Basil Lambrou

Basil Lambrou upper supervisor of the Greek state police under the Greek junta (1967 - 1974) and one the most well-known Folterer of the system.

If a nocturnal arrest were intended, it made itself on the way, mostly in company of its assistants Mallios and Karapanagiotis. Or if had been decided to undertake one „travel into the mountains “thus cross-examine in the open air to accomplish, found one the captain Lambrou nevertheless from the early morning on in his office.

Sad admittingness attained also its small speech before several hundred political prisoners. It wanted to arrange thereby the uselessness of their resistance for the arrested ones.

“If you believe that they can do something, make yourselves it if necessary ridiculous.
The world is divided into two halves. There is the communists and the free world.
The Russians and the Americans, nothing else. And which are we? American. Behind me the government stands, behind the government stands NATO, behind NATO stands the USA. To it cannot fight against us, we are Americans. “

In the process of their investigation from the European commission for human rights assigned (in the following „sub-commission “mentioned) policemen wanted and military to listen to, who were most frequently called by the tortured prisoners. Most of them made declarations, which the thing of the Obristen exposed in devastating way: They lost the self-control, insulted the political prisoners, stated the fact that these or that prisoner nothing when a dirty simulator is, that acts on instruction of the communist party and mutilated itself, in order to arouse the appearance that „the honorable Greek policemen are “savage. But in captain Basil Lambrou had the members of this commission another man before itself. Elegantly, politely, smiling, controlling nerves and feelings, eloquent, without using technical terms, he was a perfect actor. It had tried to make one reliable „plausible “explanation: that unvermeindliche errors in the police of each country occur and it white thereby still on „the special circumstances “in Greece.

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