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Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Franconia
circle: Circle-free city
surface: 66.92 km ²
inhabitants: 73.794 (31. December 2005)
Population density: 1,103 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 344 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 95401 -95448
preselection: 0921, 09201 situation geographical
in parts:
Coordinates: 49° 56 ′ 53 " N, 11° 34 ′ 42 " O
49° 56 ′ 53 " N, 11° 34 ′ 42 " O
Kfz characteristics: BT
municipality key: 09 4 62 000
of the city administration:
Luitpoldplatz 13
95444 Bayreuth
E-Mail address:
mayor: Dr. Michael hollow (CSU)

Bayreuth is the largest city in the governmental district Upper Franconia in Bavaria (Germany). It is located at the red Main between the Fichtelgebirge and that Frankish Switzerland. Bayreuth is seat of the government of Upper Franconia, the district Upper Franconia and the district administration office Bayreuth. Bayreuth is world-famous by the annually taking place smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he festivals, which take place in the Festspielhaus on becoming green hill.

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Bayreuth 1194 became as Baierrute in a document of bishop Otto II. from Bamberg mentions for the first time.The syllable “rod” is to be interpreted probably as “Rodung”, while “Baier” refers to immigrants from the bairischen residential area. Already in former times the eingemeindeten localities Seulbitz (1035 as salisches king property Silewize in a document emperor Konrads II.) and pc. were mentioned documentary.Johannis (1149 as Altentrebgast). While Bayreuth was called before villa=Dorf, for the first time the term appeared civitas=Stadt in the year 1231 in a document. City gentlemen were to 1248 the counts von Andechs. After their becoming extinct took over 1260 the castle counts ofNuremberg from the sex of the Hohenzollern the inheritance. First however the Plassenburg was in Kulmbach residence and center of the country. The city developed therefore only slowly and was again and again affected by disasters. 1430 destroyed the Hussiten Bayreuth, 1620the plague raged. In the year 1605 a large city fire destroyed 137 of 251 houses, 1621 followed a further large city fire. Also in the dreissigjährigen war the city had to suffer with difficulty.

A turning point in the urban history was the transfer thatResidence from Kulmbach to Bayreuth in the year 1603 by Mark count Christian, the son of the cure prince of Brandenburg. The 1440-1457 under the Mark count Johann „the Alchymisten “build first Hohenzollernschloss, the forerunner of the today's „old person of lock “often and were converted. Afterit 1655 his grandchild Christian Ernst, who donated and at release from Turks besieged the High School Christian Ernestinum Vienna was involved, followed death Christians. In this time the outside ring of the Stadtmauer was established and the castle church was built.Its successor, the hereditary prince and later Mark count Georg William began 1701 with the plant of the city pc. Georgen at the lake (today's quarters pc. Georgen) with several locks and a home for the elderly, the Gravenreuther pin. it donated the medals of the sincerity to 1705(ordre de la sincérité), which was renamed 1734 in red eagle medals and the medal church left to build, which was completed 1711. Also the first lock in the park of the Eremitage was established in this time (1715-1719). 1716 became in pc. Georgen a fürstliche Fayencemanufaktur furnished. As successors of the 1440 in the center of the market place built city hall acquired the town councillor 1721 the palace of the Baronin Sponheim (today's „old persons the city hall “).

Markgräfliches opera house

a high point of the urban history experienced Bayreuth in the reign (1735-1763) of the pair of Mark counts Friedrich and Wilhelmine, the favourite sister Friedrichs of the large one. In this time numerous representative buildings and plants developed: the Markgräfliche opera house as richly equipped baroque theatre (1744-1748), the transformation and extension of the Eremitage with building of the new Eremitage lock with sun temple(1749-1753), building of the new one (city) - lock with yard garden (1754 FF.), after old persons the lock was burned out, establishment of the Friedrichs academy (1742), which 1743 to the university raised, but because of the rejecting attitude of the population after heavy excesses still in the same year after attainingone shifted. 1763 existed an academy of the free arts and sciences.

