Basilio Pompilj

Basilio cardinal Pompilj (* 16. April 1858 in Spoleto, Italy; † 5. May 1931 in Rome) was a Kurienkardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


Basilio Pompilj studied the fan philosophy and catholic theology in the papal seminar for priests of Rome. It received to 5. December 1888 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe and worked afterwards as Gemeindeseelsorger in the Diözese Rome. Starting from 1891 it was additionally active for the Ratskongregation of the Kurie. it received the appointment as the Apostoli Protonotar to 1899, 1908 appointed it Pope Pius X. to the secretary of the Ratskongregation. To 27. November 1911 was taken up Basilio Pompilj as a cardinal deacon with the Titeldiakonie Santa Maria to Domnica to the Kardinalskollegium. To 5. May 1913 he the Kardinalvikar, Titularerzbischof of Philippi and bishop in Rome were appointed. The Bischofsweihe donated to it at the 11. May of the same yearly cardinal Antonio Agliardi. Basilio Pompilj participated both 1914 and 1922 in the Konklave . In October 1914 he became an ore priest of the Lateranbasilika, in March 1917 became he cardinal bishop von Velletri Segni. As papal Legat represented it the holy father with several ceremonies. Basilio Pompilj died to 5. May 1931 in Rome and was bestattet on the there cemetery „Campo Verano “. 1933 was transferred its Gebeine into the cathedral by Spoleto.


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