Bavarian state State of

national theatre at the max Joseph place, main play place of the Bavarian state State of

the Bavarian state opera is the largest opera company in Munich. Together with the Bavarian state ballet it offers a repertoire enterprise with nearly 350 operas - and to ballet performances in the year. In the orchestra ditch the Bavarian state orchestra plays.

Main play place is the national theatre at the max Joseph place; History and architecture of the house are described in the article national theatre Munich.

In addition, some conceptions of the Bavarian state opera take place in the prince regent theatre and in the old person residence theatre (Cuvilliés theatre) .

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directors of music

if in the following differently indicated, is not the title of the musical director/conductor of the yard and/or. State opera since 1836 head conductor.


by the royally Bavarian yard opera and the Bavarian state opera were uraufgeführt under other following operas:

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