The rule of the Hohenzollern over the Principality of Kulmbach Bayreuth lasted up to the year 1806. After the renouncement of the last Mark count Alexander of the Principalities of Ansbach and Bayreuth Karl August took overBaron von Hardenberg the rule for Prussia. During the French occupation from 1806 to 1810 Bayreuth was as province part of the French empire, had high Kriegskontributionen to pay and stood under the administration of the Comte Camille de Tournon, the onedetailed stocktaking of the Principality of at that time Bayreuth wrote. To 30. June 1810 handed over to Bavaria, which had bought it for 15 million francs of Napoleon the French army the former principality to the kingdom. Bayreuth became circle capital of the Bavarian Main circle. 1853 becamethe course LINE Bayreuth new market established at expense the city Bayreuth inaugurated, it 1863 the line followed after pastures, 1879 after Schnabelwaid, 1896 after local railway warm stone oh and 1904 the local railway after Hollfeld.

To 17. April 1870 visited Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner Bayreuth, because it had read from the Markgräflichen opera house, whose large stage seemed suitable for its operas to it. However the orchestra ditch could not seize the large number of musicians for example with „the ring of the Nibelungen “. Therefore carriedit itself with the thought to establish in Bayreuth an own Festspielhaus. The city supported it in its project and put to it a property at the disposal, a vacant surface between station and high one control room, the later „Green hill “. At the same time acquiredWagner a property at the yard garden for the building of its house, „the house Wahnfried “. To 22. May 1872 was put the foundation-stone for the Festspielhaus, to 14. August 1876 was solemnly opened.

In the year 1932 became the governmental districts upper andMiddle Franconia folded up and as seat of the government Ansbach fixed. 1933 became Bayreuth gau capital LV gau „Bavarian ostmark “(starting from 1943 “gau Bayreuth”); first gau leader was Hans Schemm, at the same time realm walter of the LV teacher federation. 1937 took place the connection to the new „realm motorway “.

To5., 8. and 11. April 1945 with heavy air raids many public buildings and industrial plants as well as 4500 dwellings were destroyed, to 741 humans found death. To 14. April occupied the US-Army the city.

After the end of the Second World War Bayreuth belongedto the American zone of occupation. The American military administration arranged a DP-camp a Displaced so for accommodation mentioned person (DP). Most of them originated from the Ukraine. The camp was cared for of the UNRRA.

1949 became Bayreuth again seat thatGovernment of Upper Franconia. 1951 took place the first smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he festivals after the war under the direction of how/as country and Wolfgang Wagner .

1971 decided the Bavarian federal state parliament the establishment of the University of Bayreuth, to 3. November 1975 their lecture and research enterprise took up.Meanwhile study approx. 9000 students at the university.

national gentlemen von Brandenburg Kulmbach (and/or. since 1604 - To Bayreuth)


  • 1811: Pc. Georgen
  • 1939: Colmdorf, Meyernberg, pc. Johannis
  • 1972:Oberkonnersreuth, layman-hit a corner
  • 1976: Aichig, Oberpreuschwitz, Seulbitz, Thiergarten
  • 1978: Wolf brook with Schlehenberg, jug yard and Püttelshof

inhabitant development

Blick von der Stadtkirche über Bayreuth
view of the town church over Bayreuth
1871: 17.841
1910: 34.547
1939: 45.028
1946: 55.612
1959: 61.088
1970: 64.536
1980: 70.039
1990: 72.345
1992: 73.350
2000: 74.153
2003: 74.502
2004: 74.392
2005: 73.794


city hall


  • 1818 - 1848: Erhard ChristianHagen of Hagenfels (first lawyers mayor)
  • 1851 - 1863: Friedrich Karl Dilchert (civil mayor)
  • 1863 - 1900: Theodor of Muncker (first lawyers mayor)
  • 1900 - 1918: Dr. Leopold of Casselmann (lawyer mayor, mayor starting from 1908)
  • 1919 - 30. April 1933:Albert Preu (mayor)
  • 1. May 1933 - June 1937: Dr. Karl Schlumprecht (mayor; NSDAP)
  • 21. July 1937 - April 1938: Dr. Otto Schmidt (mayor; NSDAP)
  • 3. May 1938 - 30. June 1938: Fritz Wächtler (gau leader, appointed kommissarischer mayor; NSDAP)
  • 1.July 1938 - April 1945: Dr.Fritz Kempfler (mayor; NSDAP, starting from 1949 CSU)
  • 24. April 1945 - November 1945: Dr. Joseph chew by (mayors)
  • November 1945 - 30. June 1948: Dr. OSCAR Meyer (mayor)
  • 1. July 1948 - 30. April 1958:Hans's truck (mayor; SPD)
  • 1. May 1958 - 30. April 1988: Hans's walter game (mayor; SPD)
  • 1. May 1988 - 30. April 2006: Dr. Dieter Mronz (mayor; SPD)
  • starting from 1. May 2006: Dr. Michael hollow (mayor; CSU)


partnerships between cities with Rudolstadt, Annecy in France and La Spezia in Italy maintains partnerships between cities the city Bayreuth. The moreover one a culture partnership with the castle country , Austria exists.

