Beatrice Cenci

Beatrice Cenci (formerly Guido Reni attributed)

Beatrice Cenci (* 6. February 1577 in Rome; † 11. September 1599 ebenda) was a Roman patrician lady. The legend it became, because it was executed at the age by 22 years because of the murder at its father Francesco Cenci.

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Beatrice was the daughter, however of the Francesco Cenci originating relevantly well-known for its to-gelless life and its (not only sexual) acts of violence from an influential and wealthy family. Its young daughter Beatrice he forbade marrying, since she should be him to services, above all however because of its diseased Geizes, which forbade the thought to a dowry to him. In April 1595 it brought Beatrice and his Mrs. Lucrezia into its castle in the Abruzzen, where it locked up the two women from jealousy and Geiz.

The legend after fallen in love itself the Schlossvogt Olimpio in Beatrice, and it became more schwanger from it. From fear of the reaction of its father it planned the parricide together with Lucrezia, Olimpio and its brother Giacomo. The crime was accomplished, however baldigst uncovered. Although the Cencis had the sympathies of the population on its side, they were condemned before court and at the 11. September 1599 in Rome executed.

Beatrice Cenci as motive of the art, literature and music

Beatrice Cenci, sculpture of Harriet Goodhue Hosmer, already

1857 early became Beatrice Cenci the motive of the forming art. A well-known Genälde was attributed long Guido Reni.

Beatrice Cencis tragic life history was literarily processed among other things by Percy Shelley , Astolphe de Custine , Stendhal , Charles of thickening , Antonin Artaud and Alberto Moravia.

It served also as collecting main for several operas, and. A. of Berthold Goldschmidt (Beatrice Cenci), Giorgio Battistelli (the Cenci), Gerhard Bohner (tortures of the Beatrice Cenci) and Alberto Ginastera (Beatrix Cenci). See also the adaptation of George Elliott Clarke, (Beatrice Chancy) (1999).


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