Barthélemy Louis Joseph Schérer

Barthélemy Louis Joseph Schérer (* 18. December 1747 in depression with Belfort; † 19. August 1804) was a French revolution general and Kriegsminster of France.


Schérer stepped 1791, to France was returned, into Austrian, then into Dutch war services and captain in a line regiment. it took part in 1793 as a general aide of the general Beauharnais the campaign on the Rhine, 1794 to the division general was carried and received the supreme command over a division of the Sambre and Maasarmee.

Since it conquered several Belgian cities and fought for some advantages over the Austrians, it was entrusted 1795 with the supreme command of the alpine army, exchanged it soon thereafter with that the east Pyrenees army.

After the Basler peace (1795) he transferred on cellar man place the supreme command to Italy, gave him however, there him its inactivity after the victory with Loano (23. and 24. November was made) the reproach, to 23. February 1796 at Bonaparte off.

In July 1797 it received from the board of directors the war Ministry, had however because of its inability 1799 again from it to withdraw and to Jouberts place to Italy was sent again.

But to 26. March with Pastrengo, to 30. with Verona and to 5. April with liking nano struck by the Austrians under Kray and behind the Mincio and Oglio back-pushed, he retired the command at Moreau and withdrew themselves to its Landgut Chauny (Ain), where he to 19. August 1804 died.


wrote works to its justification: “Précis opérations of the militaires de l'armée de l'Italie depuis le 21 ventôse jusqu'au 7 floréal de l'an VII” (Paris 1799).


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