Barney Wilen

Barney Wilen (* 4. March 1937 in Nice; † 25. May 1996 in Paris) was a French composer and saxophonist.

The autodidact Wilen worked among other things with the musicians John Lewis, Roy Haynes and Bud Powell together. With Miles Davis it played the sound TRACK to the Louis Malle - film „elevator to the scaffold “. With this film music he was put down famous, in addition, a little in this category: „Dangerous ones dear shanks “, „Un témoin dans la ville “and George Gruntz' „mental cruelties “are further Filmmusiken with Barney Wilen.

In the 1960er and 1970er years experimented he with large success on the jazz skirt - sector. It developed among other things a LP on MPS with the sound of a motorrace, to which it improvised.

Into the 1980er years withdrew it it into its old homeland after Nice . Its photographs were published partially only in Japan and as LPs expensive pieces of collecting tank became.


  • Tilt Swing (F) LDM30.058 (also appeared as CD)
  • jazz clay/tone (F) J1239 (when CD appeared: Fresh sound (E) FSR-CD 48
  • Barney RCA (F) 430053 (when CD appeared: BMG (F) 74321-454092)
  • jazz sur its Philips (F) P77127L (also appeared as CD: EmArcy (F) 548317-2)
  • Un témoin dans la ville Fontana (F) 660226HR (also appeared as CD: Fontana 832658-2)
  • Car jazz MPS (D) 15164ST
  • French story Alfa jazz (J) ALCR-7 (CD)
  • Miles Davis elevator to the scaffold (various expenditures; among other things of Speakers Corner)

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