Basilika Saint Denis

gothical cathedral of Saint Denis

the Basilika Saint Denis is a former abbey church in the city Saint Denis north of Paris and the burial place of the French monarchs, who since the end 10. Century almost everything buried lies here. The church has the status of a cathedral since 1966. The 1136 choir begun is considered as the first gothical building of the world.

Already to merowingischer time one built a small memorial place over the grave of the holy one and its companions Rusticus and Eleutherus in the place, to which the holy Dionysius was to have run after its beheading on the Montmartre with its head under the arm after the legend. The favorable situation - been because of the road from Paris to Rouen, with good climate for the agriculture - proved as favourable for the later wealth of the abbey. In the outgoing fifth century is the Schutzheilige of Paris, which holy Genovefa, in the place of the Mausoleums a Basilika in honours of the holy Dionysius to have established.

Often the Merowinger Dagobert I. becomes. around 630 the building of a large church attributed. A new building at present Dagoberts was again-put however in recent time by archaeological investigations.

Beep pin the younger one let a new altar area in order give around 750. Further renovations took place to in 14. Century inside.

Since Hugo Capet accommodates the Basilika the grave marks of most French kings. 1793, during which French revolution, the graves became violated and the mortal remnants under a Tumulus verscharrt. During the restoration they were buried in a Ossarium in the crypt. Viollet le Duc restored the graves and the church.

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the Monument, not buried

buried in Saint Denis

, in Saint Denis, are accessible in two parts of the public:

  • The main ship and the side ships serve further as catholic church,
  • which transverse ship, which choir, which contains choir handling and the crypt the museum, in which the tombs of the rulers of France as well as many of its servants are issued. The museum is closed during the fairs.

in Saint Denis buried rulers

tomb of Ludwig XII. and Anne de Brittany, painting of 1867
Grabmal von Franz I. in Saint-Denis
tomb of Franz I. in Saint Denis

Ludwig the holy one refused the funeral from Inge-borrow from Denmark, the wife Philipp August.

in Saint Denis not buried rulers

further ones into the Basilika buried persons

  • Bertrand you Guesclin
  • Arnaud Guillaume de Barbazan
  • Karl II. of Alençon (in 19. Century umgebettet)
  • NN von Artois (1776-1783), Petite fille de France, Mademoiselle, first daughter of Karl X.
  • NN von Artois (1783-1783), Petite fille de France, Mademoiselle d'Angoulême, second daughter of Karl X.
  • Sophie of France (1786-1787), Fille de France, Madame Sophie, second daughter of Ludwig XVI.
  • Ludwig of France (1781-1789), Dauphin de France, oldest son of Ludwig XVI.
  • The heart of Ludwig of France (1785-1795), Dauphin de France, second son of Ludwig XVI. (Ludwig XVII.)
  • Louise Isabelle d'Artois (1817-1817), tituliert Petite fille de France, Mademoiselle, oldest daughter of Karl Ferdinand of Artois
  • Louis Joseph de Bourbon (1736-1818), Prince de Condé, duc de Bourbon, d'Enghien et de Guise
  • Louis d'Artois (1818-1818), tituliert Petit fils de France, first son of Karl Ferdinand of Artois
  • Karl Ferdinand of Artois (1778-1820), Petit fils de France, duc de Berry, second son of Karl X.
  • Louis Henri Joseph de Bourbon (1756-1830), Prince de Condé, duc de Bourbon, et de Guise [
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