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Baku (Azerbaijani Bakı, Turkishly Bakü, Persian باکو) is the capital of Azerbaijan with 1.116.513 inhabitants in the actual city. 1.850.119 humans live inthe whole city province on a surface of 2,130 square kilometers, which than the Saarland is somewhat smaller (conditions in each case 1. January 2005).

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geographical situation

of map of Azerbaijan with Baku

the city is at the western coast of the Kaspi sea, because of the bank that Abşeron - peninsula.

city arrangement

Baku is divided in eleven districts and 48 municipalities. In addition municipalities on islands and islands on supports, in such a way specified oil rock, count partly 100 kilometers far away from Baku in the Kaspi sea.


the climate is sunny and drying with occasionally arising gale-like hoists.


the virgin tower, part of the old fortification of the city

Baku was mentioned for the first time in writing in the year 885 with establishment of the dynasty that Bagratiden. Archaeologists dated first finds of a settlement however on 8000 v. Chr. The Persian Schirwan Schah Ahistan I. Baku made in 14. Century to its capital.

There are several theories about the origin of the name, the most popular is thoseDerivative of the Persian bath kube and means city of the hoist.

Baku consists of three cities:

The old part of town lies in the center Bakus and is at the same time a fortress. 2000 were explained the quarter within the fortress walls as the world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. The most walls and towers, which were strengthened after Russian conquest 1806, stand since Persian time. The quarter with a labyrinth of close roads and old houses is pittoresk. The palace of the Khane of Schirwan, the Karawansereien, the virgin tower from that is world-famous 11. Century, the baths and the Djuma mosque. The old part of town has dozens of small mosques, often without an indication, it from other buildingsdifferentiates.

The period of promoterism city in the south of the old part of town became after the enormous oil boom the end 19. Century establishes. 1873 came Robert Nobel to Baku. The older brother of Ludvig and Alfred Nobel created the oil company Nobel Brothers petroleum in BakuProducing company. The company became in few years the prominent enterprise on the world market. The oil kings of Baku let themselves be built neogotische and art nouveau palaces of Western European architects.

The oil boom ended after the Russian revolution 1905. Furious workers randaliertenin Baku. After the victory of the Bolsheviks the oil kings were expropriated, the Nobels had to leave Azerbaijan. In the millionaire messuages are today v.a. Art, historical and literature museums accommodated. Some are in addition, in private property and are rented Expatriates. Other onein the times of the revolution 1992/1993 used a pleasant life changed and offers the owner for the dominant Äliyev family.

culture and objects of interest

part of the old fortress

the modern Baku expand outside of the fortress walls. ItsRoads and buildings climb the hills approximately around the bay of Baku up. The city accommodates several universities, universities and theatres.

The martyr cemetery is dedicated to the memory of those, which lost their life in the war with Armenia, butalso those 137 humans, to 19. and 20. January 1990 were killed, when Soviet tanks took the roads of Baku.

Since 1996 a 310 meter high TV tower is in reinforced concrete construction way, the TV tower Azeri in Baku.

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the basis of the economy of Baku is the oil. The existence of the oil is since that 8. Century admits. In 15. Century was inferred the oil for lamps by sources, which stepped to the surface. 1848 foundin Baku the first drilling for oil of the world instead of. The economic exploitation of the oil began 1872 and at the beginning 20. Century were the oil fields of Baku the largest world. They furnished half of world oil production. At the end 20.Century were ashore exhausted the drillings the oil reserves and into the sea were expanded. To 25. May 2005 was taken the Baku Tiflis Ceyhan pipeline in enterprise, at 1,760 kilometers of length the longest and technically aufwändigste pipeline of the world.

Baku is onethe most important centers for the production of equipment for the oil industry. ImZweiten Weltkrieg ging es bei der Schlacht um Stalingrad um die Kontrolle über die Ölfelder von Baku.

partnerships between cities

Baku maintains with the following cities partnerships.

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