grey goose - they have a very complex Balz, also the generation of pairs and the pair co-operation serve

Balz are the name for mating-play with animals, thus for the whole of all behaviors forwards and partly also after the Begattung. In the transferred sense that becomesTerm also on humans applied, i.e. to tendernesses and other behaviors, which serve to cause concerted sexual intercourse.

With durably few-forming kinds behavior researchers use the term Balz occasionally in a strongly extended sense also for behaviors, which the Begattung does not precede directly, but asElements for the promotion of the pair co-operation or the generation of pairs to be interpreted.

Balzen one calls an attracting of sex partners of a certain animal with a LOCK call, which is used of hunters as seal among hunters also.

Balztracht with the Pfau

many animals have also a special Balztracht, i.e. Body decoration particularly to the Balzen is used. At the same time it in addition, a form of the Warntracht are frequent. Examples: Birds get special feathers/springs, some scrapper-cleanings discolour.

origin of the term

original designated since that 14. Century well-known word Balzabove all mating-play from Birkhuhn and wood grouse. Later the term was used huntable birds the far over larger, outside, thus for example also for the Sexualverhalten of fish.

The etymologische derivation of the term Balz is so far not clearly clarified. In specialized books becomes howeverreferred to a common origin with the verb pins (= pound, knock, strike), which in the Scandinavian languages today mundartlich as baltra (Norway) and bulta (Sweden) in the sense of itself roll, forward storm are provable.

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