raids flew dissolution of the parliament against the Iraq.

March 1999 death of the Emirs sheikh Isa and Übernahme of the office throughSheikh Hamad

14. /15. February 2001 referendum over national Charter

14. February 2002 transformation in Kingdom of Bahrain, reactivation of the condition (with change keyword: democratic reforms). In the course of the reforms a two-chamber parliament was formed, a delegate meeting and an upper house (advisory meeting).Both chambers have in each case 40 members.


81.2 per cent of the population of Bahrain are Muslim. The majority belongs to the Shiite direction Islam. 9 per cent are Christians, 9.8 per cent belong to other faith directions on (above all Hindus). Office language is Arab. The most important immigrant languages are Persian and Urdu, while English is far common as education and commercial language.



on the few agriculturally usable surfaces Datteln become, Zitrusfrüchte and vegetables cultivated. In the cattle breeding cattle, goats and sheep are held. At ever greater importance the fishery economy arrives.


the intensively used oil - and Erdgasvorkommen will be presumably in the year 2015 exhausted.Already today Bahrain undertakes extensive experiments to fish culture in exploited boreholes. Here the region is around Hawar outrider.


until 1986 was Bahrain only with ship and airplane attainable. Since then a road connection exists over the sea afterSaudi Arabia (King Fahd Causeway), which is used annually by up to 3 million vehicles. A further connection to Qatar is planned. The largest airport of the state is international Bahrain air haven.

public expenditures for health,For education and defense

between 1992 and 2000 the portion of the public expenditures for


since 2004 finds in Bahrain formula 1 - running large priceof Bahrain instead of. 2004 won Michael Schumacher with Ferrari.

The Bahrain national soccer team is based on the size of the country very successful football eleven. With the last Asia championship 2004 in China one reached the fourth place after a 2:4 defeatagainst Iran. Before one had failed in the semi-final unfortunately against Japan. The crucial gate to 4:3 fell only in the extension. Nevertheless one could be pleased about a golden Trophäe: A'ala Hubail, star and goal scorer king of the island kickers,Ali Karimi won the golden shoe of the best goal scorer together with the Iranian. It obtained five gates. In the choice to of Asia player of the yearly Karimi it then also still the title snatched away. The second hope carrier of the Bahrainer is A'alas brother Mohamed Hubail. Both will interaction also in the association. The Bahrainer did not know itself qualify for the FIFA - soccer world championship 2006. After in the first play against Usbekistan the kickers from the GUS state 1:0 had won, the play becamebecause of a heavy arbitrator error cancelled (this gave an indirect freistoss instead of a repetition of eleven-meter). To 8. October. 2005 gave it in Taschkent a new setting, which to 1:1 ended. The replay to 12. October. in Manama 0:0 ended itself and thus knew Bahraindue to the more obtained Auswärtstore qualify for two further Playoff plays against Trinidad and Tobago. The first leg is delivered in haven OF Spain, the replay in Bahrain. In the first leg the two crews 1:1 separated undecided, in the replay lost Bahrain 0:1. Becausea gate in the sequel time, inserted it was denied to them immediately protest with the FIFA, which was however by right rejected. With this gate it would have come to an extension.

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Bahrain is the MEZ in the winter 2 hours ahead and in the summer 1 hour ahead.

Of Bahrain forest surface exhibits world-wide the largest proportional increase : 14.9% (between 1990 and 2000).

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coordinates: 26° 4 ′ 3 " n. Break, 50° 33 ′ 4 " o. L.


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