volume (v. althochdt.: , too „binds “) is table of contents


the volume - to Plural „volumes “

the volume - Plural „gang “

see in addition phonetically directly (dark in each case A):

the gang, Plural the gangs (delimitation with the Billard)

phonetic see in additiondifferently (bright in each case A):

the gang (group), Plural the gangs

that volume - to Plural „volumes “

  • an individual book of a larger printing element from several books, see volume (book)

from the English „bound “- Plural „volume “

  • a small group (30-50 persons) of North American Indians
  • a group of musicians, those preferably Popmusik, skirt music, jazz etc. make music, see volume (music)
Wiktionary: Volume - word origin, synonyms and translations
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several with the same worddesignated terms.

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