Wars of liberation

as wars of liberation or liberty wars are summarized all historical wartime situations, which itself 1813 - 1815 between the troops napoleonischen France and their opponents occurred. In the time at that time both terms were common, only in the restoration phase after 1815the term of wars of liberation was implemented.


after the destroying fall of the Grande Armée Napoleon in the Russia campaign 1812 became by the kommandierenden general of the Prussian helping corps of the Grande Armée, Yorck, to 30. December 1812 with that Convention of rope rye an armistice with the Russian troops closed. This was the crucial impulse for the outbreak of the liberty wars of the following years.

Beside again-created Prussian units, and. A. Land resistance and land tower, were Freiwillige (Freiwillige hunter) and Freicorps (and. A. Lützow free corps), Russia and since the summer 1813 also Sweden under Crown Prince Karl Johann, which takes part former French marshal Bernadotte, and Austria under field marshal Schwarzenberg first in the fights. Great Britain took part by the employment of itsQuick one in overseas, by Wellingtons army in Spain and by Subsidien and further auxiliary supplies at this war.

A high point of the wars of liberation was the people battle with Leipzig in the October 1813, which ended with a defeat Napoleon. With France allied Rhine federation, a union of German small princes, dissolved after this event completely and thus was broken power Napoleon on the right of the Rhine. Only the winter campaign 1814 ended with the resignation Napoleon and that Paris peace.

A short sequelthe liberty wars (“rule of the hundred days “) took place in the year 1815. After the brief return Napoleon and a last victory in the battle with Ligny its rule became by the defeat against the British under Wellington and alsothis verbündeteten Prussia under Gebhard liver-genuinly from Blücher in the battle of bark Alliance (Waterloo) finally terminated.



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