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Beat Richner (* 13. March 1947 in Zurich) is Swiss child physician and musician, that above all admits became by the structure of a child hospital in Kambodscha. Citizens of pipe AG and Zurich.

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after conclusion of the medicine study in the year 1973 specialized Beat Richner in Pädiatrie at the inhabitant of zurich child hospital. one sent it to 1974/75 to the Kantha Bopha child hospital after Kambodscha. Richner forced the invasion of the red Khmer to break its stay off. It took then its earlier work on the child hospital Zurich. it opened its own practice in Zurich to 1980. As alternation to its medical career it developed the role of a Musikclowns. As „Beatocello “ it denies innumerable appearances in German German and abroad. To the illustration of its program and its musical-poetic stories he publishes above all Kinderbücher with simple line males.



in December 1991 asked it the kambodschanische government to develop and lead the child hospital Kantha Bopha again. In March 1992 it created a donation in Zurich. Subsequently, it traveled after Phnom Penh, in order to begin with the work of reconstruction. Already in November 1992 the Kantha Bopha I could take up its enterprise to Pnom Penh again. In the following years it was constantly developed and adapted to the most urgent needs.

In October 1996 the second hospital, Kantha Bopha II, in presence of the kambodschanischen king Norodom Sihanouk and Swiss the Federal President, was inaugurated Jean Pascal Delamuraz.

In March 1999 a third hospital, could be opened Jayavarman VII, in Siem Reap close of the famous temple plant of Angkor as outstation of Kantha Bopha I and II. There are a large prevention and health center including Ambulatorium and a Akutspital for seriously ill children, who could not survive without Hospitalisation.

Since October 2001 hospital is in Siem Reap a Maternité for HIV positive mothers in enterprise owing to a land donation by the government beside the Jayavarman VII. The HIV virus was brought in 1992/93 by the 22,000 UN soldiers and spread rapidly. Before Kambodscha was free as a closed society of AIDS.

In December 2005 in Phnom Penh the fourth hospital of the Kantha Bopha donation one inaugurated. It replaces ramshackle buildings of Kantha Bopha I.

In all hospitals the medical supply for children is free. 90% of the families concerned are so poor that they cannot pay anything and many to have even the travel expenses are recompensed. Kantha Bopha became a recognized model for efficient and humanitarian assistance, care, prevention and research for completely Southeast Asia. The financing of the hospitals takes place by the majority via private donations from Switzerland, frequently following an appearance from „Beatocello “. Since January 2005 the kambodschanische government 10% of the annual operating cost transfers at a value of 1.6 million USD.

With an annual budget of 20 millions CHF the following achievements are furnished (conditions March 2006):

  • 1 of ' 620 jobs for kambodschanische physicians and maintenance personnel and for 2 foreigners
  • 800 ' 000 ambulatory treatments of ill children
  • 67 ' 000 Hospitalisationen of seriously ill children
  • of 16 ' 000 surgical interferences
  • 100 ' 000 inoculation
  • 11 ' 000 births in the Maternité. The transmission of AIDS of the nut/mother on the child can be prevented.

Kantha Bopha takes 85% to everything in Kambodscha hospitalized children up, with the Dengue fever 90%. The mortality amounts to 1.1%. In Kambodscha grassieren Tuberkulose, Dengue fever and AIDS.

Kantha Bopha IV in Phnom Penh and Jayavarman VII in Angkor are university clinics, at which students, physicians, sisters, male nurses and technical personnel for completely Kambodscha are trained.


  • 1993 liberty price of the max of Schmidheiny donation at the University of pc. Gallen
  • 1994 ennoble Duttweiler price for its earnings/services in the poorhouse of Southeast Asia
  • 2002 honour doctor of the University of Zurich
  • 2003 becomes Beat Richner Swiss of the yearly 2002. The Swiss Award is assigned [
to work on] to literature


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