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The Bavarian broadcast (BR) is an institute of the public right (national broadcasting corporation) for the Free State of Bavaria with seat in Munich.

The BR is member of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

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legal bases

asInstitute of public right requires the Bavarian broadcast a legal basis, in which order for program, program principles and internal organization are fixed. The Bavarian broadcast law, which forms this legal basis, applies since 1948. It was comprehensively amended last 1993 and adapted to the current medium-political needs.

The broadcast law becomessupplemented by the broadcast state contract, which regulates the relationship of public and private broadcast in the binary broadcast system and which contains fundamental regulations particularly for financing.

For the work of the Bavarian broadcast co-operation is just as important in the föderalen group of the pool of broadcasting corporations, the working groupthe public broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany, to which apart from the Bavarian broadcast still eight further national broadcasting corporations and the German wave belong.

The collection is rounded off by the relevant European legal bases as well as the medium service convention, which contain regulations for on-line offer of the Bavarian broadcast.

financingthe Bavarian broadcast

the broadcast fees for radio and television amount to starting from that 1. April 2005 monthly 17.03 euro. Who announces itself only for wireless reception, 5.52 euro pay.

The Bavarian broadcast finances itself to 84 per cent from fees and to 13 per cent from other incomes (e.g.Incomes from concessions, commercial patent rights, etc., incomes from special and financial assets) and to 3 per cent from advertisement.

60 per cent of the broadcast fees flow into the television programs, 28 per cent into the radio broadcasting programs, 8 per cent into the technology and 4 per cent into the administration.


of the BR produced transmissions are among other things:

advertisement in the Bavarian broadcast

on the Bavarian television may, as in all third television programs as well asthe programs ARTE, 3Sat, child channel, Phoenix and BR-alpha at all no advertisement take place.

Transmission Sponsoring applies in this connection not as advertisement and is permissible therefore also outside of the advertising time limit.

Studios of the BR

of the BR maintains beside the main radio house inMunich
coordinates: 48° 08 ' 34 " N 11° 33 ' 13 " O
48° 08 ' 34 " N 11° 33 ' 13 " O and Studios in free man and Unterföhring still another a television and sound broadcasting Studio in Nuremberg (“Studio Franconia”) [1] as well as Studios in peppering castle (“Regionalstudio Main Franconia”) and Regensburg (“Regionalstudio East Bavaria”). In additionthere are Regionalstudios for sound broadcasting in Augsburg, Kempten, Traunstein and Bayreuth.

programs of the BR

of the BR organizes alone or in co-operation with other broadcast and/or. TV organizations at present following television and radio broadcasting programs:


sound broadcasting

over DAB, DVB-S and over Streaming to be radiated:

  • Bavaria Mobil
    • in the first digital traffic transmitter of Germany gives to hear it predominantly music. Besides there is auxiliary information such as music titles, weather, times of departure of the airports. Each full hour becomeMessage and weather sent by Bavaria 3 as well as current Bavaria mobile traffic messages. Transmit mode is from 7.00 to 22,30 o'clock, on seven days per week.
  • The module
    • the module sends music for a recent public. “Non stop” is literally taken: No moderator transmits between them if the computerthe music colors changes. In the morning international hits run, in the evening thanks and Hiphop. Music editors the modules arrange each week again. The “Playlists” is always two hours long, the range of the 20 to 30 titles is enough from the classical author to the newest secrettaps. There are 24 hours non stopMusic in six different modules: of alternative over Hiphop, from thanks to Dub, from the hit to the Chillout module.
    • Development to the youth radio planned the BR is for the moment still the only public institute in the German-speaking countries without own youth wave. After the words of the BR-director Thomas Gruberthe BR wants to now close this gap and radiate a youth radio. Is not yet completely safe, on which frequencies of these transmitters could be radiated. One wants to actually avoid a situation as in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate or Central Germany. There the youth transmitters have only few, weak UKW frequenciesin few cities. Was called it could the surface covering transmitter net original by Bavaria 4 classical period for the youth wave be used. The classical period transmitter would be to be only received then via DAB. Such a step might not have to be interspersed however without large resistance. Meanwhile Gruber in one securedInterview too that those remain Bavaria 4-Frequenzen.
    • “The module” is to be developed now gradually to the full transmitter with presentation. It is radiated for the time being however only in the Internet and via DAB.

“ochestra” of the BR

of the BR has three own ochestras:

transmitting plants

other one remarkable plants

The Bavarian broadcast possesses a wire ropeway for the supply of the transmitting station became green.


director of the BR since 1945
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< /timeline>

1922 became in Munich the “German hour in Bavaria. Society for wireless instruction and maintenance ltd. " based, which to 30. March 1924 with the radiant emittance of their first broadcast transmission the broadcast age in Bavaria rang in. To 2. August 1924the Nebensender Nuremberg took and at the 1. September 1927 the Nebensender Augsburg its enterprise up. To 15. December 1930 was renamed the German hour in Bavaria into “Bavarian broadcast GmbH”.

