Bar-nicely Newman

bar-nicely Newman (* 29. January 1905 in New York; † 4. July 1970) was an American painter. He was a representative of a meditativen expressionism and coined/shaped the Colour Field Painting (colour field painting).

Was born Newman in New York, where itlater also died. Its study took place at the kind Students´ League with Duncan Smith and John Sloan. Newman actively however only starting from 1937 of the painting, 1944 /1945 turned became known it with surreal - kalligrafischen designs. 1948 based bar-nicely Newman togetherwith Marks of Rothko, William Baziotes and Robert MON-ago-wave a school with the name Subjects OF the Artists, at this time painted Newman above all abstract expressionistische pictures.

Its first single exhibition had Newman only 1950, after whom it itself however due to the niederschmetternden criticismsuntil 1958 withdrew, where he submitted again in a retrospective its works to the public. In these works it led the reduction of form and color to the extreme, by showing wide mono chrome canvases, which pulled through occasionally from contrasting lines became. It remained for this style toto its death faithfully, approximately with its last work Midnightblue.

1982 knocked and blue its painting Who's afraid OF talk, yellow into the West-Berliner new national gallery about a visitor. 1997 became its work Cathedra in the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam of a Dutchman alsoa measurer cut.


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