Barfußlaufen in der Natur.
barefoot running in nature.

Barefoot means without footwear, thus without shoes and socks its.

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in the course of the evolution of humans developed the feet a special form, those thatupright course makes possible. They differ therefore clearly from the grab hands at the legs of the anthropoids. The feet are an adjustment to going on the different undergrounds of nature. Shoes were originally developed as protection from injuries in hard-to-travel area and from cold weather. Therethe production was aufwändig, it used only if this were necessary, otherwise went one barefoot. Since above all the soldiers needed boots, became barefoot going to a symbol of the peace and to a gesture of the humility before God, which is in most religions.Unter Napoleon Bonaparte a guerrear usted es üblich, dass que el barfuß de Soldaten de la jábega en el dado Hauptstadt einmarschierten el nach del sie del wenn al einer siegreichen Schlacht zurückkehrten, DES Friedens del símbolo de los als. However there were also time and social classes in those forbidden was barefoot to be run, like for example at the yard ofVersailles, since this was considered as unfein and was verpönt.

In the today's affluent societies running without shoes uncommonly, in some areas of life is almost verpönt. On the other hand there are good, in particular health reasons, to which everyone should go regularly barefoot. Since for this different initiatives use themselves, seizealso the media this topic up. To go with naked feet today many humans their life want to keep the innate ability long.

barefoot running as a sign of personal liberty

Zehenringe aus der breiten Palette des Fußschmucks.
of toe rings from the broad pallet of the foot decoration.

Many humans have completely simply fun toBarefoot-run and feel it as a delightful adventure - on the one hand it is unbeengt (“free feet”), on the other hand one is “native” it (direct contact with the earth). One can find the entrance easy in one of the again-created barefoot parks. But also elsewhere itself many humans want “on free foot”probably. One does this simply, if one liked, and expresses with the fact that one does not sacrifice its liberty the dictation of with difficulty begründbaren prejudices and conventions.

Barefoot-run seems at least in Germany after a boom in the 1970er and 1980er years still again socially acceptedto become. Most humans show up tolerantly, even if them the fun at the barefoot going not personally to reconstruct to be able. After experiences of barefoot runners there are predominantly positive remarks on its Barfüssigkeit, which possibly also to present flip-flops - trend lies. Also outside of dwelling, Garden and sand beach can one today freely decide whether one would like to be with or without footwear on the way. This liberty is revalued also by the fact that a broad pallet at foot decoration is available: Toe rings, Henna - Paintings, Nail kind and Anklets (dt. Foot chain) at the foot joint.

barefoot running as nature welfare method

many Lebensreformer -- the most popular was Sebastian Kneipp -- the barefoot running as important element of the health care recommended. A substantial aspect is the Abhärtungseffekt, one becomes insensitive to colds and experiences a stabilization of the cycle, if one regularly barefooton wet soils, in the water (water-step) on rope-fresh meadows (rope-step) or snow (snow-go) goes. This can be supplemented meaningfully by foot gymnastic plays.

The barefoot going for the back health is particularly valuable. When going feet and spinal column represent a functional unit.Here one works through-trained foot musculature by regular barefoot running as shock absorber, which benefits the volume disks very. In the refinement of the course of motion feet and spinal column co-ordinate themselves automatically. Therefore itself painful eddy blockades can by the intensive movement of the feet when barefoot going on varied soilsolve. It is therefore unhealthy to limit the toe mobility by continuous shoe stretchers. Turned around impairments of the body (body malfunctionings, spannings etc.) at the sole noticeably. By Fussreflexzonenmassage or barefoot running the restriction can be therapieren well.

Also when barefoot running on natural ways the foot reflex zones are activated. which itself upthe function of the organs positively affects. Beside the foot musculature also the calf musculature is developed and strengthened by the barefoot running. Therefore barefoot walks in connection with Kneippanwendungen are used for the treatment by Venenleiden like for example cramp veins. Furthermore alone a smooth develops when the barefoot runningand joint-careful pace, with which above all the front foot is active (the bundle course in such a way specified contrary to the Fersengang). Fersengang in little absorbed shoes can lead to joint damage (knee joint , hip joint , back). Further health advantages are the avoidance of welding feet and foot mushroom. The latter can spread in the humid climate of shoes, not however at the bare foot. Also by strengthening and unhindered movement some foot damage is avoided like for example lowering feet, flatfeet or the Hallux valgus, which can be corrected often only operationally.