1934 were forced the Bavarian broadcast GmbH to step the German realm Reich. It belonged now as“Realm transmitter Munich” to the later largeGerman broadcast. To 10. July 1936 was opened the Nebensender Bayreuth.

In postwar Germany US-American crew power 1945 created the transmitter “radio Munich”, to 12. May 1945 its first transmission radiated.

1949 were transferred to “radio Munich” in German hands andas “Bavarian broadcast” a “institute of the public right” for the Land of the Federal Republic Bavaria. In the same year the BR sends its program for the first time over UKW. It was the first UKW transmitter of Europe.

1950 were the BR initial member of the pool of broadcasting corporations, to 5. August in Munich basedbecame. Up to then the BR would send only one radio broadcasting program, later Bavaria 1. In the same year the transmitter with its second radio broadcasting program BR 2 started and/or. Bavaria 2, which would send until 1957 from Nuremberg. 1954 would send the BR for the first time its own regional program forBavaria within the pool of broadcasting corporations program. The Bavarian broadcast until today stands nevertheless in the criticism to radiate centralistic a program aligned to Upper Bavaria and not to consider in particular Franconias appropriately.

1958 took over the journalist Dr. William sand fox the department of church radio BREAK. He built it up toits retirement 1978 ever further out. Under its line the BR for the entire pool of broadcasting corporations transferred the reporting over the Popes to Rome.

1960 would send the BR for the first time regional programs in sound broadcasting for Franconias, old Bavaria and Swabia. The regional programs became 1973 (for East Bavaria) and 1977 (forMain Franconia) extends.

At the 1.Oktober 1979 the introduced round-look (BR) gradually for the flagship of the transmitter one developed and in the years 1991 and 1996 around the formats round-look magazine and round-look expenditure for night extended. Thus the Bavarian broadcast is the only pool of broadcasting corporations transmitter beside mdr, thatthe 20 clock o'clock does not send.

To 22. September 1964 started the BR as the first institute of the pool of broadcasting corporations with the radiant emittance of its own “third television program “, first as “study program”, later Bavarian television, since 1978 the full program is and in the meantime also over satellite inEurope to receive almost completely is. In the same year started at the 1. November the 3. Radio broadcasting program Bavaria 3, first as immigrant worker program, starting from 1. April 1981 however to the service and Popwelle was developed.

To 4. October 1984 started that 4. Radio broadcasting program Bavaria 4 classical period, which was developed one year later to the full program. To all four radio broadcasting programs 1989 the radio data system (RDS) were introduced.

To 22. May 1986 fades out itself the Bavarian broadcast from the current transmission windshield wiper, because the television director did not see “community-compatible elements” therein. This calls Germany-farProtests out.

On the subcarrier of the “Bavarian television” started at the 1. September 1986 the regional videotex - service of the BR under the designation Bavaria text.

As the latter radio broadcasting programs started to 6. May 1991 the message program B 5 up-to-date.

To 7. January 1998 started the BRits television picture channel BR alpha over satellite. Since 1. July of the same yearly the radio broadcasting programs Bavaria 2 radio, Bavaria 4 classical period, Bavaria 3 and B 5 are radiated up-to-date over DAB in the rule enterprise. 2003 became the DAB radiation of Bavaria 2 and Bavaria 3 in favor of the newOffers “the module”, “BR Traffic news”, “BR info.” and “BR Business” adjusted [

work on] criticism


throw for the time being v.a. the Bavarian television exaggerated Heimattümelei, a too conservative basic adjustment and partyness to favour of the CSU forwards. In the past it occurred that the televisionwith certain transmissions (“windshield wipers”) from the pool of broadcasting corporations program separated. Such cases did not occur however for a long time any longer. Unite transmissions as “round-look” cannot one a certain proximity to conservative positions probably not agree upon. On the other hand there are also critical transmissions in the BR as for instance crosswise. With the windshield wiper in the pool of broadcasting corporations it acts in the meantime around a Koproduktion of the BR with the RBB, without thereby the political sharpness would have noticeably reduced.


  • the interval signal of the BR was the motive of the Volkslieds Solang the old personPeter. The melody is the acoustic brand name of the BR and emerges for example still in the traffic Jingle of Bayern3. The named-giving church sank Peter (Munich) in the war heavily one damaged. As long as the church was not yet again developed, the BR always left thatlast clay/tone of the melody away. Only to 28. October 1951, when the church was completely restored, played the BR the interval signal completely. In the original version the song besingt however no residents of Munich church, but the Viennese step Hans cathedral.
  • The BR is the only institute for pool of broadcasting corporations, inthat it a mountain climber editorship gives.
  • The BR is the only public transmitter in the German-speaking countries, which radiate to today no youth program, but only the youth transmission ignition radio in the evening.

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the liveStreams switches itselfafter 35 minutes automatically off, around unused duration liveStreams to caps. Thus it is ensured that also in the future everyone can hear the liveStreams of the Bavarian broadcast at any time, even if after 35 minutes of the Player again must be started.


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