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coat of arms
Wappen von Basel
base data
canton: Basel city
district: (Basel city does not know districts)
BFS NR.: 2701
postal code: 4000
coordinates: 47° 33 ' n. Break.
7° 35 ' o. L.
Height: 260 m and. M.
Surface: 22,75 km ²
inhabitants: 165 ' 786 (31. December 2005)
Karte von Basel

Basel (franz. Bâle, ital. Basilea) is to Zurich and Geneva the third biggest city of Switzerland to three-landhits a corner Switzerland Germany France. It formstogether with the land municipalities Riehen and Bettingen the canton Basel city. Basel divided into small Basel on the right and large Basel with the cathedral Muenster on the left Rhine side. Into the city the earlier fishing village Kleinhüningen is integrated.

Thatactual center of Basel is round the old part of town in large Basel around the market place and the city hall from that 14. Century. With their close roads and lanes the old part of town loads on both sides of the middle Rhine bridge to the Flanieren in. Into the partialfrom the motor traffic released city center the visitors with the Tram arrive.

Basel is center of chemistry - and Pharmaindustrie. So among other things the two Pharmafirmen Novartis and Hoffmann have - La Roche, their head office in Basel. Basel formsa railway junction with one of the largest marshalling yards of Europe in the neighbouring Muttenz. With the freight ports of the region Basel, a connection to the North Sea exists only Switzerland over the Rhine. The airport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg becomes common with thatFrench neighbour operated. It is on French territory, is however attainable by a exterritoriale road from Switzerland. Within the airport area therefore a customs border runs.

Sometimes Basel is called German-language part Romandie. Like these is Basel ratherliberally and Europeanfriendly, meanwhile the remainder of German Switzerland rather conservative and Europeancritically adjusted is. According to also the slogan of Basel tourism: “Basel ticks differently”.

Table of contents

coats of arms

Basler coats of arms with the Basel staff (bishop staff)

the coat of arms of the city Basel as well as the half canton Basel cityto the left (heraldisch right ) an arranged black bent staff on white field is, Basel staff mentioned. Three crossbars interrupt this staff, that becomes downward broader and runs out in three points/teeth. The symbol of the Basel staff is the curved Hirtenstab of the bishops. Supporters are lions, wild men, angels and since that 15. Century also basilisk - those are kites with a Hahnenkopf and a queue tail.



the city lain in the extreme northwest lies tooboth sides of the Rhine. This makes Swiss law a 90°-Biegung, which one calls knee of the Rhine between the Vorhöhen of the black forest and . There the Rhine section high Rhine and it ends begins the upper Rhine. Briefly before this place flows at the lain more highlyto southern Rhine banks burst, which the border forms to the canton Basel landscape, into the high Rhine. On the flatter northern bank, on which the meadow flows into the upper Rhine, large industrial areas expand.

Neighbour municipalities of Basel are beginning - inThe north in the clockwise direction:Because on the Rhine (Germany), Riehen (canton Basel city), Birsfelden, Muttenz, Münchenstein, Reinach, Bottmingen, Binningen, Allschwil (all together in the canton Basel landscape), as well as the elsässischen municipalities Saint Louis and Huningue in France.

Owing to theseSituation became Basel already early the junction of important traffic routes and thus an important commercial centre. The city ranks therefore among the most closely settled areas of Europe and has nevertheless 320 hectars green area and 71 hectars forest.

The city Basel andthe two land municipalities Riehen and Bettingen exhibit 3694 hectars including their water surfaces and are thereby surface-moderately smallest Swiss canton. Considerable differences in height are present nevertheless within this relatively small land piece. One measures the deepest point in the canton Basel city toRhine harbour in Kleinhüningen with 245 m, the cathedral Muenster in the center is appropriate for 270 m over the sea level and the highest collection lies above Bettingen with pc. Chrischona with 522 M. There is also the TV tower pc. Chrischona, the highestBuilding of Switzerland.

