Bavarian Ludwig course

railway monument in Nuremberg

the Bavarian Ludwig course became to 7. December 1835 between Nuremberg and Fürth taken in enterprise. Initiator and founder was the entrepreneur George Zacharias Platner. It became by Ludwig I.promoted and after it designated. The enterprise took place as nationallicensed private railway company by the Ludwig railway company.

The Ludwig course was the first railway in Germany, which a steam locomotive, which eagle used. In addition it was the first German course, which was conceived for the transportation of human beings and in service was accordingly placed.

The distance of the course becameas standard gauge built and 6.0 km were long. The larger part of the railway company was completed however first with horses. The relationship horse to steam enterprise amounted to 3:1. Only in the year 1863 the horse enterprise became, among other things from maintenance (bearing surface for horses) in addition, from speed reasons (brake factorHorses), given up.

The opening of the Ludwig course is generally considered as the birth of the German railway. Already to 30. September 1831 between Hinsbeck at the Ruhr and kidney yard open prince William railway was a horse-pulled load course of a corporation, which was not noticed by the public in the formlike the steam-driven and personcarrying Ludwig course.

The Ludwig railway placed its enterprise to 31. October 1922. After it appeared that the enterprise was not any longer taken up was sold, the operational funds and broken off the tracks. The route became to only mountain ford ago the streetcar the establishment of a motorway lineleased. The course company became only in the 70's 20. Century in the course of the building of the underground liquidates.

The route led from the station in direct proximity of the Plärrers in Nuremberg across the today's ford ago road across the city boundary after Fürth and followed thatat present as Hornschuchpromenade admitted avenue up to the Ludwig station on that ford ago liberty.

It exists also a monument, which stood in former times before the Ludwig station at the Plärrer. With the building of the Nürnberger streetcar it was shifted 1927 to the city boundary between Nuremberg and Fürth. In the year 1981 hadit again the building of the underground soft and was shifted into a green belt between the A73 and the connection point Nürnberg/Fürth. To the deceased Mäzen and well lover briefly Klutentreter is it to be owed that the monument at the U-Bahnhof bear-digs a worthier place in that ford ago road receivedhas.

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