culture and objects of interest


House Wahnfried
  • smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he museum in the house Wahnfried, the house smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners and family seat until 1966, since 1976 museum with attached national archives and research establishment of the smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he donation
  • Jean Paul museum in the former house of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners daughter EH Chamberlain with autograph, first editions thatWorks, haven advice and other pictorial material
  • Franz Liszt museum in the house of the deceased Franz Liszts with approx. 300 pictures, handwriting and pressures from the collection Munich pianist Ernst Burger, who was purchased by the city Bayreuth. Besides a mute piano is, the Ibach wing from thatHouse Wahnfried to see letters and worker rope gifts Franz Liszts. Biographic boards, a casting of the Taufsteins from Liszts place of birth Raiding as well as the Liszt Büste of Antonio Galli supplement the collection. The visitor accompanied of the music Franz Liszts
  • historical museum inthe old person latin school at the church square. It shows history and development of Bayreuth from the late Middle Ages in 20 in the ground floor. Century with a model of the city in the year 1763. In the first stick the department is to the art andCulture history of the Natives of Bayreuth Mark count time (17. and 18. Century) accommodated. A further department shows arts and crafts in Bayreuth and environment with the products of the Fayencemanufaktur, the glassworks of the Fichtelgebirges and the stone witnessing victims from Creussen. Painting, handicraft and early manufactured productsfrom the Biedermeier period and late 19. Century round the museum attendance starting from
  • art museum in the old person city hall with the Helmut and Constanze Meyer Kunststiftung, the collection George groping ore, archives and the collection Caspar walter rough. The collections contain in particular works outthat 20. Century.
  • Tobacco-historical collection that British American Tabacco in the former mayor areas of the old person of city hall
  • German free bricklayer museum in the house of the Loge “Eleusis to the discretion” with the representation of the customs of the Freimaurer and the history of the Logen
  • typewriter museum alsoa collection of over 300 historical typewriters of the research and training centre for Kurzschrift and text processing in Bayreuth
  • the archaeological museum in the Italian building of the new lock 1827 were created by the historical association. In eight showrooms are and. A. recently-in-temporal stone axes,To visit 80 tongefässe from the resounding place time and celtic bronze decoration. The issued finds, which come all Switzerland and Native of Bayreuth surrounding countryside Frankish from the eastern Upper Franconia with emphasis, are enough from the paleolithic age into the Middle Ages. Within the experimental range findsone a reconstructed loom, a stone drill and an original sliding mill.
Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he festival house
  • museum „the Bayreuth of the Wilhelmine “in the new lock
  • Markgräfliche splendor area and collection Native of Bayreuth faiences in the new lock
  • Maisels brewery and Büttnereimuseum
  • Katakomben of the Natives of Bayreuth share brewery
  • museum for rural implements
  • Fire-brigade museum
  • William Leuschner memorial place
  • small poster museum
  • Iwalewa house
  • natural history museum
  • school museums in smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he High School
  • Johann Baptist grass Schulmuseum
  • where Sarazen kind
  • porcelain museum Walküre
  • old part of town cult museum of the SpVgg Bayreuth
  • Urweltmuseum
  • transportation museum Wedlich

regular meetings

  • January, May, June, July, November and December: Young master pianists (concert series of young pianistsdifferent colleges of music in the areas of the Klaviermanufaktur of stone graves & sons)
  • April: Native of Bayreuth Osterfestival (Benefizkonzerte in favor of cancer-ill children)
  • May: Musica Bayreuth
  • June: Time for new music
  • July: Native of Bayreuth Klavierfestival
  • July August: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he festivals
  • Septembers: Native of Bayreuth baroque (opera performances in the Markgräflichen opera house)
work on []


town church
  • smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he festival house
  • Markgräfliches opera house
  • Eremitage
  • new lock with yard garden
  • hunting seat Thiergarten
  • medal lock pc. Georgen
  • lock Colmdorf
  • medal church pc. Georgen
  • castle church „our love Mrs. “
  • hospital church
  • town church holy Dreifaltigkeit
  • pin church
  • parish church pc. Johannis