barefoot running as leisure activity

barefoot going on different natural documents such as grass, earth, sand, crust, pebbles and mud energizes heart cycle the system. The immune system is strengthened and the direct connection of the soles with the nature soil can on the well-beingrelaxing work, as well as a better feeling and consciousness to nature promote.

the first steps

Das Staßenpflaster unterschiedlicher Temperatur einer Fußgängerzone kann reizvolle  Eindrücke vermitteln.
the Stassenpflaster of different temperature of a pedestrian precinct can delightful impressions obtain.

Most simply barefoot running is trained already in earliest childhood, when running learning. Nearly all children and aboutThirds of the adults run gladly barefoot. They feel it as enriching sense experience and a beautiful possibility of the relaxation and the stress dismantling.

In each age the entrance is possible. Beginners should begin first with daily walks on lawns or sand in the warm season. Soabout one beach vacation or a Watt migration is an ideal entrance. Already after short time it is possible to put fatigue-free long distances back and to master also more unpleasant undergrounds such as crushed stones or gravel. Even in the pedestrian precinct of a city a barfüssiger walk over pavements of different temperatures can delightful impressions mediate.

Also different kinds of sport, like Beachvolleyball, Beachsoccer, Beachhandball, Beachminton or Jokeiba offer themselves.

barefoot moving

barefoot moving is for some years as a possibility of nature-connected leisure activities in the discussion.

The problem consists today of the fact that we our life to a large extenton traffic surfaces, thus on bitumen - and Schotterbelägen spend, which are hard and dirty and which do not let pleasant sides of the barefoot running come to carrying. In addition asphaltic surfacings can become very hot, if they are exposed in the summer to direct exposure to the sun. Therefore the interest increasesadept guidance by localwell-informed people, which know nature-left and for the fun paths suitable at the barefoot running.

Favorably to the barefoot moving nature-left ways in forest and meadows as well as flexible linings are, for example Rindenmulch. Also in the mountains there are barefoot-suited areas, very stony and steep mountains might for most with the descent however among it do not rank in particular. There are also specialists, who climb in rock barefoot.

educational value of barefoot activities

the development of the children in physical like mental regard profits from the conscious sensory perception as also from mobility trainingwhen barefoot going. Well to observe is an increase of the movement joy, if children may run barefoot. Barefoot moving days or trips to barefoot parks are in the best way suitable, in order to motivate groups (each age) for running in nature, this are also a good beginning for the environmental education. A positiveEffect on social learning consists of the fact that the participants in the consciousness of a certain in the long runness hold much more strongly and together-helped together, in order to master the altogether harmless hurdles of the barefoot trip.

barefoot running as tourism attraction

because not everyone the varied Parcours for fun and healthdirectly before the strike-stubborn has, enjoys for some years an increasing number of barefoot paths and barefoot parks of broad popularity. These mechanisms are maintained particularly for varied barefoot moving and offer apart from nature soil ways and feeling straining with various materials also experience attractions such as brook crossings, Kneippanlagen, balancing and play act ions to offer.With some these projects it is proven that they caused clear increases in sales in the tourism. With meaningful additions such as nature experience and water playgrounds, stations for sensory perception and nature observation, wild plant gardens and stroking enclosures correct topic moving ways for a barfüssiges nature experience can be arranged, like for example the witch water with target in Tirol.

safety references and care

the described effects for the mental and physical relaxations occur, if one runs regularly barefoot. One should consider the following references.


