Battery park

John-Ericsson-Denkmal im Battery Park
John Ericsson-monument in the Battery park
Die von den Anschlägen gezeichnete Skulptur The Sphere
the sculpture The Sphere of the Battery park drawn

by the notices is a park plant on the south point Manhattans.

The port which was because of the Battery park serves as starting point for the ferries after Ellis Iceland, for the liberty statue, after Staten Iceland as well as in the summer also after Governors Iceland.

In the park plant are beside the Castle Clinton still many monuments like the temporary 9/11-Mahnmal The Sphere of Fritz king, the John Ericsson-monument, Netherlands Memorial, the monument of the Dichterin Emma Lazarus, Giovanni there Verrazano monument and the monument of the first Jewish immigrants.

The park has its name of the cannons, which were stationed once here, in order to defend the port. By silting-up and fill the today's coastal line advanced however somewhat. The land fill resulted from the excavation for the 2001 destroyed World trade center.

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coordinates: 40° 42 ′ 10 " N, 74° 0 ′ 57 " W


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