Ballycastle (Irish Baile at Chaisleáin) is administrative seat of the district Moyle (English. Moyle district), County Antrim at the north coast of Northern Ireland.

Ballycastle is starting point for trips to the island Rathlin (English. Rathlin Iceland) and to the famous nine valleys of Antrim (English. Glens OF Antrim ').

Ballycastle is appropriate for 55 mi. of Belfast, 27 mi. from Ballymena and 4,000 inhabitants have (2002).

The place is because of the delta of the river Margy (English. Margy River) into the north channel; it has a small yachting port and a 18-Loch golf course in beautiful situation at the sea.


Ballycastle is admits for the best small sausages of Northern Ireland and dulse for dried, salty algae , mentioned.


the Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated 1898 between Ballycastle and Rathlin its new communications technique.

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