View by the Basler Münster of small Basel and the knee of the Rhine. In the center one recognizes the fair tower.


the city Basel has by mediterrane air flowing in from the Burgundi gate extremelymild and sunny climate. Im Jahresdurchschnitt liegt die Temperatur bei 9,4° C. Per year one measures 785 litres per square meter precipitation. In the winter Basel is usually only under thin Schneedecke. Is on the average in Basel because of 30Days in the year snow. The hoist are relatively weak and blow in good weather of the east, with bad of the west.


the city Basel knows no districts or quarters, but is arranged according to residential areas, the so-called accomodation.There are altogether 19 of these accomodation, which distributes itself on the left and on the right the Rhine.

  • The linksrheinischen accomodation: Old part of town (large Basel), suburbs, at the ring, width, pc. Alban, Gundeldingen, brother wood, Bachletten, Gotthelf, Iselin, pc. Johann.
  • The rechtsrheinischen accomodation: Old part of town(Small Basel), Clara, stone, Hirzbrunnen, rose valley, matte house, Klybeck and since 1893 Kleinhüningen.

The two land municipalities Riehen and Bettingen do not belong to the city of Basel.

Basler of accomodation
accomodation hectar accomodation hectar
of old part of town large Basel 37.63 old part of town small Basel of 24.21
suburbs 89,66 Clara 23.66
at the ring 90.98 stone 75.44
width 68.39 Hirzbrunnen 305.32
pc. Alban 294.46 rose valley 64.33
Gundeldingen 123.19 matte house 59.14
brother wood 259.61 Klybeck 91.19
Bachletten 151.39 Kleinhüningen 136.11
Gotthelf 46.62 city Basel 2275.05
Iselin 109.82 Riehen 1086.10
pc. Johann 223,90 Bettingen 222.69
canton Basel city 3583.84


  • inhabitant:
    • Municipality Basel: 165 ' 786 inhabitants (31. December 2005)
    • Canton Basel city: 187 ' 493 inhabitants (31. December 2005)
    • Trinational dye Basel (TAB, with France and Germany): approximately 731 ' 000 inhabitants (2004;Source: TAB)
  • license number (canton Basel city): BS

economic life

multistoried building of the BIZ in Basel. In the foreground Strassburger monument.

Basel comes due to its central situation in Central Europe a particularly important and preferential commercialgeographical meaning. The life and marketing areato three-landhit a corner enclosure over 2, 3 million inhabitant and over 1 million employed person (conditions 2001).

Basel is location and partial head office of many chemical enterprises. Together with the factories in the neighbouring places Basel Swiss-resounds 20% Swiss of the export and gainsa third of the national product. Apart from chemistry likewise the branches of industry of the machine and metal production, textiles and the food and luxuries are settled. To the fact it led the centuries long tradition in the printing and in the paper trade that several publishing houses in Baselare resident.

Since 1917 have itself from Swiss sample fair, a national industrial fair, a European-wide meaning exhibition booth place developed. The fair Basel delivers each year numerous trade fairs and congress, among other things „the kind Basel”, the world-wide most importantFair for contemporary art and the BASELWORLD, the world-wide largest clock and decoration fair.

The strong meaning of Basel is likewise traditionally justified as principal and financial center. Since the late Middle Ages Basel was an important bank place. Apart from many banks and insurancethe bank for international clearing payment ( BIZ) has here its seat carrier. An agency has Swiss central bank (SNB) in Basel.

in Basel residents enterprise

the following important enterprises have their seat in Basel:

publishing trade and media

the establishment of the University of Basel in the year 1460 brought large upswing to the city and also the Druckgewerbe and publishing trade.To the Papiermachern under it as famous came as Petri, Amerbach and Froben over 50 printers . 1468 appeared latin a Bible, which with mobile type characters by Bertold Ruppel one set. 1488 created Petri its publishing house, that today the oldestexisting pressure and publishing house house are (today:Schwabe & CO.). With the most famous all Basler printer, Johann Froben, became after 1500 Basel the prominent publishing house and print location of Europe. Today Basel counts over 15 book publishing houses, under it for example the considerable Birkhäuser publishing house or the science publishing house S. More meagerly.

