Ben Gurion airport

reception building of the old terminal 2.
Aerial photograph of the airport

the Ben Gurion airport (hebr.: נמלהתעופהבן - גוריון Nemál HaTe'ufá Ben Gurion) is of Israel most important and largest airport and the only one of the country with international regular transport service. Occasionally also the designation “airport Tel Aviv” is used.

The airport was designated in the year 1975 after the first Prime Minister Israels, David Ben Gurion. In former times the airport (after the neighbouring city Lod ) was called Lod air haven.

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base data

  • operators: Israel of air haven Authority
  • aircraft passenger arising:
  • Flight movements:
  • IATA code: TLV
  • I.C.A.O. - Code: LLBG

the Ben Gurion airport is the homeland airport of the Israeli airline El aluminium

situation and traffic route

the airport Ben Gurion are appropriate for about 20 km east of Tel Aviv at the motorway after Jerusalem (50 km removes).

Since October 2004 an express train connection exists after Tel Aviv, which attaches the airport to the railway system of the Israeli railway and also journeys after Haifa and Nahariyya makes possible. In addition it exists a set of bus connections of the society Egged, among other things after Jerusalem. (Palestinians may not land on this airport however, but must over the foreign country - e.g. Egypt - enter and the remaining way into its homeland with the car bridge)

the airport

the starting and runway and the terminal 1 of the airport already at present the British mandate end of the 1930er years were put on. Since then the airport was continued to remove. Into the 1990er years the terminal 2 was opened, in which all Israeli inland flights as well as some outgoing international flights are dispatched.

In the meantime the building of the new terminal 3 of the airport is final. The 1997 extension begun in November 2004 one finished; the railway connection after Tel Aviv, built at the same time, already is since October 2004 in enterprise. With the terminal 3 increases the passenger capacity of the airport of nine to 16 million in the year.

Admits is the Ben Gurion airport among other things because of its rigiden security checks; e.g. vehicles are already controlled before the approach road to the surrounding field of the airport.


in the year 2005 registered the airport 8.5 millions Aircraft passengers in international traffic. Despite constant increase of the passenger numbers it is from the past highest level of 9,3 millions (2000) still far removes.

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