Balmoral (shoe)

with the Balmoral (also Balmoral boat and/or. Balmoral boot) concerns it überköchelhohes shoe model in the ring trimming cut for ladies as for gentlemen.

Framework-sewn Balmoral with unusually high point breakup and since seitschnürung (shoe Bertl)
Balmoral with transverse cap from Chevreau, very finely worked (lady model, about in the middle 20. Century, unknown quantity manufacturer)

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the Londoner shoemaker J. S. Resound developed into the 1850er years this shoe model for to the husbands of queen Viktoria, prince Albert. This boot is designated after the Scottish summer seat of the king house, Balmoral Castle. Between the 1860er years and the beginning 20. Century was very in demand this boot model with both sexes in Europe and overseas.


outstanding feature of this boot is the ring trimming cut. Among them one understands a shoe shank around its lower Schaftrand a one-piece two to three and a half centimeter broad upper polishing with a leather tires (in such a way specified struggle-hurry) runs. The Schürung is a closed, which registered also due to at the basis the sheet cut lying thereby the designation sheet cut trimming boot to the model.


of the Balmoral has normally no further put on shank parts. In rare cases one sees additional transverse caps (see second illustration), what robs however its typical seeming from this shoe model.

If the shank visible above the ring trimming part consists of another leather, another material or if another color has, one speaks also of a Einsatzstiefelette. The Schaftschnittart harmony ore magnificently with this lower jaw-similar optics.

Lady models have a somewhat more swung and higher paragraph, as well as frequently a verzierte catch lax edge.


Balmorals or Einsatzstiefeletten are to be seen quite rare. They are required a quite extravagante however extremely elegant footwear particularly with male carriers for a certain Charisma, in order not to work mismatching.

In the USA the term Balmoral elegant shoes with sheet cut are named.


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In the model chapter beside the Balmoral and the Einsatzstiefelette also the ring trimming shoe is presented, which corresponds to the Balmoral however a Halbschuh is.

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