Bassas India Bassas

India is an uninhabited atoll there there in the Indian ocean with a surface of 0,2 km 2.

politics and administration

the atoll belong since 1897 to France. Like the remaining Îles of éparsesit since 2005 by the Präfekten and highest manager of the French south and Antarctic areas are administered. Before it it had been administered since 1960 by the Präfekten of the Überseedépartements Réunion, without belonging even to Réunion.

geography and economics

thatAtoll lies with the coordinates
coordinates: 21° 30' S, 39° 50' O
21° 30' S, 39° 50' O in the southern channel of Mozambique. It consists of volcanic rock and is surrounded by reefs, which stand with tide under water.


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