Bartolomeo Borghesi

Bartolomeo count Borghesi (* 11. July 1781 in Savignano sul Rubicone; † 16. April 1860 in San Marino) was an Italian inscription researcher.

Borghesi studied in Ravenna, later in Bologna. 1801 went to Borghesi to Rome and began there a study of the jurisprudence.

To its passion, the Numismatik, provided a scientific canon to Borghesi. Besides it was member of numerous scientific academies of Europe. After death Napoleon III. he took over the task to collect and publish all writings of the regent.

1821 shifted Borghesi its domicile to San Marino and began there with the publication of the Osservazioni numismatiche, a complete work from seventeen decades with 170 articles, which concern themselves with the minting in the Roman republic. This work has a very high meaning in the numismatischen professional world this very day. 1838 were sent Bartolomeo Borghesi as a representative of the Republic of San Marino for the coronation/culmination of the Austrian emperor to Milan.

One its pupil was the Epigraphiker and archaeologist Adolphe Noël of the Vergers.


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