Bekololari Ransome Kuti

Bekololari Ransome Kuti (* 2. August 1940 in Abeokuta, † 10. February 2006 in Lagos), popularly admits as “Beko “was a Nigerian politician, civil rights activist and a physician.


completed training its school basic training from 1945 to 1950 in the class of its nut/mother, the famous Frauenrechtlerin Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, which was also an engaged teacher. Afterwards it came to the Abeokuta Grammar School, at which its father had been for many years a director. From 1957 to 1958 it studied college in Coventry (Great Britain) at the Technical and then from 1958-1963 at the University of Manchester, where it graduated to 1963 as a physician. 1964 it returned to Nigeria, where it practiced until 1977 at different national hospitals and finally opened its own practice. Already in Manchester Beko of chairmen of the Nigerian student combination had been, in Nigeria led it the presidency across different combinations of the medical profession, among other things that the Nigerian Medical Association in Lagos.

political career

during its parents a passionate fight for the detachment of Nigeria of the colonial power Great Britain Beko had led, felt called, for the liberty of its compatriots in the now independently gewordenenen country to proceed against the bad states of the democracy of Nigeria and the violations of human rights under the long-lasting phases of military dictatorships. Its brother Fela Kuti complained the arrogance of the dominant ones in political texts on, which effective with its Afrobeat he dressed in music. Beko tried with right-national means, in whose effectiveness he believed imperturbably to pull the governing for responsibility. For many years it led a unsuccessful process against the military dictator at that time Olusegun Obasanjo, which responsible for a brutal military raid it made, at their consequences its nut/mother 1978 had died. Already during the years under Ibrahim Babangida became Ransome Kuti of chairmen of the Campaign for Democracy (CD) during the years of the Abacha - dictatorship for the central stronghold of the resistance grew up. The CD developed under Bekos of restless initiative forms of the forceless protest, which were publicly effective and cost a minimum of human lives. To 25. June 1995 read Abacha it under the reproach of the Landesverrats arrest and in a looking process to a lifelong imprisonment condemn. One week after Abachas death to 8. June 1998 arranged its successor general Abdulsalami Abubakar Bekos release, together with eight further prominent political prisoners.

In its last Lebensjahren Beko had been in prominent position in that pro-national Conference organization (PRONACO) involved, an organization, in which politician, human rights activist and lawyer for reforms of the Nigerian condition, the föderalistischen system and a democratization of Nigeria, against authoritarian centralism and corruption use themselves. Bekololari Ransome Kuti was a president of the Kommitees for the defense of the human rights (CDHR). The city Weimar honoured it with its human right price in the year 1997.


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