Bel revision modification competition

of the Bel revision modification art competition (Bel revision modification internationally kind Competition) was written out 1945/46 Affairs OF Bel revision modification private for the US-American film The by its producers Daniel Loew. The film after that 1885 novel of Guy de Maupassant ( 1850 - 1893), appeared, describes the vocational and social ascent of the former NCO Georges Duroy in the Paris outgoing 19. Century. The film script author and director Albert Lewin wanted a picture of the temptation of the holy Antonius, which should appear in a key scene in the film in large admission.

Twelve artists were invited, from whom eleven delivered a picture with the desired topic for a fee of 500 each dollar:

Also Leonor Fini (1908 - 1996) was requested, did not participate however in the competition not.

The jury, consisting of Marcel Duchamp, Alfred H. Barr and Sidney Janis, selected the work of max Ernst, to who as winners of the competition further 2,500 dollar signed. The film and the picture did not arrive good with the criticism. A critic the New York Time compared the holy Antonius of max Ernst with “a cooked lobster” and turned angewidert off. Many pictures of the competition hang in large art collections and are meanwhile world-famous, like z. B. of Salvador the Dalí.


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