  • with the naked foot put on perpendicular always/unreel and not over thatSoil to schlürfen leave! Rather and lift the feet load the front foot as the heels rather more highly, in order not to hurt the toes at unevenness.
  • Always have an eye on the ahead-lying way, in order to recognize obstacles in time.
  • Varied and natural soils should opposite bitumen, concrete and plasters to be preferred. In the city the main danger goes from fine fragments of glass , which are not to be seen easy always. However also meadows have their dangers: in drying lawns thistles can grow, and where (in particular clover) , threaten bee passes flower to flowers. Thus one goesbest with open eyes by nature!
  • Small one thorns, fragments of glass etc. should be removed as soon as possible. It is advisable to carry on migrations tweezers forward. Also spraying disinfection and spraying as well as Heftpflaster should not be missing.
  • Generally one should have refurbished a Tetanus - an inoculation,in order to be protected from Wundstarrkrampf.
  • With longer beach migrations one should run at the Flutsaum. The soft and flexible sand can strain the foot musculature. With Watt migrations the sand or mixing Watt should be preferred. Going in the deep mud flat is rather suitable for trained sportsmen.
  • Into that There are road traffic regulations of many countries no clear regulations whether barefoot drive car is permitted. The General German Automobile Association points out that barefoot drive car as offence against §23 StVO be regarded can, the ability for safe leading of a KFZ required. An offence can with penaltyby 50 € to be occupied. In addition no or unsuitable footwear can lead to the insurance loss. Ever more driver is nevertheless barefoot to tax in the years starting from 2000, since the popular flip-flops are not suitable for driving.


Die Kneipp-Methode des Schneegehens wird mit angenehm warmen Füßen belohnt.
the Kneipp method of the snow going becomeswith pleasantly warm feet recompences.

It is worthwhile itself to plumb the own Temperaturgrenzen. Who goes much barefoot, it notices that the usual warnings of cold, rheumatism etc. hardly apply. Many can without difficulties also in the one-digit temperature range or up to the freezing point and in the pleased freshly Barefoot go to snow. Is about important to already before energize and begin with warm feet the Blutkreislauf. After the Kneipp' teachings snow going is recommended even as nature welfare method. Erfrierungen can develop, if temperatures affect longer time under 6 degrees Celsius deeper Hautschichten. This becomeshowever with plus degrees hardly happened, so long the body in motion remains. A strong pain stimulus or of the toes makes it necessary for in any case to go again back into the warmth.

There is also a temperature upper limit - in particular in the city orat southern beaches. Specialists say that an excess of 50 degrees Celsius in a skin depth from 0,5 to 1 mm to burns second degree with formation of fire blisters leads. Bitumen can heat itself in the high summer in the sun extremely. Still hotter floors made of metal can become, as they are to be found on ships häufg. On nature soils one will suffer heat damages in our widths against it hardly.

foot care

who much barefoot runs, develops a resistant cornea/callosity to soles. This protects from injuries, however can in particular at the heelsthe skin drying and become cracked. For the foot care cornea/callosity files ( with the consistency purify Sandpapiers) are available in drugstore markets, with which the skin can be smoothed. To the Eincremen of the dry skin portions for example milking fat with dte tree oil is recommended.

After the barefoot going can lukewarm foot bath to be taken (attention Venenleiden!) or water stepping after the Kneipp medicine in up to 25 centimeters deep, cold water.

The street dirt can be removed best under the shower with a brush. Black or erdige soles become clean after a few steps on wet grass.The toes are cleaned best under the shower with a brush. If dirt in the nail creases disturbs, it should not be out-scratched with Nagelscheren or files. The nail bed can be easily hurt thereby. Further a foot bath - better still another stay is recommended ina lake, swimming pool o.a. in that the nail dirt is out-washed by.

if Julia Robert

barefoot , dances Shakira marries prominent ones and advertisement barefoot over the stage or the “barfüssige Diva” Cesaria Evora of the Cape Verdian islands according to the tradition of its homeland noneShoes carries, then by the public with large sympathy one takes up. Thus it lies for many star close to get rid of of the oppressive shoes and to receive the favour of the public barefoot. Also “master of the rings” - director Peter Jackson becomes in all rule without restricting footwearfound. It goes probably gladly barefoot, uses it in addition, in order to make in own thing advertisement.

Barfüssige humans sympathy radiate completely certainly, therefore they are used also gladly as eyecatcher in the advertisement. This does not only apply to vacation, where it being obviousis to be barefoot. Naked feet place also the real estate financing or the life insurance into the connection with concern liberty; the power suppliers make clear thereby that one can heat its home with its assistance comfortably. And with the over-courageous joy of young humans, e.g. barefoot overa railing balances or by puddles runs, can one to each product from the mobile telephone to the washing machine an exciting flair of joy of life lend. The psychology knows for a long time that original-natural its effect does not miss -- and the advertisement uses this completely consistently and brings thoseHumans very gladly barefoot in the picture.


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