the battalion (consisting of 300 to 1,200 soldiers) is the smallest tactical federation in the military. In it are several companies (at the artillery and army antiaircraft troops: Batteries) of a branch of service, but partially more differently, supplementing equipment to an organically built up troop combines.It is kommandiert under normal conditions by a lieutenant colonel. The tactical indication of the NATO code are two senkrechte of lines.

The superordinate unit of a battalion is today the brigade or the regiment, the subordinated unit the company or battery.

The word “battalion” comes from the Italian word“battaglia” (= battle, battle order); battaglione is called therefore a department set up to the battle. One named this word (franz. battalion) in 15. and 16. Century each independent heap of battle of the foot people without consideration for its strength, that in form of a square arose and therefore in Germany alsoGeviert or heap of force was called. One called an individual infantry company set up in battle order just as well “battalion” like a regiment arranged to the battle. The expression served only for the designation a list for the fight (Quenstedt, Otto: Word and custom in the German army, Hamburg 1976, S. 116). In 17.Century became the term only for half of a regiment foot related, which had set up itself to combat.

At the end 17. Century transferred one the name battalion to a troop body of the infantry built up from several companies; at the beginning 18. Century becameit a constant subdivision of the infantry regiments with fixed strength.

The battalion appropriate structure unit in the artillery in Germany until 1945 usually “department” one called.

Swiss army

in Swiss army becomes with the artillery and Swiss Air Force likewise thatDepartment understood in place of Battaillon used.


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