Balthasar Ferdinand Moll

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Balthasar Ferdinand Moll (* 4. January 1717 in Innsbruck; † 3. March 1785 in Vienna) was a Austrian sculptor.

It originated from animal oilers a sculptor family and received its training from its father Nikolaus. Starting from 1738 on the academy proven, he was 1751 there - 1765 professor.

At the yard Maria Theresias it was inserted mainly for the production by representation articles such as splendor balancing or splendor carriage. Moll created also numerous Rococo - splendor sarkophage for the having citizens ruler family, which dock-suppl.-calls in the Viennese Kapuzinerklosters was buried. Its first work on behalf of empress Maria Theresia was 1748 the Prunksarkophag for the ore duchess Karoline.

From it also rider statues Josephs II. come. (1778, in Laxenburg) and its nephew Franz II. (1781, in the castle garden) as well as the field marshal Joseph Wenzel prince Liechtenstein. Also a marble fixed image emperor Franz' II. in the Austrian gallery (lock Belvedere) one attributes to him.

Its actual Hauptwerk is however the Doppelsarkophag for Maria Theresia and emperor Franz I. Stephan in the Kapuzinergruft from the year 1754. It is long and three meters wide over two meters. On the Seitten it is equipped with reliefs, which show scenes from the life of the pair of rulers: the introduction in Florenz as Grand Duke of the Toskana and the introduction for coronation/culmination in Frankfurt for Franz Stephan as well as the coronation/culmination to the king of Böhmen in Prague and the coronation/culmination ride in press castle for Maria Theresia. On the Sarkophag sit two life-large figures of the pair of rulers, which are each other turned; behind them a Putto holds a star ring over it. At the four corners of the Sarkophages mourning geniuses with crowns and coats of arms of their most important ruler titles sit: Holy Roman realm, Hungary, Böhmen and Jerusalem.

The same time also the Sarkophage of emperor Karl became VI., his Mrs. empress Elisabeth Christine and emperor emperor Joseph I. from it transforms. Is show mainly scenes of the Spanish of succession war.


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