Media of the city Basel

the Basler newspaper (baz) is the largest daily paper of northwest Switzerland. Besides there is the smaller Basellandschaftliche newspaper, which appears in reading valley. Regional messages appear also into thatFree newspapers 20 minutes and Baslerstab.

Beside the transmission regional journal of the Radiosenders DRS gives it in the region to Basel own Radiosender such as radio basilisk, radio Basel 1 and radio X.

In addition the television stations Telebasel and NW1 serve thoseCity and northwest Switzerland with own programs, which are put on on numerous repetitions however.


Rhine navigation and Rhine harbour Basel

Basler Rhine harbour

since the Middle Ages is Basel important a place of transshipment and handels for the goods trafficbetween the Mediterranean and the North Sea. The travel on the Rhine between Basel and Rotterdam amounts to 832 km and lasts for today's motor ships downhill between 3 and 4 days, uphill about one week. The travel between Basel and Strasbourgby the Rhine side channel one facilitates. By this channel the ships the dangerous currentfast of Istein go around.

The Mannheimer document from the year 1868 ensures the full traffic laws to Switzerland. The Rhine applies up to the middle Rhine bridge in Basel asInternational waters. Approximately 15% of the entire Swiss export are turned over in the Rhine harbours, that are annually about 9 million tons.

Basel possesses altogether four ports, two of it lies on the city of Basel (Rhine harbour Kleinhünigen and pc. Johann). Onthe four ports are involved both cantons Basel city and Basel country.

  1. The rechtsrheinische Rhine harbour Kleinhüningen
  2. the linksrheinische Rhine harbour pc. Johann is the oldest of all four.
  3. The linksrheinische port Birsfelden
  4. the linksrheinische Auhafen Muttenz

see also: Rhine harbours both Basel

traffic inBasel
tariff group northwest Switzerland
Basler of transporting enterprises
station Basel SBB
Basel station of Baden
station Basel SNCF
Basler ferries

railway and aviation

on the city are three remote stations. The station Basel SBB (cent ral station) with the national linesto Zurich, Berne/ Luzern and Delémont and the international lines (Germany Italy). To the same building complex also the French station Basel SNCF ( native of Alsace station) with the lines belongs to Paris / Brussels after Mulhouse -. The station of Baden (Basel bathBF) is in the north of the city and by the German course is operated. Here all courses of and to Germany hold, here begin also the high Rhine distance toward forest hat and the meadow valley course served meanwhile by the Swiss federal courses after Cell in the meadow valley. 2008 are opened the new ICE Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke to Karlsruhe.

Besides the two regional stations Basel sp exist. Johann (at the line Basel SNCF sp. Louis) and pc. Jakob (at the line Basel SBB Muttenz, whereby this station normally onlyof special trains during meetings in the stadium pc. Jakob park is served). In May 2006 the stop is to be opened Basel-three-pointedly at the line Basel Delémont.

The international airport euro air haven is northwest the city in France; it leads a exterritoriale road ofBasel out to the airport. It is the world-wide only binational airport (claimant of Basel and Mulhouse, mash gau shares ) from Freiburg in.


the city Basel is junction of important road connections to Germany and France. From Luzern and/or. Zurich connects the a2 and/or. the A3 German A 5 direction Karlsruhe and French A 35 direction Mulhouse. Five road and railway bridges connect the two parts of Basel by the Rhine. In river direction that is those Black Forest bridge (motorway and railway bridge), the stone bridge, the middle Rhine bridge, the Johanniterbrücke as well as the doppelstöckige three-rose bridge.

In particular in large Basel three road courses in concentric ring form pull through the city. Many roads in the accomodation are arranged in the right-angled Karomuster. ThatTown centre is as far as possible released as pedestrian precinct from the motor traffic.

suburban traffic - Tram, bus and ferries

Basel are in the tariff group northwest Switzerland and in the suburban traffic by the Basler of transporting enterprises and the Basel country transport are opened. Trams and penalty are used.

