Ben Okri

Ben Okri (* 15. March 1959 in the centralNigerian Bendel State in the city Minna, Nigeria) is a Nigerian writer.

As two-year one he comes with his parents to London, where its father studies law and it finally begins its education. 1966 it returns to Nigeria, completed finally grows up in Ibadan , Ikenne and Lagos, the higher school at the Urhobo college in Warri and begins in this time also to turn to the letter. After graduation it waits for its permission for the study at a Nigerian university and jobbt in different activities: he works in an enterprise of the chemical industry, as well as journalist for a magazine in Lagos, and he informs mathematics. When Ben Okri got 1978 still no study place in Nigeria, he goes back to London, where he, interrupted only by short journeys into his homeland, registers until today lives and works, and for comparative literature sciences.


Ben Okri:

Your thoughts are only the Fussstapfen, which you cause, if you pull by the crisis areas of your soul.


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  • The Landscapes within. Longman, London 1981
  • Incidents RK the shrine. Vintage, London 1986
  • of star OF the new Curfew. Penguin, London 1988
  • The Famished Road. Vintage, London 1991
  • at African Elegy. Cape, London 1992
  • Songs OF Enchantment. Cape, London 1993
  • Astonishing the Gods. Phoenix House, London 1995
  • Dangerous Love. Phoenix House, London 1996
  • Before the Euphoria Ends. in west Africa, 2. September 1985, S. 1793-4

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