the word Bambi (of Italian: bambino = „small child “) designates

  • in the music:
    • a Song of Prince on its album Prince from the year 1979.
    • as DO the Bambi an album citizens of Berlin of the Independent Musikduos Stereo total.
    • as The Bambi of mole gate 1995 created Croatian Surfrock - volume.
  • medium-spreading:
    • a medium price of stroke ore Burda Media, see Bambi (honor) with
      • tributes tons of Bambi, a charity meeting the eve of the Bambi award to favour of distressed children.
    • a traditional since 1965 existing program cinema in Duesseldorf, see to Bambi (cinema)
    • as Hunting for Bambi urban legend over alleged Paintball - hunts for naked young women in the wildernessVegas read; presumed a Hoax as graduation action for a Trash Videofilmreihe of the same name.
  • as name
    • for persons/roles:
      • as “Bambi” Bembenek a famous ex police woman and a condemned Mörderin occasional into the 1980er years, who became in the USA the people heroine (“run, Bambi, run! ”).
      • as “steel Bambi” pointed name of the SpanishPrime Minister Zapatero.
      • as “stalinistisches Bambi” a pointed name for Che Guevara.
    • for products:
      • as Bambi Jeans a designer Jeans of the mark Tom Tailor manufactured from cause tributes tons of Bambi in limited number of items.
      • a toy Rehkitz from Plüsch of the mark Steiff.
      • one in thatRepublic of Serbia resident well-known mark for cookies and pastry.
      • a tractor of the company Urus, see Bambi type C10.
      • a refreshment beverage in the Hungary and of the 60's 50's: Bambi (refreshment beverage)
  • in biology:
    • “The Bambi” handling-spoke frequently as synonym for” Rehkitz “is used.
    • as Bambiraptor because of its small size dinosaurs designated one in such a way.
  • as metaphor:
    • as „Bambi effect “or „Bambi syndrome “strictly speaking the emotional effect above all grossäugiger young animals on humans; from Tierschützern and hunt proponents differently in each case evaluates and uses. In the broader sense an appropriateEffect of babies and infants, see also (Kindchenschema), also from adults of both kinds of sex with particularly large “rolling eyes” and/or. “Deer eyes”. Ironically also for young and no longer completely so young women, who will not arise want.

“Bambi” becomes also again and again gladly as product nameor motive for baby and child articles such as winding ashes, tricycles, hammocks, swings and jacks, drinking bottles, child clothing and - table-ware, bedlinen, towels etc. used. It is one of the most frequent and most popular motives for infant at all.

This side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several with the sameWord of designated terms.

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