Bar bed (Trapezkünstler)

bar bed (eigentl. Vander Clyde) (* 19. December 1904 in Round skirt, Texas, the USA; † 5. August 1973 in Austin, Texas, the USA) was an US-American Trapezkünstler in the circus. Already as dte rodents it attached a circus and learned themselves the art of the Trapezartistik and the wire rope act. As a girl disguised it appeared together with another girl than “twin pair”. After the death of the Partnerin it continued as Travestie - solo act. Center of the 1920er years came he to Europe and had also here extraordinary success. It was friendly with Jean Cocteau, to who it an essay dedicated. In this time developed numerous photos, which the photographer Man Ray of it made. Into the 1930er years fell he heavily of high-hurry and turned back into the USA. The injuries led to the fact that it terminated 1938 its career as kindist.


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