Baschar aluminium-Assad

Baschar aluminium-Assad (Ricardo Stuckert/ABr, 2003)

Baschar Hafiz aluminium-Assad (* 11. September 1965 in Damascus), Arab: بشارالأسد, president (head of state) of Syria is since 2000.

The son of the former president Hafiz aluminium-Assad studied medicine in Damascus and London, specializedon eye medicine. Actually its older brother Basil aluminium-Assad than successors was intended, but this deceased 1994 with a car accident. Assad returned on it to Syria, completed a military career and was diplomatically active. Its uncle, Rifa'at aluminium-Assad, which was until 1998 vice-president, went intoExile.

Briefly after the death of its father to 10. June 2000 was changed the condition and the minimum age for the president was lowered of 40 to 34 years, in order to make its choice possible. To 18. June he was selected from the Ba'ath party to the Secretary-General and presidency candidate.To 10. July 2000 he was selected by referendum with 97,29% of the voices to the president. It became to 17. July swears in.

Assad belongs to the Islamic religious community of the Alewiten (see Nusairier). It is tried an inspired computer user and, the spreading of the Internetsto advance in Syria.

Assad was suspected end of 2005 to be complicated into the murder of the Lebanese ex Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


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