Barbara honey man

Barbara honey man (* 12. February 1949 in Berlin) is a German authoress and painter.

Barbara honey man is the daughter of GermanJewish emigrants, who survived the third realm in the British exile and 1947 to east Berlin came, over at the structure new Germanyto help. Her father George honey man originally originated from Frankfurt A.M. and decided due to his communist conviction to changing into the Soviet zone of occupation. In east Berlin he was editor-in-chief of the “citizens of Berlin newspaper “and led the Kabarettthe thistle “. In the English exileit had the nut/mother of honey man, the Lizzy Kohl man originating from Vienna knows learned and married, which had been married in first marriage with the double agent Kim Philby.

After its Abitur it studied theatre science starting from 1967 at the Humboldt university in east Berlin. This study closed itoff 1972. In the following years she as Dramaturgin and rain eating urine in Brandenburg and at the people stage and on the German theatre in east Berlin worked. Since 1975 she is a free authoress. 1984 took place the departure from the GDR; since then the authoress lives,also as a painter is active, with its man and two sons in Strasbourg.

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Barbara honey man, whose works argue with the own GermanJewish identity, received the following honors:

of works

your works one takes into account German Jews to the so-called second generation of the survivors, to also the authors such as Maxim Biller, Rafael blessed man, Esther Dischereit and Robert Schindel belong.


  • Lew Ustinow: The wood railway, Berlin 1979 (together with Nelly Drechsler)
  • Anna Achmatowa: Before the windows frost, Berlin 1988 (together with Fritz Mierau)

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  • Barbara honey man, pictures, Munich 1992
  • BarbaraHoney man, thirteen pictures and one day, Munich 1997
  • Barbara honey man, of names and collections, Munich 2002

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