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Wahlspruch: Pride and Industry
(English for „pride and diligence “)

office language English
capital Bridgetown
system of government constitutional monarchy
system of government parliamentary democracy
head of state queen Elizabeth II.
Governor Clifford Straughn Husbands
prime minister Owen Seymour Arthur
Surface 430 km ²
number of inhabitants 278,289 (conditions July 2004)
population density of 647 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 9,979 US-$ (2004)
independence from Great Britain to 30. November 1966
currency Barbados dollar
time belt UTC -4
national anthem in Plenty and in Time OF Need
Kfz characteristic BDS
Internet TLD .bb
preselection + 1,246
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Barbados is convenient an independent state in the Commonwealth and easternmost island of the westIndian islands, east of Saint Vincent. Barbados belongs to hoist to the subrange of the southern islands over that. The island is 34 kilometers longand maximally 23 kilometers wide, with a total area of 430 square kilometers.

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Barbados is the easternmost island (mentioned as above already) of the island chain of the small Antilleses between the Atlantic and the Karibik, whereby the Karibik is a Nebenmeer of the Atlantiks.

Barbados possesses flat of coastal ranges with beautiful in the south and the westSand beaches, in the north and the east there is Steilküsten, the inside of the island is flatwavy hill country. The highest collection is with 340 meters of the Mount Hillaby. The surface of the island is formed by Korallenablagerungen on sedimentary rocks, therefore it gives on Barbadosalso no superficial mineral occurrences, whereby sedimentary rocks can have also mineral components. Barbados does not have natural deep-water ports and is nearly completely surrounded by corral reefs.

The largest cities are (conditions 1. January 2005): Bridgetown of 7,035 inhabitants, Speightstown of 3,634 inhabitants and Oistins of 2,285 inhabitants.

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about 92 per cent of the population are black ones; the remaining white one and Mulatten. The child number of deaths is with eleven dead ones on thousand births. The life expectancy is at 76.4 years, andthe Alphabetisierungsgrad is about 97,6%.

Most Bajans belongs to Protestant churches on (above all Anglikaner 40%, Pfingstler 8%, Methodist 7% among other things). Besides there are to catholic (4-5%), Jew and Muslims. Approx. 1% belong to the religious community of the witnesses Jehovas.


the before-European inhabitants of Barbados were Arawak and Kariben. With beginning of the European settlement they had however already become extinct. Why, is not clearly.

1625 took over England and/or. Great Britain the island of the Portuguese. Until 1962it remained thereafter in British possession.1627 began the settlement of at this time deserted island by English sugar tubing farmers. Barbados' economics remained until far in 20. Century strongly dependent on the sugars - , Rum - and syrup production.

Barbados lookson a long parliamentary history back. It has the third-oldest parliament in the Commonwealth (after Westminster and Bermuda). 1639 were already furnished with the House OF Burgesses the first parliament. After conflicts with Great Britain the rights of the parliament became andthose the citizen laid down by Barbados 1652 in „the Charter OF Barbados, or Articles OF Agreement “. This constitutional charter guaranteed among other things the freedom of religion, right nationalness, property and large parliamentary rights and independence.

In the beginnings only for the English owners of plan day the validRight one became after the full Sklavenemanzipation 1838 up to independence to 30. November 1966 expanded since the black population majority. From 1958 to 1962 of Barbados was a province of the westIndian federation.

After independence of Barbados developed one intoparliamentary democracy, which is aware of its history and traditions.


Barbados have a two-chamber parliament (House OF assembly and a senate).

Today the policy becomes essentially by the two large parties, Barbados labourParty (BLP) and the Democratic labour party (DLP) determine.

National holiday is the 30. November.

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economics and infrastructure

beach on Barbados

into the 1990er yearsthe tourism industry and the handicraft production of the sugar industry ran off its economical rank.

The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounts to according to data of the cent ral bank OF Barbados 9,260 US Dollar (conditions: 2000).

Airport: Grantley Adam internationally air haven (IATA - airport code: BGI)

Because of the increasing tourism the service range increases strongly. An important industry remains however for centuries production by Zuckerrohr with the by-products molasses and Rum.


supercannon of Gerald bulletin

with 13.0670 northern latitude and 59.4830western length was toward end of the 60's the attempt cannon of Gerald bulletin (HARP Gun), which could fire their projectiles at values of over 100 kilometers.

starting point of research rockets

between 1963 and 1968 became from Barbadossome elevator research rockets of the types Nike Apache, Arcas and Nike Cajun started.

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coordinates: 13° 12 ′ N, 59° 35 ′ W


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