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of civil engineers are concerned on engineer-scientific basis with the conception, planning, production and the enterprise of buildings of the high and foundation engineering (traffic, en and waste disposal system structures). In this connection it is concerned likewise with questions of technical environmental protection, for example noise-technical andPollutant investigations, etc. In the English linguistic area one often speaks therefore of civil and Environmental engineering. Conceive, tarpaulins, calculation, designing, organizing, in addition, administer are its most important activity characteristics. Technical solutions from civil engineers are always on the one hand security (stability, working reliability, adequacy)and on the other hand commits to economy. The occupation of civil engineer is furthest varied under all engineering professions. Usually civil engineers make contentwise or organizational contributions to tasks, which are to be solved only in large organized teams.

The occupation of the civil engineer is howthe architect come out from the occupation of the building master. A civil engineer one becomes by an final higher education either at a professional school or at a technical university university. The graduate the academic degree „engeneering graduate (Dipl. - engineer)” lent with indication of the field and possibly.Indication of the university, e.g. ” Dipl. - engineer (FH) in the civil engineering of the field traffic”. Shortened it calls now engineer or civil engineer and leads themselves for this the academic degree of Dipl. - engineer. The scientific far qualification of the civil engineer as a” doctor of the engineering sciences (Dr. - engineer)” is at oneUniversity and/or. Technical one. University in a graduation procedure possible.

In Austria (in former times also in Switzerland) the title of an engineer of the field building industry becomes also after appropriate training at a higher technical institute (HTL) in form of a “Dipl. - an engineer (HTL) “assign.

The student of the civil engineering must complete a basic study and a recess study of a certain field. Here it can specialize in water management and hydraulic engineering, building enterprise, constructional civil engineering or traffic.

As a civil engineer its operational area is far strewn, for example in that


Civil engineers can become active as employees, self-employed persons and officials:

interdisciplinary fields of work famous ones and important civil engineers down under “category: Civil engineer ".

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