economics and infrastructure


Resident enterprise

  • Basell (plastics)
  • brewery of brothers Maisel kg (white beer specialist)
  • British American Tobacco (Germany) GmbH (cigarette production)
  • Burkhardt (machine and equipment construction)
  • Cherry GmbH (date entry terminals, switch and sensors, automotives)
  • pressure house Bayreuth (printering, publishing house)
  • E.ON AG (power supplier)
  • Grundig Business of system (world market-prominent manufacturer for professional dictating systems)
  • GSB Security society for security agencies (awake and safety enterprise)
  • Knoll GmbH (wholesale)
  • cheese factory Bayreuth (largest cut cheese manufacturer Bayerns)
  • W. Mark count GmbH & Ko. Kg of building company (building company)
  • medi Bayreuth GmbH & cost. Kg (medical aids)
  • Riedl group (bathing and leisure mode)
  • reha team Bayreuth public health engineeringGmbH (aid for the rehablitation and care)
  • savings bank Bayreuth
  • Stäubli of Tec system GmbH (textile machines, clutch technology, robotics)
  • stone he optics (optical devices)
  • stone graves & sons Pianomanufaktur (piano production)
  • tap for GmbH (housebuilding, pefab garages and precasting plant)


  • northBavarian courier (daily paper)
  • Native of Bayreuth indicator (indicator sheet)
  • radioMain wave (restaurant radio)
  • radio Galaxy (restaurant station of the Bavaria-far youth transmitter)
  • Bavarian broadcast (Korrespondentenbüro Upper Franconia north)
  • upperFrankish economy, (restaurant economics for Upper Franconia)

research establishments

Bayreuth is seat of the authority center for new materials. The new materials Bayreuth GmbH (NMB) is a service enterprise, thatat innovations in material questions advises interested companies and application technology supported.

With the presentation of the allowance answer to 2. March 2006 in the IHK for Upper Franconia fell the starting signal for PRINCE, the Fraunhofer project group “process innovation for enterprises of the eastBavarian area”. This is subordinatethe line of Professor. Rolf Steinhilper.

public mechanisms

authorities, institutions, bodies

  • center Bavaria family and social (before times national office for supply and family promotion)
  • government of Upper Franconia
  • district Upper Franconia
  • Chamber of Commerce and industrie for Upper Franconia
  • chamber of trade Upper Franconia
  • Authority center new materials north Bavaria
  • German old age pension insurance upper and middle Franconia (before times national insurance office - LVA)
  • country and forest-economical social security institutions Franconias and Upper Bavaria
  • defense district command (VBK) 67, Upper Franconia and Lower Franconia
Polizeipräsidium Oberfranken in der Ludwig-Thoma-Straße
police headquarters Upper Franconia in the Ludwig Thomas route
  • federal police department
  • federal archives - distribution of burdens archives
  • agency for work (before times labour office)
  • Tax office
  • Evang. - Luth. Office for church tax
  • police headquarters Upper Franconia
  • land surveying office
  • circle military spare office
  • center Bavaria family and social, region Upper Franconia (before times office for supply and family promotion)
  • city youth ring Bayreuth
  • penal institution

of courts

Law Courts at the Wittelsbacherring

Bayreuth has different courts: Office -, country -, work-, Administration - and social court.



in the city Bayreuth and the university for Evangelist church music of the Evangelical-Lutheran church are in Bavaria two universities with the university.

Emphasis of the 1971 createdUniversity are on the right of and economic science, Africa sneezing TIC, material sciences, life sciences, bio and environmental engineerings. Here the university does particularly by interdisciplinary courses of studies as well as innovative auxiliary training out. Examples for this are for instance the economiceconomics auxiliary training for lawyers as well as successful courses of studies such as health economics,Sport economics as well as the Bachelor course of studies Philosophy & Economics. In Rankings the university within the ranges occupies law and BWL, but about also in physics front to point places. With the elite network Bavaria is it with the courses of studies “Advanced of material and Processes” and “MacromolecularScience " takes part, as well as with the Doktorandenkollegs “Structure, Reactivity and Properties OF of oxides of material” and “guidance structures of the cell function”.

