Baltimore (the USA) is the largest city in the US Federal State Maryland. It has 636,251 inhabitants (conditions: 1.Juli 2004) and is one of the most important seas port in the United States.

In Baltimore are the house and grave of the writer Edgar Allan Poe. Baltimoreboth the place of birth of the famous baseball player is Babe Ruth and the inspiration place for the American national anthem. In the city there are many historical buildings and country-wide admitted monuments. Baltimore covers numerous further training facilities and the Lillie Carroll Jackson beside two large universities - museum.

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site plan of Baltimore around 1888

1729 was created the city and after barons Baltimore, the British founders of the Maryland colony,designated. At first the city had been put on as port for the tobacco trade. Rapidly it developed then to a commercial centre with Europe and the Karibik. When Philadelphia was occupied of the British 1777, the congress of continental in Baltimore met. In the British-American war of 1812 undertookthe British the attempt to switch off those from Baltimore from acting Freibeuter. The battle resulting from it in the year 1814, which took place at away the McHenry, inspired Francis Scott key to write the American national anthem The star Spangled banner.

1827 became the first railway line of the USA, the Baltimore& Ohio Railroad in Baltimore opens.

By this good connection into the middle west and by the mechanism of a regular steam shipping connection north Germans of the Lloyds from Bremerhaven to Baltimore the port developed to the second largest immigration port of the USA to New York.

1886 developed the GermanImmigrant Ottmar Mergenthaler here the linotype - typesetting machine.

1904 was eingeäschert with a large fire far parts of the city; humans died. The damage to property amounted to approximately 50 million dollar.

economics and education

the heavy industry are present since 1897, when the Sparrows POINT steel plant opensbecame. By the two world wars the industry increased further considerably, particularly by steel plants and oil refineries. Been because of the Chesapeake Bay, the city is one of the largest seas port of the USA, traffic center between Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and maintains the Baltimore Washington internationally air haven (BWI).Baltimore is among other things seat of Procter & Gamble and many other companies from the health and beauty industry as well as the medical-pharmaceutical range. Likewise many research establishments, both from the economy and national laboratories , have their seat into and around Baltimore.

Baltimore is an importantIndustrie and commercial centre in the USA. Gainful occupation is aligned, special to research and development to Pharmazeutik, medical need and medical services. Except private laboratories the city accommodates 61 research labs on state level. The city Baltimore has about 636,000 inhabitants (estimation 2004), the Metropolregion Washington, D.C.- Baltimore has about 7.6 million inhabitant (census 2000).

The world-well-known, particularly John Hopkins university outstanding in the medicine is in Baltimore.


most strongly safe-keeping draw has present problems of Baltimore, to fight to drug dependence and exodus from the cities under the US-American large cities with poverty. Someinternal quarters give, as in many cities of the east coast, a schauriges certification urbanen to Niederganges. Thus Baltimore lies also with the crime rate in inglorious leading position with among other things scarcely 300 Tötungsdelikten per year (see [1]).

This problem is many US-American viewers by the series„Homicide “and „The Wire “trusts.


Baltimore is the homeland of the NFL - team Baltimore Ravens. In addition Camden yard plays the MLB - team Baltimore Orioles [work on

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