The suburban traffic system in the Basler city is conceived well, the Tramlinien operates in the six to thirty-minutes pulse (depending upon time of day and distance). The so-called U-Abo (environmental protection Abo) opens all public means of transport of the cantons Basel city, Basel country as well as parts of the cantons Solothurn (District Dorneck Thierstein) and Aargau (Fricktal: Districts Rheinfelden and running castle).

At present a controversy over the abolishment of the trolley buses takes place ; the BVB plans to abolish these and to replace it by natural gas penalty. A people initiative was submitted, so thatin next time the being correct people over it to find can.

To cross one knows the Rhine on the one hand via bridges (see also Basler Rhine bridges) and by ferry (see Basler ferries).


Basel is a human coined/shaped university town. Important one Offers for the higher training:

the call,

Luftaufnahme des Areals der ehemaligen keltischen Siedlung Basel-Gasfabrik
a city of the music and the museums enjoys
Basler Münster während Renovationsarbeiten
art and culture aerial photo
of the former celtic settlement Basel gas works Basler

Münster during renovation work Basler fair tower Tinguely well before the museum in Basel Basel tooits.Paul Sacher created already into the 1930er years the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, which the center of the research and care of old music became. The offer at concerts is extremely rich and high-standing. The Knabenkantorei Basel (KKB) is considered as betterBoy choir of Switzerland. The musical theatre Basel at the fair offers regularly demonstrations and is considered as one of the most modern stages of Europe.

Basel distributed many smaller and larger cinemas in the entire city. The largest accumulation at cinemas is along the stone suburb at the hay balance. Many of the films are shown in the Originalton with sub-title.

Über 30 Museen prägen das Kulturleben in Basel.

In Basel annually one of the art fairs most meaning world-wide, the kind Basel takes place.

Work on []


the archaeological soil research is a kantonale specialized place, which strives for the archaeological inheritance of the canton.


for special earnings/services to the local picture protection received Basel from Swiss preservation of regional tradition in the year 1996 to the Wakkerpreis.

Upthe cathedral Muenster rises the 1019 from the founders emperors Heinrich II. and empress Kunigunde geweihte Basler Münster as monument Roman and gothical architecture in red sandstone.

Basel accommodates many interesting architectural Preziosen. Together with certifications of the early modern trend alsoBuildings by Karl Moser (concrete church pc. Antonius 1925-27), Hans Bernoulli, Hannes Meyer or Hans forge, are in and the 90's 80's buildings of the Basler offices duke & de Meuron, Diener and Diener or Morger and Degelobeen added. Also internationally architect admitted such as Renzo Piano (museum of the Fondation Beyeler) or Donald Judd built in Basel.

The 105 meters high fair tower with 31 floors is the highest utilizable building of Switzerland. It became of the architect partnership Morger& Degelo conceived and between July 2001 and October 2003 builds. The property surface amounts to approximately 1230 square meters the total weight amounts to about 50 ' 000 tons. The highest building of Switzerland is the 250 meters high TV tower on pc. Chrischona with Basel.

Since 1992 stand on the Picassoplatz a sculpture, which was made after the original Picassos in 62-facher enlargement.

See also: Basler well


Basel is considered as one of the European-wide most meaning museum cities. The art museum Basel (largest art museum of Switzerland)stands out thereby as the oldest urban art collection of the world at all. Emphasis of the museum is with artists the Renaissance as well as 19. and 20. Century. Works starting from approximately 1960 are issued in the museum for present art. Further important art collections are underother one the Tinguely museum Basel and the private Fondation Beyeler, which shows in a house pictures and plastics above all the classical modern trend sketched by Renzo Piano. The looking camp was opened 2003 and is from the concept a mixture betweenpublic museum, conservatoire and Kunstforschungsinstitut.