High Schools

  • free Rudolf Steiner School Bayreuth (High School)
  • count cathedral High School] (scientific-technological, linguistic and European High School)

(z.Zt. about 1300 pupils; Conditions: At the end of of 2005)

  • High School Christian Ernestinum(Linguistic High School, Humanisti High School, scientific-technological High School) (z.Zt. about 500 pupils; Stood school year 2005/2006)
  • for Markgräfin Wilhelmine High School (Musi High School, linguistic High School)
  • smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he High School (linguistic High School, economics and sociological High School)
  • urban economics and sociological High School with economiceconomics emphasis and scientific-technological High School] (economics and sociological High School,Scientific-technological High School)

material and high schools

  • national specialized technical and occupation high school Bayreuth
  • Alexander of Humboldt six-form high school (six-form high school Bayreuth I) (nationally)
  • Johannes Kepler six-form high school (six-form high school Bayreuth II) (nationally)

vocational schools

  • national vocational school I (commercial teaching professions and IT-occupations)
  • national vocational school II (commercial teaching professions)
  • national ones Vocational school III (agriculture, horticulture, housekeeping)

Technical High Schools

  • Staatsinstitut for the training by promotion teachers
  • Staatsinstitut for the training of subject teachers
  • national Technical High School for housekeeping
  • national Technical High School for social care
  • national Technical High School for child care
  • Multi Lingua, Technical High School for occupations of foreign language
  • Native of Bayreuth Technical High Schoolfor Kosmetik
  • Technical High School for Diätassistenten
  • Technical High School for Ergotherapie Bayreuth of the non-profit society for social services - DAA ltd.
  • Technical High School for Physiotherapie with the clinical center Bayreuth
  • Technical High School for medical-technical laboratory assistants with the clinical center Bayreuth
  • Technical High School for nursing for the sick at the clinical center Bayreuth
  • Technical High School for child nursing for the sickat the clinical center Bayreuth
  • Technical High School for nursing for the sick with training further place to the specialized sister/to the specialized male nurse for psychiatry at the district hospital
  • Evangelist Technical High School for old person care
  • Technical High School for old person care of the Bavarian red cross
  • Technical High School for old person care assistance of the Bavarian red cross

technical schools

  • technical school for sound drawing careNon-profit society for social services - DAA ltd.
  • Landwirtschaftsschule Bayreuth
  • national one higher Landbauschule Bayreuth

restaurant economics

  • urban restaurant school
  • private restaurant school

reason and hauptschule

  • Albert Schweitzer - school
  • old part of town school
  • grass school
  • school duke height
  • Jean Paul school
  • school layman-hit a corner
  • school Lerchenbühl
  • Luitpoldschule
  • school Meyernberg
  • reason and hauptschule pc. Georgen
  • school pc. Johannis

other one schools

  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer school (private school for learning promotion)
  • Dr. - short blowing he school (private school for life accomplishment)
  • Mark count school (school for language promotion)
  • national one school for patient
  • Janusz Korczak school private one school to the educating assistance (reasonand partial hauptschule)
  • vocational school for specialeducational promotion
  • Montessori school Bayreuth
  • urban school of music
  • Euro-schools Bayreuth (German basic instruction courses for evacuees and person entitled to asylum, courses of of the vocational further training, foreign language courses for company and private customers as well as translation services

other educational facilities

  • Chamber of Commerce and industrie for Upper Franconia - education center-
  • Chamber of trade for Upper Franconia - vocational training and technology center -
  • German employees academy (DAA) education work of the Trade Union of German Employees e. V.
  • German adult education work e. V. (DEB)
  • BDP - Institut for vocational education
  • bfz - vocational advanced training centers of the Bavarian economy gGmbH
  • administrative and Wirtschaftsakademie Bayreuth,Branch academy of the administrative and Wirtschaftsakademie Nuremberg
  • academy trade, education center of the Bavarian trade e. V.
  • TÜV academy GmbH training center Bayreuth
  • Stenografenverein Bayreuth e. V. 1859, training centre for Stenografie and PC typing
  • agricultural institutes of the district Upper Franconia - agricultural machinery school
  • Evang. - Luth. Predigerseminar

mechanisms of the adult education

  • people's highschool of the city Bayreuth
  • Evangelist education work Bayreuth/bath Berne-hit a corner e. V.
  • Evangelist family education place

senior education house Kirchplatztreff

  • KEB catholic adult education in the city Bayreuth e. V.


honour citizen

sons and daughters of the city

ship Bayreuth

Bayreuth is also the name of the2003 in service of ship placed of the federal police with the cladding NUMBER BG 25. The ship is stationed in Cuxhaven and drives sea-patrol in the North Sea. The ship and the city are connected by a sponsorship.

airplane Bayreuth

Bayreuthalso the name of an airbus A 340-311 of German Lufthansa is, that under the characteristic D-AIGK to 23. December 1994 in service was placed.


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