Worth seeing are also the other museums, as for instance the antique museum, the museum of architecture, the nature-historical museum and the museum for people customer. Besides there is a multiplicity of smaller collections and museums, as for example the anatomical collectionthe university, which is to be seen in the anatomical museum, the pharmacy-historical museum, the Jewish museum (grain house lane) or the toy museum as well as the doll museum at the Barfüsserplatz. On German side in because on the Rhine nearby the border is in addition from francO. Gehry sketched Vitra Design museum. Tap for all Basel visitors: Urban museums grant free entrance on first Sunday in the month.

See also: The list of the Basler museums

theatres and music

Basel has an abundance of musical offerslike hardly another city in Switzerland. The Sinfonieorchester Basel belongs to the more renowned orchestras of Europe. Besides in recent time some specialized orchestras made themselves a name like Capricio, and the ensemble Phoenix or the chamber orchestra Basel,with Christopher the Hogwood a reputierten first guest conductor has. Also the many choirs stand for an outstanding choir culture in Basel. Admits is above all the Basler singing association and the Knabenkantorei Basel (KKB). Every three years that finds to European Jugendchorfestival(EJCF) instead of. As pouring width units multi-section theatre of the German-language theatre landscape did the theatre Basel with much-considered modern play productions, with dance theatre, opera performances and - premieres out (Macbeth, Zauberflöte, La Traviata). Basel has a music academy with world-well-known subsections how Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and college of music. Also the Paul Sacher donation has its seat in Basel. The Basler music scene brings again and again national and internationally admitted of volume, z out. B. the Lovebugs.

Basler chamfering night

a clique with thatTo Basler chamfering night

see major items: Basler chamfering night

Basel is far beyond its borders admits for its chamfering night. Beginning and at the same time high point of the Basler chamfering night is the Morgestraich, that in the night of Sunday on Monday after ashtray Wednesday overfour o'clock begins. Active ones with the Morgestraich are excluding Trommler, Pfeifer (piccolo player), as well as Vorträbler. The brightly illuminated lanterns, which carry the active Fasnächtler on their head, are completely important. Each clique (chamfering at night company) has besides a large lantern also, on that the Sujet (the topic), which during the chamfering night is out-played, in artistic way one discusses. The lanterns produce a completely special atmosphere, since in the city center during this time no other light burns. Lightning photography is likewise unwanted. To the chamfering night also the kabarettistischen shred banks belong in Basel-German language. Traditional meal to the chamfering night is the flour soup, the Zwiebelwähe as well as the Chäswaie. After 72 hours the Basler ends chamfering night on Thursday mornings at four o'clock.

guest trades

Les Trois Rois

Basel have a multiplicity of historicalpregnant guest enterprises and hotels.

The Les Trois Rois, in large Basel beside the middle bridge directly on the Rhine, is one of the oldest confirmed by a document hotels of Europe (first mention 1681 as hotelThree kings). Numerous personalities of history descended in the Les Trois Rois (Napoléon Bonaparte, Theodor Herzl, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Voltaire, Pablo Picasso, Thomas's man, Mark Chagall, Richard Wagner, The Rolling Stones, u.v.m). The luxury hotel belongs to the prominent hotels inEurope. The klassizistische building from the year 1844 (architect: Amadeus Merian) became from 2004 - 2006 comprehensively reconditioned, reconstruct and extended.

The oldest pub of Basel is the hotel to golden stars, which 1346 mention the first time documentarybecame and since 1412 as one of the 13 gentleman Mr. the guests feeds and drink offered. After a Strassenverbreiterung of the Aeschenvorstadt this economics was broken off in the year 1963 and 10 years later at the today's location in the pc. Alban valley again developed. InThe house a gentle renovation experienced and is since that time years 1992/93 by the owner, the Christoph Merian donation from Basel a well-known Gourmetlokal in the region.

Further historical Basler restaurant is the restaurant Atlantis at the monastery mountain, the hare castle and that Gifthüttli in the Grossbasler old part of town.




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